New York Cosmos sign Samuel Caceres on loan

Samuel Caceres Cosmos

NEW YORK: Defensive reinforcements are finally on the way.

The New York Cosmos addressed their thin centerback corps this week, signing Paraguayan defender Samuel Caceres on loan from Argentine club Nueva Chicago.

“I was drawn to New York by the vision of the Cosmos organization,” said Cáceres in a club statement. “I’m looking forward to getting started with training camp and facing a new challenge in the U.S. at this stage of my career.”

Cáceres has featured in both the A and B division of the Argentine Primera, most recently playing with Buenos Aires-based Nueva of La Primera B. Cáceres, 25, made 12 appearances (with 11 starts) for Nueva Chicago in 2014.

“Cáceres adds more quality to our back line,” said Cosmos head Giovanni Savarese. “He’s had some valuable experience in Argentina and is in the prime of his career, but he’s a player that we anticipate will continue to develop and improve. We expect him to compete for playing time here.”

Caceres featured for famed Argentine club Independiente as well as Nueva Chicago over the course of his professional career.  He joins the Cosmos just in time for their Lunar Cup participation in Hong Kong next week.

Caceres joins team stalwarts Roversio, Carlos Mendes and Hunter Gorskie amongst the team’s centerback pool.

  • Expansion geek

    I wonder what they tell the players, “we are D1 and MLS sucks,” or ” we are going to sign messi and Cr7 and be the best team in North America.”
    What’s the trick, we all gotta know :)

  • Larry’s A Turd

    f. cosmos = ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

  • @expansion geek

    They don’t tell them anything, the money does all the talking!

    • lame MLS fans

      You guy’s still don’t get the whole global market thing do you. Keep living in that little bubble as you watch other North American clubs not affiliated with Minor League Soccer get bigger & better.

  • Tony

    Yeah, go abroad and ask people about the New York Cosmos and watch their reaction. Then ask them about the LA Galaxy or Sounders and watch their blank stare. Cosmos are still the most recognized American soccer team

  • Larry’s A Turd

    keep dreaming fanboys. nobody gives a crap about the fake cosmos. thinking the fake cosmos have any sort of following just show how retarded you ladies are. they are nothing! roflmao!!!!!

    • BG

      You seem to give a crap about us enough to comment on every EoS article related to Cosmos, and we appreciate the support haters thanks for your dedication

  • BG

    About damn time we got some more defense, I hope he decides he likes it with us

  • James

    The cosmos are the most storied soccer franchise in the United states.