New York Cosmos to play Earthquakes at Avaya Stadium



It may not be a trip to Cuba, Qatar or Hong Kong, but the New York Cosmos’ first publicly revealed preseason friendly is certainly as intriguing.

As first discovered by This Is Cosmos Country podcast, the Cosmos are set to take on Major League Soccer outfit and fellow NASL-original club, the San Jose Earthquakes.

The match is scheduled to take place on February 27th at Avaya Stadium.

Neither the Cosmos or Earthquakes have confirmed the friendly at the time of this report.

The last time these two teams met was 1984, when the Golden Bay Earthquakes beat the Cosmos in their season finale 1-0. Before the brand modification, the last time the traditional San Jose Earthquakes side took on New York was July of 1982 in a 2-1 Cosmos victory at Giants Stadium. Giorgio Chinaglia scored the winning goal to clinch the Cosmos’ playoff spot. The team went on to win the Soccer Bowl over the Seattle Sounders; another NASL heritage club that has found its way to MLS.

This will mark the first time the new-era Cosmos have faced an MLS rival in competition outside of the U.S. Open Cup.

Tickets to the event will be on sale starting Thursday, December 17th at 10AM (H/T @TheOffsideRules).



  • Anonymous


    Would love to see some trophy pass between the Timbers, Quakes, Sounders, Whitecaps, Strikers, Cosmos, and Rowdies

    I’m Old

    • Nice hat tip to history and a way for MLS and NASL to work together? Love it.

    • Mike T

      Don’t forget about the Roughnecks. Also the Sting if they ever get their team up and running.

  • Jspech

    I wrote about this heritage cup a while back on a blog site. Nice to see this. Hopefully game is on tv

  • sugar daddy

    so the biggest team from old nasl and a team that had pele, is not in mls but garber hhas recruited timbers, sounders ,impact, earthquakes, whiteccaps.
    then u have Minnesota coming and if fort Lauderdale was sexy enough for becks they would have been in already.
    I would love for cosmos to scrimmage galaxy and ligamx teams.

    • MTF

      The Cosmos are not in MLS by their own choosing. Now MLS has gone ahead with NYCFC and that’s that. There won’t be more than two NY area teams for the foreseeable future.

  • Anonymous

    The cosmos made a huge mistake not joining MLS now they are relegated to being a minor league team – such a shame .

  • ted dev

    agree with anonymous,
    for the cosmos it just doesn’t cut it playing on a turf lacrosse field in front of 3000 fans vs. minor league teams that lost 7 in a row to USl teams…

    • MTF

      The next year is really pivotal for the Cosmos in my opinion. They cannot stay at Hofstra. If they don’t win the bid to build at Belmont (doubtful they will win it), then they need a stadium plan B really quickly. They should be looking at sites in the NY Metro area where they can build their own facility and control their destiny. I just can’t see them moving to Hartford, as some have alleged, and remaining the Cosmos. Someone else mentioned taking over the Newark Bears stadium a stone’s throw away from Red Bull Arena. I can’t see that happening. Bottom line, the Cosmos are stuck with the NASL for the time being and playing at Hofstra is like death by a thousand cuts. They need to be playing somewhere like Brooklyn where perhaps they can drum up a fan base larger than their current ~2,000 solid supporters.

      • JPT

        The Cosmos set a modern franchise record of 11,000 + for last month’s Soccer Bowl, which they won… again. We get 2000 on a Sunday during NFL, on a bad week. I am a season ticket holder and, while Hofstra sucks, it is the best option without having our own stadium. Period. We are hopeful for the newly submitted RFP at Elmont Crossings.

        If it is true that the Cosmos chose to stay away from Garber’s MLS, where they would have been forced to change their name, colors, and logo (read: history), and none of our supporters want to be in MLS, nor do we beg to be in MLS… then why are you complaining in our name? We are not stuck in the NASL.

        • Mike T

          I hope the Cosmos can make it work. It has been very frustrating waiting for the politicians to make a decision on the stadium bid so hopefully something is decided very soon. I would rather see the Cosmos go somewhere else in the NYC vicinity than continue in stadium limbo.

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