Red Bull II Drop 1-0 Decision to Richmond at Red Bull Arena


USL Beat Writer

It was a not-so-sweet homecoming for Red Bull II as the Richmond Kickers handed New York their second loss of the season, 1-0, remaining undefeated on the season.

An ugly game with inconsistent passing saw the Kickers score the only goal of the game off of a penalty kick conversion by Brian Ownby. New York attempted to battle back late but once again found goals hard to come by.

“We looked a little slow today, maybe the short week, we played Saturday and then Wednesday, but Richmond did the same,” RBNYII head coach John Wolyniec said. “They just managed themselves in the game a little better than we did.

“Overall, we’re a bit disappointed. You want to win at home, but playing against an undefeated team, an experienced team that consistently has success in the league, they were just less naïve than we were.”

The first half was a mess of errant passes and rough first touches for both teams. New York seemed to settle down by the 15th minute and controlled the rest of the half with Richmond seemingly content with rushing off of the counterattack.

Despite having Anatole Abang for the second straight game, scoring continued to be an issue as a series of opportunities fell by the wayside. New York’s best chance in the first half came when Abang was served a tremendous ball through the middle of the field where it appeared he was one on one with goalkeeper Travis Worra. By the time he managed to pass him, Richmond’s defense was able to track back and keep the opportunity from leading to a goal.

The second half saw New York lose much of the high-tempo momentum they created in the first half. Richmond switched gears and forced Red Bull II into several bad passes. One such pass put goalkeeper Castano on the back foot and lead to giving away his second penalty kick of the season. Castano was not carded, but his punishment came in the only goal of the game when Ownby beat the young keeper, tricking him to the right side of the net.

New York’s next game will see them travel for their second road game. This time they will play Rochester in upstate New York. The game will be a fast turnaround as New York will play two games in less than seven days.

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    I’ll continue to assume that attendance hasn’t been going well for most USL teams, as I have yet to see celebatory post we were all treated to on a wkly basis last year.