MLS Eastern Conference Preview, Predictions

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Best offseason signing: Giovinco, by Toronto. Fans will see quickly that Giovinco is on a different level than the players this league has brought in before. Toronto benefits hugely from his early arrival:

Breakout player: Ethan Finlay, Columbus. Finlay had 11 goals and seven assists last year, and is just 24. By the time this year is done, he’ll be on Jurgen Klinsmann’s radar.

Results: It’s foolish to predict how I think the playoffs will go. So much can change between now and November that it’s not worth trying. But here’s how I think the standings will shake out over the course of the season

  1. New England: Until proven otherwise, the Revs are the best, most talented team in this conference
  2. Columbus: They don’t get as much attention as they deserve, but the Crew are a team of maturing talent.
  3. DC: Things won’t be as easy as they were last year, but United should coast into the playoffs.
  4. Toronto: Yes, I think the Reds will make the playoffs.
  5. Orlando: Of the two expansion teams, Orlando seems to have a better head on their shoulders.
  6. New York Red Bulls: The Red Bulls will survive the offseason tumult just enough to reach the playoffs for a sixth straight year.
  7. New York City: what better way to start a rivalry than for one side to miss the playoffs in favor of the other?
  8. Philadelphia: The Sons of Ben won’t be happy, but the Union aren’t very good.
  9. Montreal: I think the Impact will be better this year, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be good.
  10. Chicago: in the absence of Chivas USA, pressure will slowly mount on teams like the Fire to be better on and off the field.

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  • Anonymous

    Six teams make the Eastern Conference playoffs this year. As ridiculous as that may sound, even worse is that NYRB will not be one of them. NYCFC has a better chance.

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