New York City F.C. to debut crest through the fans

New York City F.C. are preparing to debut their crest – and fans will play a big part in the reveal.

The club is set to release a “crest generator” tool on their website, allowing fans to submit their shield ideas. Each crest will then become a pixel in a “badge of badges” mosaic, depicting the club’s new shield as part of a grand unveiling expected to happen on March 10th.

“New York City FC will be a Club for its fans, which is why they should have a hand in creating its identity,” said New York City FC Chief Executive Officer Ferran Soriano. “We want the badge to be an authentic representation of New York City’s spirit and personality. This design tool will enable fans throughout the City and the world to send in their concepts and to be part of the creation of New York City FC.”

This is the first part of a three-step process for the club’s shield. After fan submissions, NYCFC will reveal two potential shields for fans to vote for based on designs by a hired outside part. Those will likely be revealed in the final week of February. On March 10th, the entire campaign comes to a head with the shield unveiling and the presentation of the “badge of badges” mosaic.

The generator will have template options for fans to choose from, but will also allow for uploads of original designs and photos. The “badge of badges” mosaic shield will be viewable online, allowing fans to zoom in on their original artwork, while a “physical manifestation” of the piece is expected to be displayed in the Clubs’ permanent facilities once that has been secured.

“As a former player, I know the pride an athlete feels when wearing the badge of their club,” NYCFC Head Coach Jason Kreis says. “In this case, I feel it will be all the more special having had the fans participate in it in such a meaningful way.”