Details behind Hunter Freeman’s move to Miami FC



It may not have been Richie Ryan or Poku-type money, but Miami FC still paid a pretty penny to lure Hunter Freeman to the Sunshine State.

After speaking to multiple sources, EoS has learned the details behind Freeman’s move from the New York Cosmos to Miami FC.

The New York Cosmos received $150k in compensation for the veteran back — a massive amount in the context of the NASL, but a fee that pales in comparison to recent high-priced Miami acquisitions. That may be attributed to several factors, including the revelation that Miami negotiated directly with Freeman prior to speaking to the Cosmos about the move.

As Cosmos boss Giovanni Savarese stated, Freeman will also receive a nice bump in salary with Miami. Freeman’s base salary with the Cosmos ranged from $85-90k, with a total compensation package near $110k. With Miami, Freeman is set to nearly double his salary, with his base payment and additional compensation pushing him near the $180-190k mark. That wage will be honored from the Fall season, forward.

To put that salary in perspective, the now 31-year-old Freeman earned $160.8k for Houston in 2011 and $110k for Colorado in 2012, making his move to Miami the largest payout of his domestic career. Freeman will live out the length of his former Cosmos deal, which ran through 2017. However, Miami have added an option for 2018 as well.

Freeman is the final piece from a busy summer in Miami that included the acquisition of Ryan, Poku, Gabriel Farfan and Michael Lahoud.

The Cosmos are currently atop the Fall season table [8W-3D-2L, 27 pts.] with Miami FC in fifth place [5W-4D-2L, 19 pts.]. However, the South Florida side holds two games in hand on the table leader, putting them within mathematical reach of the Fall crown.


  • James

    Well with Freeman still having over a year left on his contract we now know Miami violated the rules. Maimi and NASL better hope FIFA doesn’t come down on them hard.

    • OpenCupFan

      What’s the rule? Where is documented, this rule? Not being snarky here, genuinely don’t understand the rules for this when dealing with INDEPENDENT clubs.

      • James

        The FIFA rule states a team can only approach and negotiate with a player without contacting their team when they’re in the last 6 months of their contract (which Freeman wasn’t). This is a very serious oversight by Maimi because if FIFA finds out they can if they wanted to pull NASL’s sanctioning. So hopefully the league looks into it and gets this straightened out.

        • OpenCupFan

          Thanks, do you know where to find a copy of this rule? I think this whole thing is fascinating.

  • Anthony

    Let him go we don’t need him.

  • slowleftarm

    Wow, Miami has cornered the market on MLS rejects. What are they going to do when an actual MLS team comes to town? Fold, I guess.

    • slowlefttroll

      At least these guys are playing. You are a minor league TROLL!

      • Larry\\\’s A Simpleton

        I agree with that ! WE OWN NY !!!

  • rest of world

    I think the cosmos will be fine.
    Shady of Miami, but not a big loss in the grand scheme of things.
    Thank you and goodbye