Home Disadvantage: Cosmos forfeit home field in USOC quarters

Mendes Savarese Senna Cosmos

If you ever needed an example of why the New York Cosmos are desperately seeking a soccer specific home, look no further than the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open Cup.

The U.S. Soccer Federation announced the NASL Spring Champions have forfeited their hosting rights in the next round of the Open Cup tournament. Why? Because there is no availability for a match on their home grounds — or the surrounding area.

“Both Hofstra and MCU Park unfortunately have scheduling conflicts,” a Cosmos spokesman tells EoS. “Our third choice of St. John’s is available. However, the size of the facility would be inadequate for the Open Cup Quarterfinals.”

The Cosmos face the New York Red Bulls this Wednesday at Red Bull Arena. If they win, they will go on to face the winner of DC United and the Philadelphia Union on the road. If the Union win that encounter, the Cosmos will once again be staring at another rematch of the 2014 Open Cup run where they were ousted at PPL Park by Philadelphia.The Cosmos faced Red Bull last year, taking an impressive 3-0 victory against their cross-state rivals.

The Cosmos are in the market for a home stadium, but continue to wait word on the Empire State Development Corporation for approval on a multimillion dollar bid to revitalize a long forgotten strip of prime real estate in the downtrodden Elmont area. A 25,000 seat stadium would stand in the heart of a local reconstruction project that promises to build a hotel, restaurant row and park land for the local community.

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  • chepe

    Giants stadium ?

    • Realist

      Randall’s island, mets stadium,giants, rent red bull arena, pier, make a stadium like whitecaps did.
      Poor cosmos, will they ever just wake up and move into MLS.

  • OpenCupFan

    This is really unfortunate for mls, they lose this built in excuse for getting stomped by the Cosmos.

  • The Green Bastard

    The Cosmos Belmont Project needs an answer yes or no. If no, it’s time to move on. Waiting in limbo is no longer an option.

    • Joey

      I think I have a crazy hypothesis on why a decision hasn’t been announced by the Empire State Development Corporation. There were talks of the OTB (Off-Track Betting) being interested in the Elmont, after they get a cold shoulder in Westbury. Since the submission of plans was done prior to the rejection, the OTB were never in consideration for Elmont. I don’t know what kind of plan they could offer for the site, that would make it better than the ones already proposed, but the ESDC may simply want to redo the whole bidding process and I don’t think they can scrap the current proposals. What I think they can do and are attempting to do is stall, so that any one of the current proposers back out, which I believe cancels the whole process and has to be opened up again for new proposals. This would allow the OTB and maybe other groups to throw in new proposals.

      This is actually may third or fourth hypothesis on why a decision hasn’t been made yet. The first was they needed time to make sure all the proposals were feasible. The second was to wait for Cuomo to get reelected, so that he could push for a proposal without worry of a voter backlash. The third was the decision makers were waiting for behind the scenes deals to help influence the decision. Now, I just think they would the current quo to end by hoping one of the proposers back out. Call me crazy, but this whole wait doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not that hard to pick the best proposal and make a decision. There is something holding this up and it’s a bit shady and no one is talking.

      • Realist

        If cosmos fans want a stadium for their team, then I have a suggestion, invade red bull arena of green and show they still got fans and support.
        Take flags,banners,many kind of Tifo. Wear green and show support :)

      • jimbo

        This is Nassau County. It’s something shady, or stupid, or more likely both.

  • Anonymous

    Simple. Think outside of the box. GO HERE (capacity 15,000)


    Beautiful, accessible, parking, in the heart of soccer community.

    • Scott

      Beautiful stadium. Not right for the Cosmos though. It would only be bigger in size then Hofstra. The Cosmos would be looked down upon even more for playing here.

  • DanGerman

    Cosmos need to forget Elmont and try to find someplace else to play after this season. MCU would be better then Hofstra by a mile. Then they have time to come up with another plan to build a stadium somewhere.

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