Marsch disappointed by Red Bulls effort in Toronto loss



TORONTO – The New York Red Bulls were supposed to take three points against a weakened Toronto FC side on Wednesday evening.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, New York fell to one of their most devastating defeats of the season, unable to unlock a strong Toronto FC side and falling short of their chase for the top spot in the Eastern Conference and Supporters’ Shield races.

For Red Bulls coach Jesse Marsch, the reason for the defeat was simple; Toronto simply wanted it more.

“We lacked a lot of urgency, desire, the ability to pick up second balls, ability to fight and the turf played very fast tonight and it was hard to get the game under control. What it came down to was who was able to pick up all the loose balls, who was able to grind out the plays and we came in second so many times tonight,” Marsch said. “So credit to Toronto but very disappointing from us because this is the first time all year I feel this has been the case so at this point in the season to not understand what big games are like, it’s disappointing from us.”
New York were without key players of their own. Matt Miazga continues to serve out his suspension and Lloyd Sam was given a break after playing the night before with Ghana. Both starters made way for Ronald Zubar and Gonzalo Veron. Both players struggled on the evening with Zubar falling victim to both Toronto goals and Veron simply unable to ignite the New York offense.
Both players we demonstrably out of sync in the match, but Marsch isn’t pointing fingers in their direction.
“No I would not single any one person out tonight,” he said. “I would single out everybody! I would say that every single guy that started tonight was not good enough, 11 guys were not good enough and it led to our downfall.”
The result further adds to a rare funk for the usually dominant New York side. The Red Bulls are now 3-3 in their last six; a far cry from their strong performances throughout the year. They now face Philadelphia this weekend in their final match at Red Bull Arena, hoping to get their act together for their final Conference and Shield push.
“Well it is good that we have a quick turn around so we had better get ourselves straight and get our minds straight as we have lot to play for,” Marsch said. “We need to physically get through the next few days and get ready for another huge game on Sunday.”


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  • Well that makes 2 of us. Red Bulls laid an egg.

    Agree with this – I would say that every single guy that started tonight was not good enough, 11 guys were not good enough and it led to our downfall.”

  • Under the bus.

    Yeah, it’s ALL the players Jesse. Maybe YOU don’t have the right stuff to get them prepared in the stretch run. Losses to Chicago, New England, Orlando and Toronto. Not good.

    • William

      they are a complete disaster right now where is the great D ?

      • slowleftarm

        LOL…yes top of the league – what a disaster. If you want to see a real trainwreck, take a look at the minor league team out in Hempstead.

        • William

          lolololol 6 championships and counting how many do u have ?

          • slowleftarm

            6? That minor league outfit only started up 2 years ago!

            • William

              u have a minor league brain followed by a minor league existence u pathetic excuse for a human being

              • slowleftarm

                Damn, they don’t call this loser “Angry Bill” for nothing.

                • William

                  actually u are the fake fan and loser they call u SLOW the ******* of the Metrostar fans u effin loser.

                  • Brad

                    William you’re a total loser. The world laughs at you.

      • troll gonna troll

        • William

          ok champ enjoy another failure of a season what a loser u r

          • tasty hate from William – lol

      • 2/4 starters on defense were out , 3/4 if you count zubar as a defender

        whenever the redbulls lose the haters come out of the woodwork

    • Driving the Bus

      We’re #1 in the East, we got there with ALL the players and Jesse. Pretty twaty of you to call out Marsch.

  • Perspective

    The East sucks and the schedule is unbalanced. 24 games v bad East teams. 10 v west with only 3 wins v west. NYRB plays Toronto, Chicago, Philly and Orlando more than they play the entire west. And the lost to each of these lowly east teams.

    • slowleftarm

      True, the imbalanced schedule makes the SS an imperfect method of determining the best team but it’s still better than MLS Cup for doing so. Btw, FC Dallas lost 4-0 home to Colorado (and drew their two other games with Colorado), also lost to Chicago and lost to Montreal. LA lost to Orlando (4-0), Houston, San Jose and RSL. Point is – you can pick holes in any team’s results because MLS has excessive parity.

      • William

        hahahahahaah it wont matter u will go home the loser and the losers the Harrison Metrostars will always be.

        • 5 Boroughs SC

          What’s the matter, you mad that Raul realized he made a mistake and can’t wait to run from your minor league outfit?

  • BleekerStreet

    The red bulls despite being top of the shield and east at the moment just don’t have the players with euro/intl experience.

    The first Toronto goal should have been cleared by Robles, and the second whilst hyped about Giovinco, he really should have been tackled at the top of the box and if you saw the replay Zubar was crossed over and just gave up.

    Bottom line is this squad needs attacking and more defensive depth.

    Personally I would like to see 2-3 euro/intl players in the spine of the team to go toe to toe with the euro players coming too the league.

    All the Red bulls can do now is win the final two games and hope Dallas choke. Unlikely but stranger things have happened.

    • a. If FCD and RBNY both win out, RBNY takes it on goal differential. Dallas needs to make up 4 goals, which is possible, but unlikely.

      b. I’d rather see more African or Latin American players.

    • What????
      euro/intl players – what do you think Zubar, Perinelle, Maizga, Sach Felipe and BWP are if not Euro and Intl players.
      if buy Euro Intl players you mean big names? lol
      as paul shows below you don’t even read the standings! duh

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