“Right Side Of The River:” Diskerud declares NYCFC New York’s Team

NYCFC Mix Diskerud

There has been plenty of banter between fans of the New York Red Bulls and expansion side, New York City FC, but both team’s have remained relatively quiet about each other leading up to the 2015 season.

Well, that changed Tuesday afternoon.

“Right now, I just have a message for all New Yorkers: New York City FC is your team.”

Those are the words of NYCFC midfielder Mix Diskerud who addressed questions about the team’s inaugural season — and the coming Red Bulls rivalry — at a jersey release event in Times Square.

“I hate the Red Bull,” he said with a laugh.

Diskerud kept himself to playful banter. The rivalry itself, however, is no laughing matter. Major League Soccer has a major interest in the club’s success — and the derby it will create. New York City FC and the Red Bulls have consistently been attached to one another since Manchester and the Yankees ushered in Major League Soccer’s 20th franchise. That was by design, with MLS acknowledging the need to revitalize a long dormant market.

The real heat will begin when both team’s face off on the field of play.

Until then, Diskerud has no issue casting shade on his coming rival.

“I know some of the guys [at Red Bulls],” Diskerud said. “Really cool guys. And Dax [McCarty] — he is a guy I will probably hang out with a lot.

“[However] We have to create that rivalry and I think they already have something against us. It’s up to us to create that rivalry — and it already is — because we are on the right side of the river.”


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  • that picture looks like a tampon ad, but I digress – what does this guy from Norway know about NY? NY has been GREEN since 1971, NJ has been Red & Black since 1996, and last I heard skyblue was a girls team up state.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      another cosmos doofus. new has been green since 1971??? what color was it between 1984 and 2012? LMFFAO! you fanboys are so gullible!!!

  • El Paso tx Cosmo

    Let’s be honest, red bull will only survive if they freaking sell or rebrand.
    MLS needs to open their eyes and look at the green side of rebranding red bull or pressuring them to sell.
    We all know MLS will not have 3 New York teams unless something magical happens but if red bull rebrands to something like empire united, imagine all the marketing they can do with that name and many fans would jump on the boat.
    Nycfc is mancity.
    If red bull become empire united, it’s like having the Manchester derby, nycfc vs empire united and that’s like stealing lots of magic from nycfc with that name of empire united.

    • NYsoccerfan

      Empire United in NJ? Yeah, okay. Lucky no one put you in charge of marketing…

  • “We have to create that rivalry”… You don’t have to “create” anything if it’s organic, tourist.

    • Did he initially say the right side of the fjord?

  • DAVE L

    Fact of the matter is Red Bull gave NYC away. Red Bull does not understand this market and have made terrible moves lately, some of which were very bad pr. Fans leaving RBNY for NYCFC are not disloyal; their fed up. Loyalty involves choice. Now fans have a choice. For those that choose to keep swallowing what Red Bull is selling, that’s your choce. For those that don’t & move on, so be it.

    • slowleftarm

      I disagree. RBNY “fans” jumping ship for the new shiny team in the Bronx are disloyal. Being a real fan means you don’t just give up because the front office fired a coach you like. People would be changing teams left and right if that were the case.

  • slowleftarm

    What’s this guy know? This is probably the first time he’s ever been to NY.

  • Anonymous

    I mean if you look at a map, NY is on the Right of the Hudson River and NJ is one the Left. #JustSaying

  • Herb Tarlek


  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    mix! the type of player those gullible naive and dumb fauxmos fanboys can only dreeam about! oh wait, you got raul. they gonna let him take the field with his walker???

    • slowleftarm

      Good point. Pretty much every time I see that Cosmos signed someone, my first thought is “that guy still plays?”

  • TBrodie

    He’s talking about the Harlem River, right?

  • Kevin

    What happened Larry did Pele not sign your soccer ball when you were little? Is that why you cant stop yourself from commenting on the little Cosmos and everything they do. What are your thoughts about them playing in front of 22000 in California against a team neither of us ever heard of. Not a bad crowd for a friendly and a “minor league Cosmos team”

    • I’d take Sebastian Guenzatti 10 days out of 10 over Diskerud. And he’s a New Yorker who doesn’t go to Norway and say stupid things like he knows.

      • slowleftarm

        The 22k crowd shows how good the Sacramento fan base is. I don’t know why you’re bragging about that. It has nothing to do with Hempstead Cosmos. You guys are lucky to 1/5 of that in your college turf stadium. And the fact you never heard of them shows you just aren’t paying attention.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    roflmffao!!! really leo? really? lol, you and guenzatti’s mom are the only two people in the world who would make that statement. face it leo the cosmos are a failure. it kills you and the other simpleton fanboys that nycfc is everything you thought the fauxmos were going to be. embrace it leo. the sooner you realize nycfc is new yorks team and the great experiment of cosmos.3 is a failure and should have the plug pulled asap, the faster you can move on with your life.

    • Have you seen Guenzatti play? No, you haven’t. I’ve seen both. Guenzatti is considerably better.

      In terms of “moving on with your life”, you are so ashamed of your life that you hide behind anonymity. I got a life with nothing to hide.

      If you ever want to tell me who you are and meet for a beer, I will explain to you why the Borough Boys rejected NYCFC — despite desperate phone calls from Don Garber and MArk abbott asking us to reconsider. So let’s be clear, we rejected what you love because it was plastic, and was antithetical to New York itself. We are no one’s farm team, we don’t exist for the glory of someone or something else. We’re New York. We are legendary. NYCFC is Manchester, through and through, and that’s what you have chosen.

      Again, why not meet me for a beer some time? Shoot me an email, I’m easy to find. If not, you’re just another internet troll/warrior hiding behind anonymity.

      • El Paso tx Cosmo

        If you ever come to El Paso, tx I’ll be glad to show you around what a good city we are.

  • kvbt

    Hey Leo, as a New Yorker totally dispirited by bothRBNY and NYCFC (MLS messed up enormously here) I would love to embrace the Cosmos… but it’s not that appealing going to Hofstra from the city to watch matches. Are the Borough Boys still running buses from midtown to the stadium as they did the first season?

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      go cry in your beer leo. the cosmos didnt reject, they got rejected. all that plastic nonsense is just bs you and the fanboys spit out to try to convince yourselves you’re somehow noble. the cosblos and their blackout t shirts are as much a marketing ploy than any other team in pro sport. allthought where the fauxmos are concerned minor league sports.

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