Despite verbal agreement, Red Bulls recall Cosmos’ Lade for CCL


Your word is your bond — unless it falls within the realm of professional football.

Despite a verbal agreement between both the New York Red Bulls and the Cosmos in September to end Lade’s MLS club recalls, the Red Bulls summoned their homegrown player for a meaningless midweek CONCACAF Champions League match against the Montreal Impact. This, just three days after Lade put in 90 minutes for the Cosmos at Minnesota.

“I stand in what I believe for sure, that a verbal agreement is even more of an agreement than any written agreement,” Savarese said during his weekly teleconference. “That is how I live. That is what I believe. That is what the Cosmos do.”

While that is the Venezuelan’s stance, Savarese seemed distinctly unaffected and matter-of-fact by the Red Bulls decision to recall Lade.

“I don’t expect anybody to be the same or any organization to be the same but at the moment, this is the reality, and we have to battle that reality. That is all.

“Connor Lade has been asked back to play this match this coming Wednesday,” Savarese said. “Unfortunately he is not our player. He is on loan so certain things we cannot have control of at this moment. In fact he is training with Red Bull and will participate in the game tomorrow.”

The last time Lade donned a Red Bull uniform, he was part of the starting XI that gathered in Canada to face the Montreal Impact on the away leg of their CCL series. While arguably the Red Bulls’ best performer on the evening, a harsh called second yellow cut his night short, forcing him to miss the return leg against CD FAS in El Salvador. With their CCL hopes dashed, Lade will likely return to the midfield, leading a Red Bull reserve side against Montreal at Red Bull Arena this Wednesday.

While Lade struggled for minutes and recognition with the Red Bulls, he has flourished under the Cosmos umbrella, starting four matches and logging 360 minutes. The St. John’s product has become a vital part of the team’s wing-heavy attack as well, challenging Cosmos favorites Diomar Diaz, Jemal Johnson and local product David Diosa for starting minutes.

Savarese did not make clear just how long Lade would stay with the Red Bulls, but left the possibility open that the young midfielder could join them through this weekend’s match against Sporting KC.

  • Anthony J. Merced

    I feel like everyone learns this lesson the hard way. Never do business unless it’s in writing.

  • Stopher

    I like having Lade but this is ridiculous. Cosmos should refuse to have him back.

  • Patrick

    Petke the slimiest coward of a manager, I can’t believe the South Ward made a banner for him.

  • Marco

    I don’t get the bellyaching. He’s under contract with the Red Bulls. He’s a Red Bulls player. He’s on loan to the Cosmos. The Red Bulls want to see him in action again and this might decide Lade’s fate as a first division player next year. Lade should be happy for the chance to play for his contract owners again this season and prove his value and Giovanni Savarese should get over it. Savarese and the Red Bulls parted badly and Savarese still holds a grudge. Too bad.

  • Sam U El

    Meh… It’s a non-issue at this point. The Cosmos canceled the loan so Lade can enjoy the rest of his ride on the Red Bulls train wreck.

  • Things change. So you negatively impact your team and the potential player by cancelling the loan?

    • Anonymous

      When you send a player out on a season long, you are not supposed to recall him until after the season is over , or negotiate a permanent transfer. Redbulls recalled Lade earlier in the season for a game and are now doing it again after saying they wouldn’t for a meaningless ccl game . Very unprofessional and honestly pathetic. Can you imagine when Seattle loaned Fredy Montero to Sporting Lisbon if they recalled him twice for meaningless ****, Lisbon would have cancelled that loan as well and never would have done biz with Seattle again. Cosmos will never take a loan from RBNY again