New York Cosmos to face Strikers at MCU Park

Leo Moura Marcos Senna Cosmos Strikers


The New York Cosmos officially have an opponent for their opening match of the NASL’s Championship postseason.

Facing the possibility of confronting either the Tampa Bay Rowdies or Fort Lauderdale Strikers, the Cosmos wound up with the Strikers after Fort Lauderdale beat Jacksonville Armada 1-0 on Sunday afternoon. The result allowed the Strikers to leap-frog Tampa Bay for the higher seed, clinching their place as the final participant in the NASL postseason.

“I’d like to congratulate the four clubs that earned their way into The Championship,” said NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson. “Once again, this year’s competition went down to the final match, creating a very exciting conclusion to the Fall Season.

“The last few weeks have been extremely hard fought and competitive,” he continued. “I expect the next two weeks to keep fans on the edge of their seats and I certainly believe that The Championship is something you won’t want to miss.”

The top-seeded Cosmos host Fort Lauderdale this Saturday at 2 p.m. from MCU Park. Ottawa, meanwhile, hosts Minnesota United at TD Place on Sunday, November 8th at 3 p.m. ET.

The Cosmos and Fort Lauderdale have face three times this season, with New York earning a pair of shutout victories at home and a wild 3-3 draw in Florida.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    MCU Park? What happened? Kicked out of their home stadium by the Hofstra lacrosse team again? and someone tell that knucklehead peterson its ok to use the term playoffs. oh thats right, the minor league doesnt like to use a dirty word like that. it isnt authentic.

    • PJI

      you thought about writing all of that and then you went ahead and did it

      • Larry’s a Simpleton

        Yes, I did. it is not unpossible!

        I am smartt two you no!

        • ty

          NYFC will never get a stadium. The fans will shell out for Yankee stadium why would they build another? NYFC will play in Yankee stadium travesty for the rest of their existence. If the Belmont Park plan fails, it’s still closer than NYFC will ever be to having their own. ever.

          • Larry’s A Simpleton

            but nycfc will be here for years to come. cant say the same for the f.cosmos. the f.cosmos are on their last legs and its only a matter of time before they fold….again.

            • ty

              Yeah as long as idiots shell out for tickets that cost more than Bundesliga to watch Pirlo gas for breath for 90 minutes, you should be fine . To play in Yankee Stadium no less. Crap team that will dupe their fans out of millions before wining anything.

              • Larry’s A Simpleton

                dont be bitter. nycfc is the only team new yorkers care about. nobody in this city gives a **** about the f.cosmos except those 3000 turds who were duped into believing the f.cosmos werent minor league. mcu park. minor league stadium for a minor league team and their minor league fans.

                and ticket prices at yankee stadium are cheaper than shuart stadium. that is of course when the f.cosmos get to play there and not take a back seat to a 3rd rate college lacriosse team.

                f.cosmos fanboys. bittier bitter bitter

                • ty

                  You’re irrelevant. Irrelevant. that’s right irrelevant meaning the Columbus Crew are more relevant in MLS than you . I don’t care what “New Yorkers” care about. They once cared about Disco and acid wash jeans. Win something then talk win against us win your league win something. You’re adorable man city jr uniforms are adorable btw.

                  • The Realist

                    None of which should be viewed as a knock om late 70s disco. “Born to Be Alive” remains a classic.

  • terry

    Cosmos playing very well now…Saw some excellent play by Guenzatti & Bover against Tampa…Only way they lose to Strikers is if the underestimate them and don’t think Gio will let that happen…Question : If they win where will they play championship – MCU or Hofstra ? Regarding question by numbnuts troll – I think Hofstra is using stadium for intra-mural hopscotch contest….Right team – Wrong league

    • jorge velez

      The final will be at hofstra

  • If we win at MCU park, final at hofstra. Team playing well, we have a great squad of players, truly. There is not a fall off from number 10 to 18! Can’t wait for this saturday, absolutely buzzing. New York’s only soccer club.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      3500 people and zero media coverage isnt what one would call a buzz. then again f.cosmos fans have always set the bar low.

      • The Real insider

        How can there be a buzz when no one in New York knows the cosmos exist. Go do a google news search for NY Cosmos and see that there is no coverage of them in NY.

      • I don’t need attendance to be buzzing about my soccer team. I need quality soccer in service of soccer, not manchester or soda.

        • The Real insider

          You need Fans to have a team that means anything. The cosmos have no fans. No one in NY knows they exist.

          • Larry’s A Simpleton

            quality leo? lol! did they put senna down yet?

            • The Realist

              A guy whose team employs Iron Lung Pirlo has the audacity to make fun of other team’s older player.

              Larry truly is a simpleton.

          • ty

            who cares about fans i care about wins.

        • Brad

          Leo please seek help. Bring the other 14 Cosmos fans along too.

  • Alexlgago

    I wouldnt worry where the stadium less Cosmos play after Saturdays lose to the Strikers you can worry about those types of detail next year.

  • Kevin

    Larry u have no clue..f.NYCFC loses to us. fNYCFC doesn’t make the 10 team MLS playoff. I heard fNYCFC is moving to Hartford according to my sources. Give me a break dude.

  • Larry’sslowlefttesticle

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  • Tom

    Should be an exciting match at MCU vs the Ft Lauderdale Strikers(and likely a win for the Cosmos). I’ll predict Ottawa defeats Minnesota in the other NASL match next weekend so opponent for the NASL Soccer Bowl would be Fall Champion Ottawa Fury FC.

  • Kevin

    Im glad the games are on separate days. Like to see the other one as well

  • the proletarian of football

    I’m very excited for Saturday’s match. However I’m keen to know about plan B regarding the stadium bid, I know we are playing at Hofstra next year but after three years of waiting they must have come up with a second plan. That “plan b” might be revealed after the final, only time will tell.

  • William

    This team is an excellent side – 4 losses in 30 games. That’s good real good.