Cosmos still have not paid players, employees; Duk threatens litigation

Duk Lucky Cosmos


Paying employee wages is still a problem for the New York Cosmos. And while many employees are waiting to see what the future of the team holds before making their next move, there is at least one person who has had enough of the delays: Yasmani Duk.

The Bolivian striker joined the Cosmos last season, and is now on the verge of a loan to Saudi Arabian club Al-Ettifaq FC. But before he does, it looks like he will engage in litigation to correct the wrongs against him.

In an interview with TICC this week, Duk’s agent, Rodrigo Osorio, says they are prepared to file suit over unpaid wages. “They didn’t pay Duk,” Osorio said. “They owe him for October, November, and December.

“We’re waiting for them to pay this week. If not, we’ll start a suit through FIFA.”

Duk’s story coincides with that of Sebastian Guenzatti, who spoke to EoS prior to Christmas about his situation. Guenzatti, who made $3,500 a month with club, has not had his wages or bonuses paid either, forcing him to move back to his parents house with his wife and young child in tow. Several other players are in the same boat.

And the players are not the only ones affected by the circumstances surrounding the Cosmos. Several office staffers were promised to be paid their wages by Christmas Eve. That did not happen. The marker then shifted to a promise of payment by New Year’s Eve. Again, the Cosmos failed to meet their word.

Now, four days into the New Year, staff and players are still unpaid — and there is little to no clarity over the situation.

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