Didier Drogba not retiring after all



Despite reports that he would retire to join Chelsea’s coaching staff, Didier Drogba appears intent on playing out his contract with the Montreal Impact.

A report by L’Equipe early in January suggested that the Ivorian striker was set to return to Chelsea, with the Impact merely hoping to receive something in return for breaking his contract. Drogba denied this report at the time, but his status has remained up in the air until now.

As Montreal begins their pre-season training, both the club and Drogba say that he plans to join them next month. Drogba is currently training in Qatar and will meet up with the Impact when they play pre-season matches in Florida.

The midseason signing of Drogba last summer was a boon for Montreal both on and off the field. He scored 11 goals in 11 games, and helped the club to a string of sellouts after early-season attendance woes. He will turn 38 in March, but the Impact were very invested in ensuring his return.

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  • Larry’s Pet Monkey

    Look at that dedbull nj capacity crowd in background.
    20 years of fabulous crowds.
    MLS hard at work on behalf of US soccer fans.

    • RedBullOut

      I’m with you. It’s very perplexing. Though it was a mid week game and those are really, if rarely, ever have been over 15k even before Red Bull came.

  • Mrs. Garber

    I grew up watching soccer in the New York metro area. I was lucky enough attend cosmos games in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Say what you will about them, it was a time the area was buzzing about soccer. A tailgate party consisted of 60-70,000 of your closest soccer friends.

    NY metro area needs to be a bigger focus of MLS, something is still way off after 20 + years.

    MLS did not invent soccer in the US and it’s definitely not doing a good job of creating awareness at the local level or aligning with the needs of the national team (like every other soccer league in the world).

    Need a new direction/focus quickly. If hockey has more interest in the area than soccer…we are all in big trouble.

    • Cosmos

      MLS and garber are heading to 32 teams and NYC will not have 3 teams and cosmos need to do something.
      Cosmos is a huge identity in the soccer world and if they join MLS, they will be the most known team in the MLS.
      Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against nycfc or red bull, but red bull needs a real New York identity.
      It’s just sad to see a huge market team like red bull with no championships, no stars, no connection to the outside world of soccer and no consecutive sell outs.

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