Diskerud trains in Norway, expected to join NYCFC preseason


by Christian Araos

Mix Diskerud trained with Norwegian club Tromsø this week but is expected to remain with New York City FC.

The Aftenposten newspaper interviewed Diskerud after he trained with the team. Diskerud said he was impressed by the players he trained with and is off to Oslo on personal matters. He said he is enjoying his time in New York but would still entertain the idea of returning to Norway at some point in his career.

“I get to take part in establishing a new club,” Diskerud said. “That was what made me take the trip to New York. I love football and if you can help to make it even bigger then it is incredibly large.”

Diskerud is said to have visited Tromso more often in recent months but that is attributed to him entering a relationship. He said he holds a fondness for his former clubs Stabæk and Rosenberg and that it would be ‘cool’ if they are interested in signing him. Meanwhile, Tromsø head coach Bard Flovik doubts the club would make a move soon.

“He has a girlfriend from Tromso but a long deal again with New York. I guess it is a little ahead of time, possibly. One can never rule out anything, but I do not think it could happen soon.”

Diskerud said it was nice to have a Norwegian-speaking teammate in goalkeeper Eirik Johansen and has gone golfing with Andrea Pirlo who he said has learned a few Norwegian profanities for when it’s necessary. He has a guaranteed contract with NYCFC for the next two seasons.