Despite report, NYCFC have not closed deal on Rockland site – yet



Moments after publishing a Rockland County Times report claiming the purchase of land by New York City FC, EoS has learned the process is not as far along as originally reported.

New information reveals that the club has not purchased the land, but instead, have met approvals necessary for the “option to buy” land on Orangetown’s Psychiatric Center property.

We are in the process of completing due diligence on a site in Orangeburg to determine whether it would be suitable as a training facility,” NYCFC spokesperson Risa Heller tells EoS. “We look forward to further consultation with local officials.”

Current private firm STEJ Corporation has owned operational rights over the land for the past 11 years. Their original vision for the space called for a public multi-use sports facility that would house both indoor and outdoor sports, including a large pool area. The facility would also have shared land on the almost 50-acre site with the New York State Department of Mental Health, sharing common spaces like parkland and parking.

That proposal never came to pass.

In order for NYCFC to consider the land option, the Town Board needed to remove all binding rights and agreements from the original STEJ deal, turning this once promising public recreation center proposal to a non-binding deal that would allow for the private use of the land for a potential training ground.

That vote passed unanimously, paving the way for NYCFC to make their move.

If NYCFC does pull the trigger, the land will house offices, training amenities, a full sized grass soccer field and a half sized grass soccer field. This is believed to be the club’s preferred training ground option.