Cosmos high on the future of Ruben Bover



In many ways, a player like Ruben Bover is the embodiment of the aspirations of the New York Cosmos.

Now that may fly in the face of their history — both past and present. After all, this is the club of Pele, Beckenbauer, Alberto and Chinaglia. More recently, stars like Marcos Senna and Raul have also called the team home.

But according to team Sporting Director and Head Coach Giovanni Savarese, the club aims to be more than just a home for legends. And with the re-signing of Ruben Bover, the Cosmos are hoping to prove just that.

“We want to be a complete team, a complete club,” Savarese said. “We are not only looking for those experienced players with a great history or a name in European leagues, but we are also interested in developing players. And even if they take up a foreign spot like Bover as a youngster, we believe in him.”

Bover made his way to the Cosmos after a less-than-stellar stay with the New York Red Bulls. The then 22-year-old Spanish midfielder was cut by team Sporting Director Ali Curtis in the offseason while carrying an injury.

With the Cosmos, Bover found a new, more nurturing home. The team patiently allowed him to heal from his ailments. Once ready, they immediately plugged him into the Cosmos-B NPSL side to get him back to form. By the summer, Savarese called on Bover to the first team where he managed five starts and 11 appearances on the season, netting an unforgettable goal against Edmonton in the process.

He did enough to impress the coaching staff, who have rewarded him with an elongated stay in Hempstead. Now, they will look to Bover for more minutes next season — and a return on their investment.

“We want to see him now for an entire year with the first team and contribute, for him to continue to grow, for us to have a more consistent player in the future,” Savarese said. “We feel this year, he has done an excellent job to put himself in a good situation. He has shown the promise to have great potential and grow a lot in our club.

“We believe next year, he will be very influential for us as he has been at the end of the season”