Dialogue over stadium construction at infancy stage between De Blasio, NYC FC

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If NYC FC plan on calling New York City their permanent home, they need to establish a conversation about stadium construction with Mayor Bill De Blasio and his newly installed team at City Hall.

While there is a dialogue, it is clearly in it’s infancy stage.

“There has been dialogue,” Yankee President Randy Levine reveals. “The process, there will be a dialogue, and that dialogue with Mayor De Blasio, or wherever the stadium happens, will be separate and apart from [Yankee Stadium].

“Mayor De Blasio is new,” he continues. “He has a new team. We will talk to him. There has not been dialogue with him on a serious level yet. We want to give him the chance to get acclimated.”

Of course, the New York Yankees know a thing or two about building a stadium within the five boroughs. After all, it takes quite a bit of political and economic know-how to sell the idea of tearing down a celebrated landmark like the original Yankee Stadium for a larger, more elaborate arena.

Those were also different times. The political climate has changed dramatically. Two pro-business administrations, led by Mayors Rudolph Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg, have made way for a more government-centric regime under Mayor Bill De Blasio. Thus far, the new leadership has offered little in the way of opinion about the stadium other than to say tax breaks and public subsidies for construction are non-starters.

Even as the past two administrations have been more supportive of a public effort for construction, the process wasn’t an easy sell. Giuliani helped push both the Yankee and Mets’ efforts for new stadium construction by sneaking in an approval to each project, with tax payer subsidies included, on his final day in office. That was 2001. The Yankees would not break ground until 2006.

Patience, then, is a virtue Levine learned early in those efforts, and it is an experience guiding NYC FC in their stadium search today. Regardless of the political climate, NYC FC will take a deliberate stance in exploring options within the five boroughs before entertaining anything outside of the city.

“The practicality of it, it takes time to make a new stadium deal, to go through the processes, but we don’t have any time limit on this,” Levine assured. “[Yankee Stadium] is going to be the home of New York City Football Club until there is another home.”

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  • Pele

    start looking out side the city nycHIV POSITIVE FC

    nyc is cosmos green

    • Bronx Boy

      don’t you mean Long Island bro ;) Cmon NYCFC

  • 2001-2016 discussion for Yankee Stadium if NYCFC gets theirs in half that time it will still be close to 8 years, is that 8 years in Yankee Stadium ? Ouch, good luck with that.

    • It was a typo, Yankee Stadium broke ground in 2006, the stadium already opened.

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    • Bronx Boy

      Think in the end they’ll oil the wheels and get it done in the Bronx, which makes the most sense at this point.

      That said, I don’t think the crew from Abu Dhabi will be too amenable to hard-ball frankly, this is WAY down the list of priorities for them and with the Yankees scared they’ll be bought out by the Al-Nahyan and shipped to North Dakota if the deal goes awry they’ve get however long they need in Yankee Stadium

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