Cosmos Ink U.S. U-17 Midfielder Eric Calvillo



The New York Cosmos continued to showcase their growing influence in the American youth talent pool this week with the announcement that the club has signed U.S. youth international Eric Calvillo to his first professional contract.

Calvillo joins fellow U.S. youth intentional Alexis Velela on the Cosmos squad for 2016. Their U.S. youth teammate Haji Wright was the first youth international to sign with the Cosmos in spring of last year, but he parted ways with the club in December and has moved on to join German heavyweight Schalke.

“Eric is a talented player with great potential,” said Cosmos Head Coach and Sporting Director Giovanni Savarese. “We are committed to developing young players and offering them a pathway in professional soccer. Last year we added the B team, and this year our fully funded Academy will start.  Players like Eric Calvillo and Alexis Velela are part of this investment.”

A native of California, Calvillo started two matches of three matches for the U.S. squad in last year’s U-17 World Cup in Chile and appeared as a substitute in the third. Calvillo is a product of U.S. Development Academy club Real So Cal and has primarily played as a box-to-box midfielder in his young career.

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  • William

    Excellent !!!

  • The Real insider

    So another player that will be here until he turns 18 and then go off to some minor team in Europe. Big deal.

    • Resguard

      That is the whole point, these guys want that, and should be able to expand there play, no one wants to be stuck in MLS, play where you can build a career and get better.

  • Mike Petke

    Cosmos learning how to make money friends.
    They get transfer fees for young players they develope.

    • Donald McGarber

      MLS fans so blinded & confused by their own rules don’t know how to see that having these players in the system for a year & not being locked into a terribl long term MLS contract is beneficial to the youth players career.

  • joe the plumber

    Very true Don

  • johnson

    it has worked out great for Miazga being in MLS, developing to a high level and he is now free to go to Europe if he wants or sign a big contract with the Red Bulls, whatever he wants.

    The path of MLS academy to 1st team is a much better route.
    he is not “stuck” in MLS at all, and has the benefit of playing in a major league, not minor league nasl which is lower than USL.

    • HydraHamster

      And here goes that crap. Why even put the, “….NASL is lower than the USL.” We get it. The USL have a partnership with MLS and the USL beat most NASL teams in the last US Open Cup. We get it. The two leagues are not that far apart for such statements to keep getting brought up time and time again when the article nor none of the comments calling the NASL better than the USL. The USL is even better than MLS at developing players considering MLS academies are not established yet and not one good player developed from that league through it’s 21 years.

      • Dr. FREUD

        Larry, who goes by many other names on these boards, has many issues. He repeats the same anti-NASL rhetoric to make himself feel better about his own issus, including, but not limited to limited intellectual capacity, his excessive weight and his hidden desires. He isn’t trying to be repetitive. He can’t help himself. He is ill.

        • Larry’s A Simpleton

          lol at you dr fraud-opencupfan-jspech. I love the way i’m so deep under your skin you dream about me!

          dont you ever get tired of getting bitch slapped here and on big soccer! LOL!

          and the f.cosmos and the nasl still suck ass!

          • Dr. Freud

            Your limited vocabulary is also a concern. I fear you are regressing intellectually as fast you are gaining weight. We need to get you to the institute immediately.

  • Mrs garber

    MLS= over rated league.
    I wouldnt be flinging insults to any orher league.
    Level of play, development and intetest is still very poor, even after 20 years.


    • NASL Triple A

      NASL minor league will be that forever, nothing will change that.

      No stadiums, no fans, no press, no TV deal, no radio deals, no local coverage all signs of a growing and profitable league.

      • Mrs Garber

        When was the last time mls made sportsnews??
        Fans disguised as empty seats maybe.
        Radio??? What century are we in?
        TV deal?? Ummm yeah. They get destroyed in ratings. Dont be too confident sparky. Your league is aweful.

        Feel good about your great league.???

  • Mike Petke

    Go mls!!! U rock. Yay team.

  • Nathan

    Worry about your own league MLoSers
    Deal with a “2nd division league” getting as much attention as yours. The liklihood of the MLS generating more intetest than it already has is very low.
    Beckham should keep making headlines. Only shot you have at garnering any attention.
    Breaking news…..he just pooped.

    • Don Garber

      what does offsides mean?

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