Public meeting set to discuss Cosmos’ Stadium proposal


It looks like the New York Cosmos aren’t the only ones getting antsy over the status of their Elmont bid.

According to Newsday, the Elmont Union-Free and Floral Park-Bellerose School Districts will be hosting a public meeting on the merits of the Cosmos’ “Elmont Town Crossings” proposal.

Both school districts have thrown their political weight behind the Cosmos’ bid which was submitted back in November of 2013 and remains in consideration — despite the Empire State Development Corporation’s inability to award the nearly three-year-old RFP.

“We have waited long enough,” Elmont school board president Michael Jaime tells Newsday. “The political debate about this project has gone on too long.”

Cosmos officials, along with leading area real estate agents, will be taking questions during the event, talking about the economic impact of the proposed bid.

The Cosmos proposal offers a 25,000 seat stadium at the heart of their urban revitalization plan which would bring a hotel, restaurants and public playing fields to the under-developed Elmont area. The plan, which is privately funded by the Cosmos to the tune of $400 million, will act as a compliment to the Belmont Racetrack to make the area a year-long attraction.

Recently, Nassau Off-Track Betting Corp. was reportedly looking into the site for their own development purposes. However, it remains unclear whether the organization sought the proposed state land or another sliver of property within the small Elmont district.

The forum will be held at 7 p.m. on May 7, at Sewanhaka Central High School.


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  • Willy wonka

    How is this suppose to help the stadium bid? Just bride the politicians before nycfc does.
    If you have the money, why not look else where, like Brooklyn or queens.
    Get over this site and go look cosmos but Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy red bull or, how about pay rent at mets stadium or MetLife stadium for 2 years and gain momentum and then find a better site.
    Also Dont make an MLS team mistake in making a stadium in a bad location. If you have the money, go look around.
    Any comments on the cosmos stadium location, good, bad, not so bad or perfect. Any info on nycfc stadium. I have a feeling nycfc will end up in Brooklyn, am I right.

    • Resguard

      The elmont site is probably the best spot available in NY it has easy access from the city and the island, it is in no way a bad location.

      • Willy wonka

        So we talking about Long Island cosmos, which would provoke a red bull type of joke.
        If you have the money then go to Brooklyn next to Barclays.

        • Hep

          The Cosmos want Queens and Long Island. Brooklyn’s awful to get to from those locations. Plus, hipsters.

        • Resguard

          You must not be from NY… Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island, though they are boroughs of NYC, Elmont is is right on the boarder that literally across the street is Queens. Brooklyn is a terrible location, as stated, also it would not be like the Red Bulls thing because they are the New York Cosmos as long as they are in the State of NY they aren’t lying, while the New York Red Bulls are in New Jersey… see where that went..

          • Jameson Pester

            See where that went? It went to the only soccer stadium in the Tri-State area and one of the best nationwide. The only team that kept the candle of pro soccer lit here for almost two decades. The team that has maintained a solid fanbase for 20 seasons. The team that has one of the best records (and probably the best home record) of any in MLS these last few years. The team that is the last undefeated team in the league in 2015.

            Yes, truly the Red Bulls are doing terribly because of New Jersey, while City and Cosmos are doing great in their New York “homes”.

        • Jameson Pester

          Who cares about location jokes? It’s probably the laziest possible way to diss a team. Tons of pro sports teams don’t actually play within the boundaries of the city they’re billed from. It doesn’t really matter. Besides, Harrison and Elmont are both way more accessible than a lot of the other stadiums in American soccer. A Cosmos fan would have to be stupid to not want a stadium built in Elmont just because of what some punk-ass borough snob might say. The NYC metro is a lot bigger than just the five boroughs and a real soccer stadium beats playing on a chunk of a baseball diamond any day.

          There’s more at play here than just cash. You can’t just plunk down money and start building near Barclays. Getting a stadium built in NYC is not easy. Don’t you think NYRB would have liked to build RBA in the city limits if they could? They have money too, but it’s not that simple. Don’t be surprised if NYCFC end up in Westchester after languishing in Yankee Stadium for several years.

          • Ali is my man

            Spot on

  • Chepe pedos

    I hope they do get the stadium done here within the next five years …Hofstra is a good place to start , but I would rather play at giants stadium , for a couple of years . The great thing about NASL are the rules , and especially with no salary cap . So they can bring anyone they want ,to play for the team . But for now Hofstra is a great place, second option would be giants stadium

    • Jameson Pester

      Take it from a Metro fan who knows, you don’t want the Cosmos playing in Giants Stadium. They’re never going to have enough attendance to justify playing in a stadium that size unless they sign Messi and Ronaldo (and I don’t mean signing them when they’re well into their late 30s). A few thousand people in a massive stadium like that makes for a crappy soccer atmosphere.

      The Cosmos have the right game plan stadium-wise. Hofstra’s not great, but it’s the right size and the rent is probably not too expensive. It’s a good place for them to hunker down while they try to get a stadium built.

      • slowleftarm

        Giants stadium? Most of the time Hofstra is barely half full and you want to play in an 80k stadium? Truly delusional.

  • max

    They should amend to 18,000 with potential to extend to 25,000. As part of the objections to the plans was the high stands.

    Unless Cosmos intend to play in MLS with 25,000 how are they even going to half fill it in NASL?

    The key is to apease the planners to get the foot in the door and get a stadium built, then future extention will be easy.

    The Islanders moving to brooklyn should help Cosmos cause. That means 2m+ people east of Mets Citi field have no major pro-sports team.

    • max

      Make that 3m people Nassau Suffolk

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