Cosmos COO Stover shoots down reported “sale” of NASL Final hosting rights



UNIONDALE, N.Y. – If the New York Cosmos make it to the NASL Final, they will host this year’s Soccer Bowl. Where that venue will be? That remains to be seen.

That is the statement from Cosmos COO Erik Stover, who tells EoS that the rumored sale of a potential NASL Final home venue was “not true.”

“We will have an announcement soon on the venue. What I know for certain is that it’s not going to be sold. That rumor that was out there, it’s not true,” explained Stover. “Were their discussions above my pay grade? I don’t know. Maybe? But nothing serious was ever considered about selling the game.

“I don’t know how rumors like that get out.”

MCU Park continues to be the top location for a potential NASL Final, though Stover would not acknowledge that rumor. He did, however, reveal that the team tried to work a deal with Hofstra that could potentially see the Final played on a week day.

That attempt was shot down.

“The organization’s focus was always about finding the best venue available, and that included lots of conversations to try to convince Hofstra for us to play on a different day,” he explained. “Whether Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we would try to get that to work but we couldn’t get any cooperation.”

Stover is hopeful that a potential championship location can be secured and announced within a “few days.”