NYCFC to decide future of Facey, Angelino, Calle this week



BRONX, N.Y. – New York City FC have had some success in terms of loaned players. Whether these contributors stay for next season will be decided in the coming week.

NYCFC and Manchester City will discuss the future of centerback Shay Facey and left back Angelino. Both players are on-loan from Manchester City’s Elite Development Squad and have become mainstays in the NYCFC starting lineup.

In the case of Facey, his insertion to the NYCFC starting XI stabilized what was a shaky backline. Angelino, meanwhile, has shown flashes of brilliance from the left fullback spot, earning four assists in 14 appearances with the club.


Javier Calle is also on-loan from Colombian club Independiente Medellín with the club holding an option to purchase the player. Calle has seen injuries limit his playing time to only 11 appearances for NYCFC this season, but no decision has been made on his future as well.

“The very first week after the season closes, those decisions will be made,” NYCFC head coach Jason Kreis assured.

NYCFC takes on New England Revolution this weekend at Yankee Stadium — their final match of the season.

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  • john

    I would keep Facey and Angelino both young. skillful players with good futures ahead of them, Angelino is very talented and can develop to be an impact player.

    Calle needs to be let go not a very good athlete , lacks the speed and touch to be much more than a reserve player. He has a 1 million dollar buy and he takes up an international spot not worth the roster spot or the money.

    • giorgio

      agree. They can get at least another year out of Facey and Angenilo before City Group decides to move them to another european team. Angelino is already the most dynamic wing back in the league and Facey one of the most skilled CD in the league. Calle has left me cold. Just don’t think he offers much.

      • Andrew Bissonette

        You are out of your fucking mind if you think Facey is one of the best CBs and Angelino the best fullback in the league. You guys will not go anywhere next year without addressing your terrible defense.

        • Anonymous

          He didn’t say that Angelino was the best fullback in the league. He said that Angelino was the most dynamic fullback in the league, to which I’m inclined to agree.

          I think that NYCFC will be fine even without any major defensive changes because defense across the entire league is atrocious as a whole. I think at this point, there are other areas that are holding the team back more than the defensive line.

          • slowleftarm

            MLS fans have this mindset – that somehow defense isn’t important – far more than fans in an other countries. I don’t understand this mindset because, frankly, it’s wrong. Maybe it’s just because I’ve spent the past few seasons watching Henry’s great work being wasted by RBNY’s shitshow defense. RBNY’s defense is much better this year although I still think that’s the team’s biggest area of need and somewhere I hope they look to upgrade in future.

            • John

              You need to build a team through the back a solid goalie and strong back four go a long way in winning games. NYCFC back line has been awful this need to gape the main priority going forward.

              Mena is a below average player , he lacks speed and he has a terrible time going to his right and his ball control is poor. So if Facey and Angelino stay you still a need a central defender and other back.

            • Anonymous

              It’s not that defense isn’t important. Of course, it’s always better to have a good defense than a bad one. But when everyone else’s defense sucks, it becomes less critical to improve since you’re already performing about average on that end. I understand how a bad defense can squander offensive brilliance, but a good defense means squat when you’re not producing offensively and NYCFC is not producing offensively.

              Take a look around the league and you’ll realize that an MLS defense is ultimately not going to stop the Kamaras, Giovincos, and Drogbas (or even BWP’s) in most instances. There’s an imbalance between offensive and defensive talent across the league and unless you want to sacrifice your offensive capabilities and spend your DP slots on defensive players, it probably won’t make a huge difference in closing that gap.

              Angelino and Facey are more than good enough to serve on NYCFC’s back line. Both of them are above average defenders in this ****-defense league. Realistically, who would you replace them with?

              I think NYCFC needs to approach the next season with minimal roster changes and an emphasis on getting people used to working with each other. On both ends of the field, the team is not lacking in talent. Their main problem has come down to a lack of communication and familiarity between the players (caused by plenty of factors). Of course it won’t happen (knee-jerk reactions seem to be the City way), but it would be nice to see if NYCFC can unlock the actual potential of the current line-up before freaking out and perpetuating the problem by making a bunch of moves and getting more players that are even less used to working together in a cohesive system.

        • BleedingRed

          Andrew, from one RedBull fan to the next, allow me to quote a lesson from Napoleon. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

          • Andrew Bissonette

            Good point.