Cosmos sign Lucky Mkosana to multi-year extension


No New York Cosmos player has been as electric as Lucky Mkosana this season — and the club is making sure that energy stays with them for the long term.

The Cosmos announced Mkosana has signed a multi-year contract extension to remain with the club. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“I’m delighted to have agreed on a new contract with the club,” said Mkosana. “I love it here, we play with an attacking mindset and I feel that I’ve really developed my game.”

Mkosana, 27, has five goals in 16 starts and 19 league appearances; tied with Raul and second only to Leo Fernandes. He also scored a brace in the Cosmos’ historic encounter against Cuba on June 2nd of this year.

“Lucky has been a tremendous addition to the team,” Cosmos head coach and sporting director Giovanni Savarese said. “Working with him daily you can see how far he’s come and the progress he’s made. He’s added a real spark to offense this season and has done everything we’ve asked of him.”

The New York Cosmos face the Tampa Bay Rowdies at Al Lang Stadium on September 5th.

  • CosmosPetke

    How much is his annual salary?

  • Kevin

    They never disclose that

  • slowleftarm

    If he was really lucky he would’ve signed with an MLS team and played top flight games on TV in front of real crowds in actual soccer stadia. Then again, he isn’t good enough for that.

    • Smith

      He’s the fellow who scored against the Red Bulls in the Open Cup. He’s a pretty good player. Sometimes guys sign for personal reasons. Look at Donovan. He stayed in MLS instead of pushing himself in Europe. Lucky may like living here and may have family. A guaranteed or long term deal is a good thing. Again, Donovan passed on the Bundesliga so he could be near his family.

      • slowleftarm

        Yeah I remember his goal amongst the many Red Bulls’ goals that evening. He’s no Landon Donovan.

        • Smith

          And Donovan was no Effenberg or Bierhoff at that time. It’s all relative. Guys choose where to play for a variety of reasons & unless we ask Lucky, we don’t know why he chose what he chose.

    • Alan Smithee

      Jeez, Lefty – it took you almost two hours to post your snark this time. Everything OK?

    • Derp

      Dunno whether to consider you a troll or a tool

  • Cosmos love

    Cosmos should go to usl,not close to mls but sending a signal to mls.
    Imagine indy or San Antonio moving to usl before cosmos,how would cosmos feel

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Too bad slowleftmoron doesn’t understand that the NASL doesn’t have a salary cap . Lucky more than likely makes a much better living playing in the NASL rather than making $5.00 an hour playing in MLS.

    • BleedingRed

      It’s hard to believe, but it is possible that he’s making more money in the NASL than he would be if he were in MLS. But if that’s the case for NASL players and their business model where is the money coming from? From their blockbuster ticket sales? Definitely not. Not that it matters, to me but NASL should be careful that they don’t go bankrupt again.

      And just so you can’t make up numbers I’ll put a link below. In MLS the reserve players make as low as $50k, the average player is making 6 figures, and there are those making millions. Now show us your numbers…

  • soccerfan

    Lucky is getting paid about 400 grand a year now . and , I would rather play in the NASL where I’m sure I will make more than MLS .

    • BleedingRed

      Like I said, show the league-wide salaries (and show the teams’ earnings while you’re at it). $400k is well within the range of MLS salaries, but definitely not at the very top. However, I wonder if it might be a huge percentage, if not the entirety, of what the Cosmos box office collects in a season. How many other Cosmos players are making that kind of money? Anybody making more?

      • Kevin

        I would think Raul and Senna are making double that. Where did you get this $400,000 though? Supposedly their salaries are never disclosed at all. I’d be interested in what a few of them make.

        • slowleftarm

          Hempstead must be seriously in the red if they’re paying guys like this $400k, considering they draw under 5k a game and the league has no revenue generating TV deal. That’s higher than the average salary for all but a handful of leagues in the world. For example it’s higher than the average salary in Mexico, Holland, Portugal and Argentina to name a few. I doubt they’re paying him anywhere near $400k but if you have proof feel free to share it.

        • BleedingRed

          Where did I get a figure like $400K? From the poster above me. Or perhaps you meant to reply to him and not to me?

    • Jordy

      There is no way he is getting $400k a year. That’s just under what they signed Senna for back in the day (rumor). I bet he’s closer to $40k than $400k, but he’s been a solid contributor to the Cosmos, so glad they kept him around.

  • Kevin

    I doubt Lucky is at 400,000, but don’t you think Raul is around a million and Senna not far off or do am I just way off base. I really think these two are doing rather well with their Cosmos salary.

    • slowleftarm

      I think those guys could be getting 7 figures but they’re established stars. Lucky doesn’t have anywhere near their pedigree so that’s why I think there’s no way he’s getting $400k.

    • BleedingRed

      I think it’s possible and the Cosmos can pay their players whatever they want. My issue is that most Cosmos fans claim that their team and their league is better than MLS because they spend more money than MLS, which I dare them to prove. And if they do overspend like they say, I question how can they afford to do so with only 5K fans, a rented stadium, and an infrastucture that is still under development. The NASL is infamous for going bankrupt and setting back soccer in America for a decade or two, and now they have plans to do the same things all over again. Luckily for all of us MLS is in their way.

  • Dan V.

    Cosmos always stated looking at financial success in the long term and not in the short term. They have deep pockets. They have a 10-20 year plan. It was probably a 10 year plan from the beginning but this stadium delay has obviously pushed that back.