Cosmos to host NASL playoff match at MCU Park


NASL Beat Writer

The New York Cosmos announced Thursday that they would be returning to Brooklyn in the fall to host their first round playoff game at MCU Park in Coney Island. The postseason match will take place on November 7th at 2 p.m. E.T.

The club also revealed it will host a week long youth training camp for kids ages 6 to 15 starting August 3 at Pier 5 Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams hosted the press conference that included Cosmos COO Erik Stover, Head Coach Gio Savarese and former keeper Shep Messing at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Adams expressed his enthusiasm to have the Cosmos return to Brooklyn so soon after their Spring Season 1-0 victory over Ottawa Fury FC back in May.

“I’m pleased with the commitment that the New York Cosmos have made to developing soccer in Brooklyn, “said Adams.  ‘The Beautiful Game’ has a beautiful future in our borough, and engaging our young athletes in this great sport is important to building healthy bodies and minds with a love of teamwork and good sportsmanship.”

As an alumnus of Long Island University, Savarese has a soft spot for the borough, but he’s also happy to be playing such a critical game in a quality facility like MCU Park.

“We’re excited to be back in Brooklyn,” Savarese told EOS. “We had a good experience against Ottawa. So it’s a good opportunity to come back and play an important match for us. Turf-wise (MCU) is a better surface. Definitely. We are content to be able to play there because the ball moves better. For us, we are an attacking team, so that is a positive thing.”

MCU Vice President Steve Cohen was also on hand to relay his elation at bringing the Cosmos back to Coney Island. He noted that the club’s growing relationship with the park and surrounding area goes a long way toward fulfilling the promise that MCU Park would be a drawing force for numerous diverse advents outside of Brooklyn Cyclones games after Hurricane Sandy did its damage.

“MCU Park and The Brooklyn Cyclones are thrilled to partner with the world renowned New York Cosmos to bring professional soccer once again to Brooklyn,” said Steve Cohen.  “No better place for a post-season match than Coney Island.”

Clinching a playoff berth so early in the year enabled the Cosmos to lock down the date and location for their first home playoff game in the modern NASL within the city proper — is a borough that the club is quickly befriending.

“It’s exciting for us to be playing a second game in Brooklyn in what is a pivotal postseason game for our club,” said Stover.  “Brooklyn is a place where we love to play, we trained here before we made our visit to Cuba back in June and we hope we can put on another good show for our fans in Brooklyn.”

The Cosmos are wasting no time selling tickets to the pivotal match. Fans can begin purchasing their seats on Friday, July 31st.

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  • billy slom

    will they get more than 3K to show up to a baseball field in Brooklyn rather than the usual lacrosse turf field in long island?

    • Larry”s left arm is a simpleton

      Who ever heard of anything as stupid as a soccer team playing at a baseball stadium!

      So dumb!

      Hooray for NYCFC!

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        30000 > 3000

        • Larry”s left arm is a simpleton

          Does anyone else like rolling around on the floor in ketchup yelling, “I am Fat Frank’s French Fry! Eat me, Frank!”

          I sure do!

        • CosmosFan

          Why do we spend so much time talking about the 3000 people that used to go to RBNY games at Giant Stadium?

  • John

    Hofstra should end their agreement with the cosmos. No need to have them playing there it’s a waste of time for the university.

    • tim

      Thanks to the Cosmos Hofstra got upgrades and yet are total dicks to the fans. More like the Cosmos need to dump that crap hole and its crappy turf.

      • John

        What upgrades did they get ? None

        Hofstra needs to kicked them out no use for a minor league team playing at their stadium.

        • Larry’s A Simpleton

          maybe if all those authentic fans didnt act like dicks at every match the university wouldnt be looking to give the f.cosmos the boot. its a well known fact the university hates opening up the stadium for those total **** heads that infest the place and they want them gone.

          • Larry”s left arm is a simpleton

            That’s right!

            REAL soccer fans like the NYCFC fans get banned from Red Bull Arena for being dicks!

            I’m a simpleton!

            • Larry’s A Simpleton

              lol at f.cosmos fanboys. must be tough to face reality and see what a laughing stock you guys are.

              • Larry”s left arm is a simpleton

                I am obsessed with the Cosmos!

                They are even more fascinating to me than Scooter pies and Moby!

                I hate the Cosmos. YET I can’t stop talking about them!


  • tim

    The Cosmos need to build a stadium in Brooklyn

  • Kevin

    I would think paying the rent on what would already be an empty stadium has to be some what of an upgrade already for the University.. So if the Brooklyn President says he wants to build a soccer stadium there in Brooklyn, where does it go? Coney Island?

  • Len

    Looking forward to this championship game, should be able to sell out. Cosmos plan B for their stadium may likely be Brooklyn.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    another college lacrosse game boots the worlds famous f.cosmos out of hofstra again?!?!? tsk tsk tsk. hope they signed a better deal at dillon stadium for next season. that is of course IF there is a next season and sela doesnt pull the plug on the corpse.

    • Larry”s left arm is a simpleton

      I had a dream last night that I was giving Frank Lampard a massage and telling him how much I hate the cosmos. He liked it, but when he got off the table, he pulled his hammy and had to miss another week!

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        lol. poor f.cosmos fanboys. cant bring a thing to any argument except childish homophobic remarks. face it boy. you suck and your team sucks. and next year you and all the fanboys will be on suicide watch after the f.cosmos fold. wanna bet they dont even get 3000 this week?

        • Larry”s left arm is a simpleton

          I don’t like the Cosmos but I can’t stop writing about them!

          Someone help me!

          I can’t focus on anything but the Cosmos!

          Someone hold me close!

          I am trembling!

          • Larry’s A Simpleton

            reality is a tough pill to swallow, loser. deal with it. cope with it. RIP f.cosmos. lol what a shmendrick you are. the world famous cosmos were going to set the world on fire and rule the soccer world! yet they get their ass booted out of their home stadium twice ecause of college lacrosse. what a joke

            • Larry”s left arm is a simpleton

              I AM OBSESSED!




        • Aidan

          If the Cosmos suck so much, what does that say about City getting knocked out by them in the Open Cup?

          Cheers from RBNY. Keep it up, Larrys Left Arm is a Simpleton.

      • CosmosFan

        But I was mad when Frank looked at me and said…..”THE COSMOS ARE THE ONLY TEAM FROM NORTH AMERICA THAT I’VE EVER HEARD OF! Also, it’s kind of cool that they are independent and aren’t cool with being a development team for Manchester City.” – Larry

  • There are two locations where there is space and where the nimby hurdles wouldn’t be insurmountable in brooklyn. Coney Island and Sunset Park west of the Gowanus.

    Thor Equities is sitting on a lot of desolate land in coney island, right by the subway and where there’s plenty of parking. The neighborhood actually wants something to be built there.

    • Anonymous

      How was the jail cell?

  • Kevin

    Larry, u have absolutely no clue do u..u make fun of cosmos,fans for being unruly,yet MLS punishes your fans for a handful games. We suck but you lost to us. Hofstra is not kicking the Cosmos out at all, it’s you just making stuff up. Kind of like the Cosmos move to Connecticut that u your inside source gave you.

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