David Villa defends NYCFC home shirt, Manchester City connections


David Villa was front and center as New York City FC unveiled their home kit early last month.

He was also the picture-boy for a deluge of bad press as the kit was resoundingly trashed by local, national and global media outlets for its near-identical look to the Manchester City shirt.

The reaction was surprising to the NYCFC DP.

“Obviously we are the same group, so a big difference was not going to happen,” Villa told EOS at an NYCFC fan event this week.

The NYCFC home offering was always expected to be based off of their mother-club’s “sky blue” hue.  The design resemblance, however, came as a shock.  White trim aside, the shirt looked and felt just like the Manchester City home offering, barring a small subway tile mosaic at its bottom left corner.  The identical nature of the shirt immediately spawned an avalanche of criticism, particularly in the context of Major League Soccer’s freshly failed Chivas USA experiment.

Fears of a similar situation in New York City have abounded since Manchester was named the new ownership group for the 20th MLS franchise, and the shirt offering did little to ease those fears.

“Those who know this project understand why the shirt is similar to that of Manchester,” argues Villa.  “Those who speak about this without understanding what this project is will say it’s the same as Manchester City. Obviously it’s the same; we are the same club, we are the same global group.

“Those that know this project look at things the other way,” he continued.  “This is a perfect kit for football and beautiful for what it represents. Not just what it represents with this club but with this group on a global scale.”

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  • Anonymous

    Nothing like your own player sticking a nail into that coffin,not the final nail, but well on it’s way.

  • Honor Killing FC

    That really wasn’t helpful, David

  • rafael borrero

    Its the NY Chivas, English version!

  • Luis

    Idk what they expected after what happened in Melbourne.

  • Andrew

    He’s right, being related should have come with the expectation that there was going to be similarities. But not identical jerseys!

    I think all they had to do was incorporate some orange, perhaps instead of the white stripes.That would resonate more with NYC, and would still be distinctive enough for one to say, “OK, they’re similar, not identical.”

  • NY Citizen

    I don’t understand why there’s this weird obsession with what the shirt and kit looks like?! All that really matters is whether the NYCFC team can add some new and worthy playing quality to the MLS! NYCFC’s shirt is NOT identical to MCFC’s shirt, since it is a classic Adidas brand shirt, while the MCFC shirts have a typical NIKE brand look to them. Building a global brand with recognition wasn’t condemned by all of you, when Red Bull plastered the same exact logo and look on all their global team kits! NYCFC is a very welcome addition and they will actually be playing in New York, instead of New Jersey, thereby helping the NY economy.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get the obsession either. The ownership group seems to be dedicated to soccer and is willing to back it with quality players and provide New York with a world class experience. Would you rather have a team owned by an NFL ownership group and treat it like a stepchild that is secondary to their NFL team? This is the case in New England, Atlanta, and likely the case for a future Minnesota team that will be owned by the Vikings. At least the ownership group for NYC are primarily soccer fans. Get over yourselves.
      By the way, Manchester City is a better team and has more tradition than New York does. Count yourselves lucky to have this heritage. Outside of this, the only heritage that New York really has in terms of soccer is the Cosmos, which were great at one time and hopefully can continue to elevate, and the Metrostars/RedBulls (give me a break). Too much whining.

  • Samantha leach

    Yes the kit resembles Manchester City home kit as we set up the team. I will follow man city and will buy nycfc t-shirts in the Man City supporters shop. Which is situated at the etihad stadium who also sponsor you

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