Cosmos’ Roversio addresses recent injury setback



The New York Cosmos will not count on Roversio to start the Spring Championship season.

Roversio, who has been plagued by an arthritic right knee issue over the past two seasons, has picked up an injury to his left knee which will require him to be on the injured reserve list to start the season.

“I picked up a small injury in California,” Roversio told EoS, pointing to his knee. “It will take some time to recover so we will go into treatment to get back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this happened. Now I have to wait for this to heel naturally. I have to do what I can in treatment to get back on the field.”

While that situation has opened a roster spot to sign former Spurs star Niko Krancjar, it comes at the cost of a player regarded by many to be among the top centerbacks in the NASL.

Losing Roversio is nothing new to the Cosmos. After starting the majority of the team’s Fall 2013 matches leading to the Soccer Bowl, the Brazilian defender has struggled with his health, playing all of 16 matches in 2014 and 15 total matches in 2015.

Still, this latest setback is extra disappointing for Roversio who was counting on a comeback season.

“You come into preseason hoping things will be different and you can help the team, and I find myself with this issue,” a dejected Roversio said. “I just have to recuperate and come back fast. That is my hope.”



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  • Anthony

    Its too bad, when healthy he was an imposing center back. The Cosmos record when he starts is incredible. I hear that his IR status opened the doors for the Niko signing. So at least there is that. Hopefully the rest of the defenders can hold it down.

    • William

      I agree I think he is the best defender in the NASL. He was a big reason why they won it last year – his return for the playoffs was key in establishing that rock hard defense. He is irreplaceable.

  • Guy Fieri

    Well at least the Cosmos have been spending money on players in the back. Unlike any MLS team where their back lines are forgotten messes that lead to high scoring games. MLS unbalanced messes, they will never beat Ljga MX teams.

    • slowleftarm

      That Cosmos defense looked great when RBNY put four past them last season.

      • What Slow Left Arm Really meant

        When the Cosmos beat the Red Bulls, I said they did it against a team that sat its starters even though it was largely the same team that RBNY started the week before. So,m I said, “No one cares about the Open Cup.”

        Now, that my team beat the Cosmos, I brag about it.

        I do this because I am (a) ashamed at how my team always fails in the playoffs & (b) the governor of my state supports Trump.

        I apologize for being an idiot, but I just can’t help myself.

        • slowleftarm

          I never said “no one cares about the Open Cup” In fact at our town hall people were upset that the team didn’t take the competition seriously. The RBNY team the day of the famous Cosmos win you’re still bragging about didn’t include: Robles, Olave, Cahill, Henry, Miller and Dax. You are trying to tell me that’s a first-choice RBNY team? Olave and Henry didn’t play on the horrendous lacrosse stadium turf. Miller and Cahill were at the world cup (were there any Hempstead players in Brazil?) and Dax and Robles sat out because Petke didn’t care about the game, as he clearly said afterwards.

          I and other supporters didn’t think that attitude was acceptable and the team heard us and took the competition seriously last season. We saw what happens when RBNY takes a game against Cosmos seriously and it isn’t a pretty sight for Cosmos fans.

          As to your last point, losing in the MLS playoffs is still more impressive than winning an NASL trophy. By a lot.

          • William

            This is such a pathetic tired act one trick loser.

            • slowleftarm

              Truth hurts doesn’t it angry Bill?

              • William

                Truth where is the truth ? show me illustrate it for me ? We win you don’t that’s the truth. Truth is something that escapes you and then you resort to personally attacking me when I am not even on this site. But guess what since the Cosmos opener is this Sunday and I will be there with my season tickets I will be here more than ever. Something for you to look forward to. I am not going anywhere. I am here to stay.

                • slowleftarm

                  That’s great that you are actually going to attend games this year. I recall last year that during a Cosmos home playoff game you were writing negative comments about RBNY rather than watching your own team.

                  • William

                    Actually to correct you which is a job in itself I attend every Cosmo home game and furthermore stop accusing me of posting as others – it is a lie that must stopped. You are an embarrassment.

                • MTF

                  William, you have to admit that first Soccer Bowl in 2013 for the rebooted Cosmos was a farce. They didn’t even play in the Spring season that year. The Cosmos should have been allowed to enter the league for that Fall season but shouldn’t have been eligible for the postseason. So they played a whopping 14 matches in the regular season to earn a chance to play in a one-match championship game. Kinda weak. The 2015 championship they earned, but not that 2013 one. And don’t get me started on their wearing the championship stars from a defunct team that hadn’t played in 28 years.

                  • William

                    That’s your opinion and I respect that I just don’t agree with it. It was allowed and approved by the league so it stands. As far as wearing the stars of a defunct team – this is the Cosmos same name same colors so whats the issue ? This happens all the time.

                    • slowleftarm

                      They’re all worthless minor league championships. These guys were going around calling themselves “champions” after a ten week spring season.

                      Winning the 2013 and 2015 SS is more impressive than anything either version of the Cosmos ever achieved.

                    • William

                      Supporter shield is a worthless trophy award or whatever you want to call it . The Cosmos were 30-4 last year. This guy brags about a soft drink team what a joke !

                    • slowleftarm

                      LOL, 30-4. Have to love angry Bill’s logic. Draws count as wins and minor league “championships” count just as much as big boy trophies. Adorable.

                    • William

                      Its hurts queen when a team knows and shows you how to win huh ? such an unfamiliar feeling for you with 20 years of complete futility. Take a bow little man.

                    • William

                      your pathetic team needs like 5 Roversios

                    • William

                      You have to love SLOWBRAIN the fool leaves 30 comments for the Cosmos and 1 for his own team . What kind of perverse personality is this hopefully she will not procreate.

                    • slowleftarm

                      Did Cosmos show us how to win at RBA last year?

                    • William

                      there you are again leaving 2 more messages about the COSMOS and none for the Metrostars ? why ? whats wrong with you ? you need help peewee.

  • So sad – really nice guy – but he just is Glass Joe. As someone mentioned earlier, when he is healthy he really is a joy to watch back there but he just can NOT stay healthy. Glad the Cosmos got deep at the CB position as Carlos M is also aging. Sooner or later he will start to get beat on a more regular basis.

    • William

      he is a nice guy great with the fans. Such an important piece to last years championship.