Cosmos Steamroll Carolina RailHawks 6-1

Arango Cosmos


UNIONDALE, N.Y. – After a fiercely contested first half. The New York Cosmos blew past the visiting Carolina RailHawks in the closing 45 minutes, finishing with a 6-1 result.

A pair of braces from Juan Arango and Jairo Arrieta led the way in the Cosmos’ historic romp. The six goal tally is the highest the Cosmos have recorded in the NASL’s modern era.

The teams wasted no time kicking the match into high gear. After a spirited start, the visitors grabbed the lead in the sixth minute when Nazmi Albadawi picked the pocket of midfielder Andres Flores in New York’s defensive end. Albadawi used the turnover to quickly feed an unmarked Matt Fondy, who calmly slotted a shot past Jimmy Maurer. The sequence extended Albadawi’s league-leading assist count to eight and marked Fondy’s sixth goal for Carolina since he joined the club at midseason.

The lead was fleeting, though, as the Cosmos equalized less than two minutes later through a brillaint strike from Arango. Arrieta was shut down on the far post after receiving a cross and dished to Flores in the center of the box. The Salvadoran looked up and laid a pass back for Arango at the top of the box. With time to line up his shot, the Venezuelan rocketed a shot to the top corner that was too strong for Akira Fitzgerald to punch away.

Following the early body blows, each side’s defense struggled to find composure. Both were plagued by sloppy turnovers and abysmal marking, allowing the attackers to earn more looks on net.

After finishing deadlocked at halftime, the Cosmos showcased why no team has been able to knock them off at home this year. They reduced their giveaways and took control of possession to put the pressure squarely on the RailHawks, who subsequently proved why they’ve allowed the most goals in the NASL this year.

Arango notched his second of the night in the 58th minute. Midfielder Sebastian Guenzatti had his shot stifled  by Fitzgerald, but Arango was in position to pounce on the rebound and deftly chipped the ball over Fitzgerald  to take the lead.

Arrieta saw Arango’s chip and thought to himself ‘anything you can do, I can do better.’ Only three minutes after Arango’s clever goal, Arrieta threw Carolina’s back line and Fitzgerald for a loop with his own chip just outstide of the box. Fitzgerald was only a few yards off his line, but the shot had surprising pace and clipped the underside of the crossbar to cross the line.

Flores got in on the fun in the 79th minute, firing a shot from 20 yards that took a fortunate deflection to beat the keeper once again. Arrieta then matched Arango’s brace in the 82nd minute after he cut inside the box and slotted a shot to the far post.

Guenzatti added another for good measure in stoppage time to send the RailHawks packing.

The win moves the Cosmos into first place in the Fall Season and Combined standings for the time being. FC Edmonton could retake the top spot depending on how their meeting with Puerto Rico FC on Sunday shakes out.

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  • Hernando Peralta

    I went to the game on a free ticket. No more that 2500 attendance IF..AND…? Honestly no FUTURE AT ALL.

    • james w

      they are claiming 3200 attendance, what a joke, all the interest in the NY area goes to the 2 major league teams, minor league not so much…

      • Kevin

        What is your problem? Ur a troll. Have yet to answer my question of what team you root for, im assuming it’s NYC. why do u even know the attendance. Shouldn’t you be worried you’re team tonight.

        • james w

          you are talking tough snowflake.

    • Larry\\\’s A Simpleton

      No wonder you weren’t at the naked dance party, last night, my good man. I know our hipster ways aren’t for everyone but I hope you come back to the lite blue side next week.

      • Larry\’s A Simpleton

        roflmfbao @ loser f.cosmos fan. as usual these brainless sperm stains cannot bring anything to the table in honest debate, so they resort to retarded things like pretending they’re someone else. old and not even humorous. perhaps when you’re done with your homework you can come up with something a little better.

        then again, pretend team = pretend fans. one day these brainless idiots will disappear, so this web page wont be the laughing stock of the internet. you’re gonna have to work on that martinez!


        • Anthony

          Still beaten your sorry ass club two times out of two.

          • slowleftarm

            Yeah but wins against below full strength NYCFC won’t mean much when Cosmos are out of business. Seriously, they can’t go on too much longer getting 3k. There’s just zero interest in this team and it’s clear they seriously miscalculated in deciding not to join MLS. Either that or they didn’t have the money for the expansion fee.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      another day goes by means another day closer for the f.cosmos to go out of business. 2500? P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.


    • Eric B

      Haven’t you all heard? The Cosmos’ attendance will improve once they get more favorable dates, such as Saturday nights instead of Sundays. Oh wait…

  • Kevin

    I went to the game too. All I can do is go enjoy it, I can’t do anything else. So to change the subject,it was nice to see Arrietta wake up after such a slump lately. With the offense Carolina has they should be a lot better than what was shown

  • Kvbt

    Excellent goals, especially the Arrieta chip from outside the box. This Cosmos team is splendid going forward.

  • Rest of world

    Great team effort. Fabulous night for our family. Haters will always hate. Their only voice is through trolling the internet. Lord knows they have no life otherwise.

  • OpenCupFan

    I enjoyed the game from the comfort of my living room. Nice to have every game nationally televised.
    Some really nice goals, but Carolina’s results these last two years are really head scratching. Wonder what is happening there, especially their coach’s historically strong results with limited resources.
    Also nice to see the #ProRelforUSA banner at the game again! Preach!

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      Watching on tv? That’s not supporting Independent soccer at all. then again, no one else goes to shuart stadium, why should you be any different/


      • Kevin

        You’re team has actually played a regular season game that I believe wasn’t even televised. Or do you not pay attention to your team. If you want a healthy debate, let’s hear it, im ready. Because im starting to think you know nothing about the game,of soccer. It’s just you instigating.

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          Seriously? so because of a scheduling conflict you want to get all uppity because 1 game wasn’t televised? lol. one game? go jump in the lake kev.

          What about all those numerous games that were televised on a major network like YES? When was the last time the nasl and the f.cosmos were covered on a major network? covered in the newspapers? radio?

          So if you have the knowledge to bring some honest debate to the table then explain to me why the cosmos are DOA?

          Why cant the greatest brand in the history of north american soccer get people into their stadium? why cant they get on TV? Radio? why cant they even get a mention in the Times, Daily News or the Post?

          why is it a **** team like nycfc got more people into yankee stadium last weekend than the mighty cosmos are going to get in the entire 2016 season?

          why are the mighty mighty cosmos all but ignored? why kev why?

          i’ll wait.

          • Kevin

            What is your hatred towards the Cosmos, because 3 guys said they were the greatest brand in soccer? U want a debate,let’s go. I’ve answered you before. Obviously u don’t remember. I wish the Cosmos went to the MLS. I truly do.U realize if they had there would be no NYCFC. Why aren’t they getting more coverage? Because their marketing department is pathetic. The low crowds is for million negative factors brought on by the front office. But ur responses r just filled with hatred because some jack assees 2 years ago said they were the biggest brand in the world. You sit on forums , even NYCFC forums and blast the Cosmos. Your team is a mess, and I’m sure you have some lame excuse why you’ve been beaten twice by us, that’s pretty predictable. Your team should be getting even more press then they do. You shouldn’t have any games not televised for the amount of fire power in that organization. The Cosmos did miscalculate, I actually agree with slow left on that one. But this is my team, and it’s tiring listening to you and your false calculations about this league. 2 years ago you predicted the NASL would be gone this year. They are still holding basically at the same amount of teams they were when the Cosmos started. Then you predicted the Cosmos would be in Hartford this year.wrong there as well. The quality of play in the league has improved, the attendance has not. Of course I’m worried about my team,ofcourse im a realist. But I don’t need to keep answering to some guy who doesn’t know a thing about them,but just bitches about them on EVERY forum. All I can do is go to the games and enjoy MY team, which I do. You’re team is supposed to be on YES. It’s part of the whole package. Anything intelligent to say? Anything I haven’t answered? I’ll wait.

            • james w

              what are you some little punk kid ? what a jerkoff you are

              • james w

                this is some idiot trying to pose as me, what a bunch of loser jerkoffs these cos-shmos fans are – no wonder the team will be folding soon…

  • Bird man

    I know nasl and cosmos fans don’t like MLS, but cosmos should have a B plan as in move to MLS.
    Cosmos should get a new owner or add an owner and keep an eye on the red bull situation. The German red bull is about to suck up all the money from the company and provoke a mess in the red bull family of soccer.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      what makes you think the f.cosmos have the money? thats an awfully big leap of faith on your part mano. the f.cosmos are all talk and no action.

      they’re getting the boot from a dilapidated college lacrosse stadium. they have no academy. and the only players they sign are players who are desperate because no one else wants them.. you know, like Raul “TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN” Blanco.

      Plan B should be to go into receivership.


      • Bird man

        The cosmos ownership remind me of the Chicago Fire but at least cosmos win.
        Anyway back to cosmos future, they should really keep an eye on the red bull situation. No way red bull gets money to spend on high DPS and as long they don’t win an MLS cup they will be a failure.
        All I’m saying, cosmos should keep an eye on the red bull situation. Red bull Germany needs all the money to survive in the budesliga and stay in champions zone.

        • MTF

          Except the Cosmos ownership didn’t want to spend $100 million on an MLS franchise fee before and have stated that they don’t agree with the single-entity, salary cap model. So makes perfect sense that they’ll swoop in and spend $400-500 million to buy out Red Bull’s MLS franchise (which shows no signs of being up for sale), plus stadium, training facility and academy, and set-up shop in New Jersey in the very league that practices single entity and salary cap. Just saying.

    • Kevin

      I’d love nothing more then having the Cosmos in MLS , just because it’s the top division. I still like the NASL model more though. But I really don’t understand when people bring up the Red Bulls for sale. I’ve yet to see this in the media at all.

  • Ty\’s

    Diosa looked good when he came on. Looked good all Fall season. Shaping up to be an interesting Fall season. I have a funny feeling Tampa may make run for top 4. I see the trolls are out in force. It’s understandable though. Larry’s Hash-tagging now when did this happen?

    • james w

      the cosmos win games b/c they are playing against low level US 3rd Div. type teams, these are the teams that lost 7 games in a row to USL teams in last years Open Cup – OpenCupFan should be well aware of this futility since he claims to be a fan of the tourney.

      • Kevin

        So ur obviously never going to bring anything original to the forum. You just bring up stats from 2 years ago

        • james w

          well, I don’t know what qualifies as “original” in the forum, but either way these serious issues for the cos-shmos persist whether original or not – no attendance, no fan support, low level of soccer, nasl league competition is very low level, they play at a college turf lax field, minor league does not work in NY market, 2 major league competitors, they botched getting into MLS, there is no academy or young player development like in MLS and USL, etc. etc.

  • CosmosLoser

    The score shows the Cosmos are a financial powerhouse in the world. As far as brand recognition and recent recognized world champions it would be Cosmos, Yankees, Cowboys and Steelers. Oh, wait a minute, I was stuck in 1979 for minute.

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