Cosmos bound: Former Red Bull Mike Petke joins ONE World Sports


Former New York Red Bulls coach Mike Petke has a new gig — and it is quite a surprising one.

According to this press release, the Supporters’ Shield winning coach has joined the ONE World Sports network as an on-air analyst and contributor.

Yes, that is the very same ONE World Sports that owns the New York Cosmos.

“We are thrilled to have Mike join our growing team of on-air analysts and contributors to the network,” said Joel Feld, ONE World Sports executive vice president, programming and production. “Mike’s two years as a head coach in MLS make him the ideal choice to add to our team. He has a unique, first person perspective that will be a benefit to fans watching the telecast.”

Petke will make his OWS debut this very Saturday, April 18th for the Cosmos’ home opener against heritage rivals, the Tampa Bay Rowdies, adding to the specter of the event which already includes the participation of Pele and Franz Beckenbauer for the opening ceremonies, and of course, the home debut of Real Madrid legend, Raul.

Petke became the source of much chatter this offseason after his unexpected termination at the helm of the New York Red Bulls.  His successful two-year term included a Supporters’ Shield victory, an Eastern Conference Final appearance and a respectable overall record of 30-19-19.

Petke will join a pair of familiar faces in the press box including longtime Red Bull analyst Shep Messing and former Red Bull play-by-play man, JP Dellacamara.


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  • slowleftarm

    Wow, maybe they’ll break 5k attendance in Hempstead.

    • slowcleftarm

      I am full of hate!

      I hate One World!

      I hate the NASL!

      I hate the Cosmos!

      I hate myself most of all!

      • Kevin

        Tha made me laugh out loud. Very funny dude

    • John

      Actually they broke 8k for the first game

    • jor

      I bet you just broke 5k in anti-Cosmos posts. You should be proud!

  • NittanyMetros

    I will go there and hand out literature. Until the day I’m reunited under a metro blanket with Petke watching Miami Vice. What channel is this by the way? And is it on normal cable (Verizon)?

    • Fabio

      Yeah u can watch it on Verizon it should be in 300s


    We take care of our own New Yorkers !

  • Furtado

    love it

  • Anthony

    I am glad the Cosmos (OWS is co-owned by current COsmos man Seamus O/Brien) were able to find him a job. He is a Nyer born and bred on Long Island. Cosmos once again showing their class, where Red Bull showed only a lack of it.

    • SMURF040

      Well said Anthony.

    • Anonymous

      Dead on Anthony. Kudos. Maybe the Petke to Marsch move had to be made, but NYRB did it with as little class as possible. Look how the other LI team (the Jets) handled the Rex Ryan situation. If only Curtis had one tenth of that class. I’ve just subscribed to OWS based on this move. The beautiful game is about love & loyalty.

  • Chepe pedos

    Petke was a great coach for the red bulls , I never knew why they let him go …

  • Augustine

    Nitanny Metros- You can stream OWS in HD on Sling International for $10 a month. You can also get ESPN 2 on Sling. Sling + Sling International gives you a ton of channels (to include CNN, AMC, BeIN, etc) for less than $30 total a month. I have had no troubles with video quality and highly recommend the service. I hope this helps you.

    • NittanyMetros

      Thanks bro

  • sosa


    • OpenCupFan

      Yeah, seems odd to pick him up in any capacity. Especially after his comments about the Cosmos – NJRB US Open Cup game last year.

      Oh wait, even worse was the Conor Lade thing about the hand shake agreement where he basically said Gio was a liar.

      Surprising turn of events.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, but Petke’s hands were tied by Austria’s lack of backing of the USOC. RB did the same BS with Backe.

  • Joey

    I like it! I’m not a big Petke fan, but the guy was a solid coach. The Red Bulls supporters really did not want him to go, so bring him abroad on the Cosmos bandwagon to rub it in even more. I like it for the fact that if there is ever a chance Gio falls out with ownership, Petke might want to take the reigns. Beyond all of that, he might actually just be a solid TV analyst/contributer.

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  • the woof

    I’m glad the Cosmos exist, if only to keep Metro legends employed.

    • Smith

      I am glad the Red Bulls exist; if only to work as a talent agency for the Cosmos.

      • Jones

        That makes total sense. Cosmos are mickey mouse and play at a college and have heavy accented people attend their matches for $1. What you say makes total sense. Have you ever kissed a girl?

        • Anonymous

          What does accents have to do with all of this!!!!

        • Anonymous

          What does accents have to do with all of this!!!! Or you are just another racism mdfer!!!!! Peace!!!!

          • Jones

            Long Island accents you loser! PEACE!! Right back at you.

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