Despite Roster Shakeup, Red Bulls Still ‘Not Good Enough’



After the Red Bulls were shutout for their third match in a row and 5th time in this young MLS season, goalkeeper Luis Robles assessed the situation quite frankly.

“Well losing is tough, especially when you keep losing games the way that we do,” he said. “So from our standpoint, belief has something to do with it — but there’s also more. There’s more than just belief and right now we just have to be honest with ourselves from the standpoint of our effort and the quality is just not what we’re capable of.

“Its not good enough.”

With Dax McCarty, Sacha Kljestan, Bradley Wright-Phillips, and Mike Grella all on the bench, the Red Bulls featured a much younger squad. Part of the reason for this was roster rotation. However, there was a feeling that head coach Jesse Marsch was rolling the dice to see if a different look would spark something in the attack.

Instead, the Red Bulls found themselves in an all too familiar position. Although the chances were there, and a New York starting XI that featured 17-year-old Tyler Adams, Sean Davis and striker Anatole Abang had controlled the tempo of the game, San Jose had come out of the half with the lead.

“Yeah, the game was there for us; and I sound like a broken record because we’ve been in this situation with almost every game and we’ve managed to allow it to slip through our fingers,” Marsch stated.

Defender Connor Lade echoed his coaches sentiments.

“It was a disappointing result for us. Really not happy right now. We know we’re a better team than the way we’re playing. The results we’ve been having, they’ve kind of showed how we’ve been performing. We know it’s not good enough and we’ve got to figure it out and find ways to get back to the way we know how to play.”

A losing streak can weigh on any club. With another match coming Saturday against the Colorado Rapids, New York can ill afford to dwell too long on recent results.

Marsch called on his players to have courage in tough times.

“When you get in these ruts its can feel like it’s a long period of time that you’re dealing with and there’s no one specific answer to get out of a rut when you’re in a situation like this,” he said. “It just takes guys to go on the field and play brave and play with belief and I can tell the team that I have belief in them all until I’m blue in my face but its up to them to now believe in that, its up to them to believe in themselves and now we need to step on the field and see more good performances.”

The Red Bulls continue their MLS regular season schedule on Saturday, facing the Colorado Rapids at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

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  • Dummy

    This is a really , really poor team.
    Last year was a big fluke.

    • Red Bull Fighter

      Tell me about it. I shouldn’t have nenewed my season tickets. This is a pathetic JOKE of a team. Done with this group.

    • slowleftarm

      LOL yeah the 34 game season where they were the best team in the league was a fluke and the bad 6 game run is the real thing. Sounds like a couple of Cosmos fans posing as upset RBNY supporters. Probably William.

      • Red Bull Fighter

        6 games is a lot slow. I dunno what are the explainations for this ? its not going well.

        • slowleftarm

          Doesn’t matter – you’re “done” after six games so what difference does it make?

          • Jack E. Levin

            You are so bitchy lately. Maybe you should go get your nails done or something ?

            • slowfrontallobe

              lately??? i doubt even a manny-peddy would help at this point. classic repression symptoms.

      • Dummy

        Im wrong. This is a super team.
        You’ve changed my mind.
        Cant wait to see the next time they score zero goals. This is exciting to watch!!

  • MTF

    This is a team that is having everything that could go wrong actually go wrong at the same time. Complete inability to score (BWP can’t even convert a PK). Lost Miazga probably a year earlier than they would have liked which added insult to the Perrinelle injury. Injuries to Veron (who looked like a difference maker in preseason) and Baah (who looked like a solid pick-up once he learns how to play in MLS) leaving the defense completely depleted. Dax, Sacha, Grella and Sam all looking like they’ve lost a step or two. They needed to squeak out some results until they get some injured players back, but it’s not happening. The goal is to make the playoffs. If they win two of the next three they’re right back in it (thank you MLS!), but unless they break out of their major scoring slump that doesn’t look likely. One bright spot I can see is that Marsch will continue to ‘bleed in’ some of the youth as he did last night with Adams and Davis.

    Looking at the team realistically, their choice to remain relatively quiet in the transfer market has backfired. Perhaps it’s because Ali and Marsch said this was a five year plan and so the focus was on signing Academy talent and not necessarily finding a big time replacement for Miazga plus that ever elusive #10. Problem is winning a Supporters’ Shield in year one set expectations very high. Again, looking at the last three years objectively this club won a Supporters’ Shield, then made a conference final, then won another Supporters’ Shield and again made the conference final. Perhaps this is the down slope and the rebuilding needs to begin. Too bad they didn’t finally win an MLS Cup during this run.

  • Don garber

    This is my model. They are a success!!!!

  • Bleeker Street

    They need to invest in the team period. The biggest draw for players about the Red Bulls in my view is the opportunity to live in the states. Red Bull Arena is probably the best stadium in the MLS.

    BWP is past his prime and let’s face it, my mom could score 27 in a season with Henry feeding her the ball.

    NYRB are not going to go out and sign superstars as let’s face it, it’s the MLS, however they need some decent players. Look at Gignac in Mexico after leaving Ligue 1. There are players similar to him in Brazil, Argentina etc that will jump at the chance to live in the US. Abang will be better in a few more years, but the Red Bulls need a proven goal threat and perhaps another CAM upfront to create some chances.

    Bring in another proven defender who doesn’t mind rotating and add some depth to the squad.

    A lot of the team are playing quite well in some areas and against the quakes at times made some good plays however the NYRB need a proven creative goal threat, not a poacher who can’t convert penalties.

  • EPL !!!!

    But when is it ever good enough the SS is not enuff to show you are a global soccer power.