A Look Back At The Cosmos Remarkable Home Unbeaten Run



New York Cosmos supporters may have felt an unfamiliar feeling on Saturday night as they made their way home from Shuart Stadium after their club was beaten down 4-1 by Ottawa Fury FC.

That uncomfortable knot in their stomachs is not just because the club lost out in a crucial top of the table clash, but also because it was the first time they’ve witnesses the Cosmos fall to an opponent at home in over a year. 415 days to be exact.

Prior to Saturday’s match, the Cosmos were unbeaten in their last 18 matches on the home turf of Hofstra, including a rousing penalty shootout victory over MLS’ upstart New York City FC in the U.S. Open Cup back in June.

The home unbeaten streak extends to 20 when you factor in May’s rare league match played at MCU Park in Brooklyn and another Open Cup win over the USPDL’s Jersey Express in Queens.

August 2nd of last year was the final time that the Cosmos found themselves on the losing end at home before kicking off their impressive run. Ironically, the incredible streak began in unspectacular fashion on August 6, as the Cosmos failed to take advantage of a 10-man FC Edmonton side and settled for a scoreless draw. In their final win of the remarkable run two weeks ago, New York succeeded in exploiting a second half red card and defeated Jacksonville Armada FC 1-0.

There is always the possibility of unbeaten runs being overblown because of the possibility of draws always being in the mix. However, the Cosmos are not guilty of that in this particular run as they’ve earned 14 wins to only 6 draws in both league and Open Cup play during the lengthy stretch.

The Cosmos have also built up a notable goal differential over the past year by scoring 40 goals and holding the competition to a measly 18 goals. That sturdy defensive means the Cosmos finished their unbeaten run with a 0.9 goals against average.

New York rightfully earned the moniker ‘Cardiac Cosmos’ with their tenacity to keep the streak alive. A healthy chunk of the 40 goals scored were notched in the final stages of matches, including that memorable 90th minute equalizer from Lucky Mkosana against NYCFC to send the game into extra time. Altogether, the Cosmos tallied goals in the final 15 minutes of matches 10 different times and erased home deficits to earn a draw or win half a dozen times.

Not many teams in the parity driven leagues of North American can boast about any streaks that last over a year. Cosmos diehards who make the trip out to see their club compete have been spoiled over the last year by one of the best runs in the modern era NASL — or in U.S. Soccer for that matter.

The results over the last year also emphasizes the importance of the Cosmos securing the top seed in this year’s postseason. They’re already guaranteed to host the first round match up in their second trip to MCU Park, but after this past year, the club and its supporters will understandably feel that the odds are more in their favor on home soil.

New York currently holds a one point lead over Ottawa for the top spot in the combined standings, with six games remaining for both sides.


  • REAL OpenCupFans know nasl teams are bad

    “remarkable” unbeaten run? they are playing against teams that can’t even beat USL teams in the open cup – come on now?…

    If the red bulls only played USL teams (which are evidently better than nasl teams) they would have quite a “remarkable” unbeaten streak going too!

  • Cosmos 3 Red Bull 0.

    • DanGerman

      RB 4 Cosmos 1

      • William

        good luck in the playoffs u will need it

        • DanGerman

          You know what I found sad about the whole NYCFC vs Cosmos Open cup game, is the fact that due to the NASL split season schedule the Cosmos couldn’t capitalize on the great match atmosphere. It was a great game that should have made casual Cosmos fans want to go to more games but there wasn’t a next game to go to for a few weeks. That game would have done more to the bottom line then the Cuba game but the weird NASL split season screwed them IMHO.

          • Hey Dan, first no offense on the Cosmos v. RB thing, just reacting to a numbskull. I would only make the point that I think the Cosmos, and half the NASL, would be competitive in MLS. But honestly, not interested in that debate.

            I agree that it was a shame we lost some momentum after the NYCFC match, but the split season isn’t “weird”. It’s quite common in world soccer, as you probably know. Beyond that, I think the NASL split season and playoff structure is one of the most exciting things about the league. Every game really matters. I’m not looking for a **** fight when I say this, but too much of the MLS regular season doesn’t matter to make it very exciting.

            • DanGerman

              I have to disagree with you Leo, It’s not that common. Where in Europe do you see something similar? Sure they do it in Mexico and I think some South American leagues but that doesn’t make it any less “weird”. I’m not a big fan of the MLS playoffs either (too many teams make it in) but at least I think its more fair then giving two teams playoff spots for playing well in 10 games then having the rest of the league play over 2x times that many games to get the other spots.

              • You don’t see it in Europe, you see it in South America. Argentina being one place with a world class league. What I do wish is that the split season in NASL was balanced. IE 15 and 15, as opposed to 10 and 20, which is kind of stupid I agree. But the Cosmos, who won the Spring season, have a lot to play for because if Ottawa passes them (and presuming Ottawa wins the fall season which seems likely and they win their semi-final game in Ottawa to the 4th place team), then any championship game will be in Ottawa rather than NY. That’s a lot to play for since NASL does not do home and away but one-offs. OVerall I think it’s a more fair system than giving, for example, a 6th place divisional team an equal home and away chance against the first place team.

                • DanGerman

                  I don’t have a problem with the split season, the “weirdness” comes from the unbalanced split season. In the leagues where they do a split season its always balanced, I again don’t agree with the way MLS currently sets up the playoffs but at least the 6th place team got their by playing just as many games as everyone else. I’d rather do away with the split season just play 30 games and the top 4 teams playoff. With the top 2 having home advantage. That way you don’t get a team like TB that’s seemingly tanking because they know they’re in the play offs.

                  • We agree on the unbalanced split season. But TB is NOT in the playoffs. They have to play hard to stay in the top 4 to make the playoffs. That’s why this is great. Everyone has an incentive to keep playing hard.

          • William

            I like the split season as Leo has said but I also see your point as there were a full 2 weeks to the RB game and the Cosmos weren’t match tough with the layoff and a huge loss of momentum. It should have been the same type of exciting game as the NYCFC was.

  • William

    a remarkable streak a great accomplishment it had everything sports is about: talent, mental toughness, persistence, excellent under pressure and a little bit of luck. PERFECT ! congrats to the Cosmos on this incredible streak !!!!