Damari Back to Leipzig, Red Bulls eye Veron



New York Red Bulls will part ways with Omer Damari this winter — but Gonzalo Veron appears to be a major part of the team’s plans for 2016.

Addressing the press in an end-of-year gathering, head coach Jesse Marsch and Sporting Director Ali Curtis hinted at a return for the enigmatic Argentine playmaker.

“I continue to be very optimistic on Gonzalo,” said Marsch when discussing the DP’s future. “I think I’m still excited about the possibility of what next year could look like. I think different people have now been critical of my decisions on how to use him and when to use him and everything else, and that’s fine, I understand. That’s part of the job.”

The Veron situation has been a confusing one. The Argentine signed with the Red Bulls in 2015 as a designated player and showed signs of being an effective player on offense before the end of the season. Injuries stifled Veron at the start of 2016 and he was never able to recover the starting job.

“You saw him having some really good performances,” said Sporting Director Ali Curtis when discussing Gonzalo Veron’s 2016 performance. “He had a great performance against the Galaxy in LA, he probably could have drawn another PK, and then you saw towards the end of the season even though he wasn’t a regular and he wasn’t starting, every time he was getting in there he was creating chances and finding opportunities.”

Omer Damari’s time as a New York Red Bull appears to be over as he will return to RB Leipzig following his season-long loan.

Damari’s time with the team has been a disappointment with only four appearances in MLS and an injury spell that kept him from contributing as much as possible. Over those four games the Israeli striker was unable to score and only had three shots on goal. He did have a goal in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Omer will now return to RB Leipzig who has been a surprise in the German Bundesliga this season. How he fits into the team’s plans moving forward remains to be seen but considering he was loaned to Red Bull Salzburg before making the move to New York, his time with any of the Red Bull organizations may be in flux.