Cosmos Join Fellow NY Teams in anti-domestic violence campaign #NotAFan

Not a Fan Campaign


The New York Cosmos have joined ranks with their sporting neighbors to take part in the #NotAFan campaign — a fan-focused initiative to address domestic violence.

Cosmos head coach Gio Savarese and forward Lucky Mkosana were both featured in videos that were posted online on Wednesday. The videos also showed other local figures, including Yankees head coach Joe Giardi, former Knicks player John Stockton, current Liberty city Kiah Stokes Mets pitcher Jeurys Familia and Rangers’ NHL Hall of Fame member Rod Gilbert taking a stand against domestic violence.

The campaign was launched by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito as part of  National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October to encourage fans of all sports to take a stand against Domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is not an easy subject to discuss,” said Cosmos COO Erik Stover. “We stand with Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, on taking a leadership role to raise awareness of this very real issue and bringing support to the victims in New York.”

As a part of the campaign, fans are asked to wear purple along with their respective team’s usual colors and post on social media using the hashtag #NotAFan to raise awareness and donate to the NCADV at to help support the cause.

From the campaign’s website:

Domestic violence is a widespread social problem and professional sports are not immune. When an athlete is involved in an incident, sports fans are often caught in the middle and forced to reconcile their allegiance to a team and their feelings about domestic violence with little direction. This can cause conflict, confusion, and misunderstanding. #NotAFan provides sports fans with a medium where they can openly support their team while maintaining and communicating that domestic violence is unacceptable, rather than picking a “side.”


  • mike

    Cosmos are such hypocrites.

    On the one hand they join a campaign against domestic violence.

    On the other hand they kick the crap out of City every opportunity they get.

  • KVBT

    Well played, Mike.

  • rest of world

    Why do people feel compelled to say anything, even when there is nothing to say.

    • William

      Yep rest.

  • slowleftarm

    This is a worthy cause but it would reach more people in connection with a club that actually has fans. Why limit this important message to a couple of thousand people on Long Island?

    • tom isaac

      it’s more like a couple hundred fans, maybe more when you add in the Cubans and swedes?… Anyhow, the only NY team kicking the crap out of any of the other teams has been the Red Bulls with their shellackings of NYCFC and cosmos, cosmos beat nycfc B teams on PKs and with 1 late goal, not anything to write home about, especially when they just lose the next round game anyway…

    • William

      So you took this opportunity to take a shot at the Cosmos and their fans ? Really cruel, insensitive, immature, uneducated and disappointing. This is a serious subject that affects so many families and couples. You really should think twice about posting on here anymore. Your comments are a disgrace.

      • slowleftarm

        Angry Bill chastising people for their comments is like Cosmos fans talking smack about attendance – pretty difficult to take seriously.

        • William

          Nice video. Impressive.

        • Alan Smithee

          Delete your account.

    • Leo Glickman

      Maybe you should ask The Red Bull corporation why they didn’t participate, if you really do care about the issue? I mean, you’re blaming the Cosmos for doing something that even you admit is a good thing when you’re team, apparently, didn’t do anything.

      People are such losers, I swear to god. Just like you did with Uptown Soccer Academy rather than contributing something positive or shutting the hell up, you hide behind your anonymity and throw your pathetic little spitballs at people who try to make a difference. I’m sorry you’re so powerless, but maybe if you changed your strategy slow you can be better.