Eliminated: Red Bulls ousted from Open Cup by 10-man Union


HARRISON, N.J. – The New York Red Bulls out played the Philadelphia Union in their U.S. Open quarterfinal encounter and were up a man for most of the match.

But that wasn’t enough to earn advancement in the tournament.

A 92nd minute Lloyd Sam strike sent the game into overtime, but the Union managed to repel New York’s choking offense, taking the match into penalty kicks and earning their spot in the U.S. Open Cup semifinals.

“When you have a lot of pride in what you’re doing, when you empty the tank everyday and you come up empty, that’s what it does, it hurts bad, but my message is, this won’t derail us in any way,” Red Bulls boss Jesse Marsch told reporters after the match. “Fortunately, we have some time now before we play a meaningful match and we have to keep our strong mentality.

“It just wasn’t our day. The different ways we got chances and weren’t able to put them in was a little odd, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.”

New York set the tempo in the opening half hour, buzzing about the Philadelphia third. The high press immediately led to a chance on net from Felipe in the third minute which was cleared by local Philadelphia product, John McCarthy. Minutes later, a scrum in front of net resulted in a Lloyd Sam shot from an acute angle on the right which McCarthy stopped, followed by another crucial save on a bobbled ball from an Anatole Abang attempt.

Philadelphia managed spurts of possession, but failed to test the Red Bull back line or goalkeeper Luis Robles.

Frustration boiled over in the 41st minute with Conor Casey, a renowned Red Bull killer, seeing red after an elbow to the back of the head of 5’5″ Connor Lade.

“It was hard, but we’ve been there before,” Philadelphia boss Jim Curtin said of the red card. “We referenced the D.C. [United] game the way we handled that … unfortunately we had some practice at it.

“The guys, to their credit, were tough to play through all day.”

New York continued their press in the second half and managed a pair of chances early, but it was the Union that ultimately found net. A perfectly played ball into the Red Bull area from Sebastian Le Toux sprung Vincent Nogueira into space. The Frenchman gained a step on his defender allowing for a perfect feed across the mouth of goal to Ayuk for the lead in the 56th minute.

The Red Bulls adjusted to the unexpected deficit, bringing in Sal Zizzo and Mike Grella for Felipe and Anatole Abang. Bradley Wright-Phillips returned to his advanced role, with Grella pushing wide and Zizzo backing Sam on the right.

While the changes gained New York the better of the attack, the Red Bulls failed to challenge McCarthy despite owning the lion’s share of possession in the Union’s defensive third.

Unable to crack Philadelphia’s park-the-bus defense, Lloyd Sam came to the rescue with a last gasp equalizer. Turning his defender mere feet from McCarthy, Sam let loose a blast to tie the match at the death, forcing overtime.

New York continued their offensive press in the overtime period, leading to several close call opportunities, particularly at the onset of the first 15 minute stanza. A Matt Miazga header and Mike Grella shot to the back post were denied by a busy McCarthy, keeping Philadelphia in the match.

The second half started much the same, with Philadelphia falling into a defensive shell against the pressing Red Bull attack. Manolo Sanchez nearly put the game away with a shot on frame but his attempt rang off the post just four minutes into the second stanza. Minutes later, Sanchez again threatened McCarthy, sending a soft volley into the arms of the Union keeper off of a picture-perfect Lloyd Sam cross.

McCarthy continued his heroics with a point blank kick save on Grella, but suffered a scare at the death. Sam found Wright-Phillips with a pinpoint cross into the area. The Red Bulls leading scorer was denied on his initial shot but buried the rebound.

Unfortunately for New York, that goal was called back, sending the match into penalty kicks.

McCarthy continued to play hero for Philadelphia in the penalty stanza, denying Lloyd Sam and watching a Bradley Wright-Phillips attempt eat the cross bar. Robles, who got the best of Fred, could not manage to beat Aristigueta on the final PK, sending Philadelphia on to the Open Cup semifinals.

“[McCarthy] had a good game,” Sam said after the match. “I felt like it was a good save on my penalty too. He comes out of the game a hero, and fair play to him, he’s the hero of the game.”

The Union now await the winner of the Chicago Fire, Orlando City match to determine their semifinal opponent. The Red Bulls, meanwhile, return to their MLS campaign, facing none other than the Philadelphia Union at PPL Park on August 1st.

Scoring Summary:

PHI – Eric Ayuk (Vincent Nogueira) 55′

NY – Lloyd Sam (Mike Grella) 90+4

Misconduct Summary:

PHI – Conor Casey (ejection) 40′

PHI – Fabio Macedo (caution) 53′

PHI – Vincent Nogueira (caution) 68′

PHI – Fred Carreiro (caution) 90′

NY – Matt Miazga (caution) 118′


New York Red Bulls: Luis Robles; Connor Lade, Damien Perrinelle (Manolo Sanchez, 80), Matt Miazga, Anthony Wallace, Dax McCarty ©, Felipe (Sal Zizzo, 70′), Lloyd Sam, Sacha Kljestan, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Anatole Abang (Mike Grella, 65′)


Philadelphia Union: John McCarthy;Fabio Macedo, Ethan White, Maurice Edu ©, Ray Gaddis, Eric Ayuk (Fernando Aristeguieta, 90′), Brian Carroll, Vincent Nogueira, Sebastian Le Toux (Sheanon Williams, 60′), Cristian Maidana (Fred Carreiro, 77′), Conor Casey


Referee: Christopher Penso

Referee’s Assistants: James Conlee, Kathryn Nesbitt

4th Official: Dave Breckner

Attendance: 9,272


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  • Unbelievable

    Up a man for most of the match.

    At home.

    Full squad.


    Red Bull exposed for the mediocre organization they’ve become in just six months.

    Bravo Philly.

    • Andrew Bissonette

      Let’s get this straight. Having a bad match does not make the team mediocre. They have a good squad. Hell, they outshot Philly like 33-8 today and dominated possession. Let’s also not forget, we still didn’t use 4 starters in this game. However, Philly came in with a good gameplan, adjusted to the red card very well and executed. They deserved the win more than the Red Bulls deserved to lose.

      • 8-7-5

        One game over .500 against MLS teams in 2015 = mediocre 2015 team.

        • Andrew Bissonette

          If that’s how you want to look at it. I think they have the capability to finish much better than that. They’re 8-6-5 in MLS play this year(2-3-4 vs. West, 6-3-1 vs. East) They only play one game against the West and 14 against the East the rest of the way. That’s a recipe to finish at least 3 or 4 games above “.500”. I find it hard to believe they’ll finish with less than 50 points this year and anything less than a top 3 seed in the East.

          • slowleftarm

            Stop serving us the Kool-Aid Andrew. First, who are the 4 starters that didn’t play in this game? By my reckoning that was the best team they could have fielded today. And I’m glad they’re taking this competition seriously but they still went out despite playing at home against a mediocre Union side that only had ten men for the last 80 minutes of this game.

            The fact is this team isn’t good enough and having the lowest payroll in the league is unacceptable for a NYC area team. A couple of well chosen DPs might have enabled RBNY to break down Philly’s defense yesterday or, if it a center back DP like I’ve been calling for for months maybe Philly wouldn’t have scored.

            I’m all for building the team through the academy but you aren’t going to have 11 homegrowns out there every week. Get some DPs and stop being cheap!

            • Agreed!

              Miazga set the tone for the day with a silly turnover in the first 5 seconds of the game. The Baby Bulls are okay. That’s it… “okay”.

              There are reasons teams like LA win every year. Just look at how they manage the DP role. NYRB are burying their heads in the Jersey shore sand while they go on the cheap and push up kids who ain’t ready. That’s what the USL is for.

              Tired of Curtis and Marsch pissing down our backs while telling us it’s only rain.

  • Andrew Bissonette

    Marsch made a really big mistake starting Abang today. He stunk in front of the net.

    • Andrew Bissonette

      Grella, Duvall, Zubar, and Lawrence are the 4 starters that are missing to start the match.

      I’m not serving any Kool-Aid though, slowleftarm. I used statistics to support my point, as I always do. We definitely aren’t as good as last year, but that doesn’t make the team mediocre. I think out of the 20 teams in MLS, this team could finish anywhere from about 4th to 12th in SS standings.

      • slowleftarm

        Abang has started with BWP on the wing in several MLS games. That’s a tactical choice, not a decision to rest someone. Duvall and Zubar are injured – injuries happen. Maybe if this team spent some money they’d have someone better than Connor Lade to back up Duvall. Lawrence/Miller are out, I’ll give you that but that doesn’t excuse yesterday’s poor performance. Time to spend some money.

        Anyway, a team that could finish 12th in MLS (i.e. midtable) is mediocre. Look at LA Galaxy’s lineup – that’s the lineup of a team that’s serious about winning. That’s what we should expect from a NYC area team.

        • ZUBAR?!

          Seriously??? He’s been useless all season. And Grella was a coaching decision. Marsch benched Grella for Abang (stupid move).

          What about what Philly was missing? Sapong? Casey after 40 minutes. Le Toux after 60 min? That’s some serious boats to fill for a 120 minute match.

          Face it. BWP sucked. 0-3 in last PKs? And that’s the DP???? Miazga sucked too. It’s baffling to hear morons say he’s one of the best CBs in MLS and should go to the EPL. He’s not even the best CB on his team! Perinelle is much better than Miazga.

          Miazga’s first touch of the game was a stupid turnover that Perinelle had to clean up. And he got beat for Philly’s goal. He’s got a big mouth though.

  • 9,272?

    Some sections had less than a dozen people. less than 2,000.

  • Karma

    NYRB pays the price for trying to dick Philly around with the schedule.

    Never screw with the soccer gods.

    • Andrew Bissonette

      How did we try to dick Philly around, exactly? Philly were the ones who did the dicking and they succeeded. Hats off to them.

      • Anonymous

        Forgive me if I remember incorrectly, but wasn’t it the Red Bulls that requested to change the date because they had scheduled another game in the stadium for the same day despite being completely aware of the possibility of a scheduling conflict? It seems to me like it was the Red Bulls that dicked themselves over if that’s the case. You can’t fault Philly for not wanting to change their own schedule just because the Red Bulls screwed up and double booked their stadium.

        • Andrew Bissonette

          Maybe saying either team tried to screw over the other is incorrect on both our parts. The Red Bulls have some huge money-making ICC games being played this week and they didn’t have much wiggle room on those games either. It was an impossible situation really. I read reports that we even offered Philly lots of money to change the date, but they wouldn’t budge at all. I think Philly just simply refused to be classy in this situation.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t have a horse in either race here, but I was under the impression that Philly didn’t want to change their schedule because they had friendlies scheduled around the dates that the Red Bulls wanted to move the game to or something like that. I’m sure they probably played it up as more inconvenient than it actually was (I don’t remember the exact details in the report and frankly, I’m too lazy to go dig it up), but either way, it was a poor situation in general…

          • Eric B

            Just to be clear, the Red Bulls knew the USOC quarterfinal dates in February, booked their stadium for both of those dates, applied to host the quarterfinal in their previously booked stadium, tried to get Philly to move the date to a day when the Union had scheduled their own friendly, and then were perplexed when the Union didn’t want to play on back-to-back days. How were the Union not being classy again?

            • Exactly!

              Shows that NYRB wasn’t serious about the USOC if they committed elsewhere back in February.

  • Realist

    If they had drogba and some other DP, they would have easily won.
    What a waste of a market, pathetic.
    Sell the team garber, it’s unfair for the fans and league growth.
    Look at Chicago, they are in a massive hole and red bull is heading that way. At least they play in the east, but if NYc, Atlanta,Minnesota,Miami come in with serious money, I see teams like Philly, DC, revolution,olumbus going down as well.
    The west is a massacre while the east is a mess.

    • slowleftarm

      You realize Garber doesn’t own the team right?

  • David Carlin, Boy Lover

    Philly parked the bus and won ugly. They’ll get eliminated in the final though. You can only play disruptive football for so long before it comes back to bite you on the ass.

    • West is best.

      MLS Cup or US Open Cup. West teams will beat the East teams in every final.

    • UnitedPenn13

      The operative word being “won”. Sour grapes boy lover.

  • On balance I think you are right on. RB simply does not entertain in a market that demands it.

  • Rebel fighter

    Love it

  • Alex

    This team is not worth following. The East sucks as usual and the team still struggles. Petke is gone, which took with him any heart and soul this Energy Drink billboard once had.

    When there’s a change of leadership and rectification for Petke’s firing, I may be back.

    • slowleftarm

      Petke’s gone – time to move on.

      • Move on?

        More like moving backwards. I’d take Petke back in a heartbeat. Jesse was outcoached yesterday. Loved seeing his pouty sad puss on camera after the game.

    • trollleftarm

      No Henry, no point.

  • Tony

    Stop with the Petke love affair already. He was simply not that good, was inexperienced and was a bit of a dolt. To somehow elevate him to an all exalted status is absurd.Nice guy,loyal blah blah blah….I get it but without Henry and Fraser he would have been qualified to coach none other than his kids team in Long Island.Need new mgmt,new coaching and a number of new players. Being “competitve” in the East doesnt add up to sht and everyone knows it. The West is stacked and continuing to evolve while the East just sputters along.Itll be the same old story in the end unless something major occurs and I just dont see that happening….lol,maybe next year?

    • Some truth.

      Yes, Petke wasn’t a great head coach. And he wasn’t Sir Alex with his X’s and O’s. Like is old boss Backe, he waited a bit too long on subs. But he earned from credit for benching a sulking superstar (or two). That took stones.

      But he wasn’t really elevated (technically yes, but that’s a huge over-simplification) Petke got a job no one else wanted because n one else wanted to work for the Austrians who are only interested in selling swill.

      But Petke had heart and bled red & black. Can’t ever take that away. Marsch is a carpetbagger who no one wanted after Montreal in 2012. So now its the perfect marriage: the coach no one else wants took the job that no one but Petke wanted.

  • slowleftarm

    9,272 – so for a cup game that started at 4pm on a Tuesday they got more than double the crowd Cosmos get on a beautiful weekend afternoon.

    • FastLeftHook

      How many were showing up in Giant Stadium in the same scenario. You really need to shut the **** up once in awhile.

      • DanGerman

        They never played open cup games at giants stadium. Although regular season wednesday games did draw around 9k on the regular.

        • the realist

          The open cup final against Chicago in either 2003 or 2004 was at Giant stadium. 5k tops for that one.

    • the realist

      I was there. 3k in seats tops.

    • slowleftarm

      Cool story guys. We aren’t talking about 2003 though. We are talking about today, 2015. And yesterday three times more people showed up to watch a game at 4pm on Tuesday than showed up a perfect summer Sunday in Hempstead a couple of weeks ago.

  • Tony

    Who cares about the numbers….if the game sucks it sucks notwithstanding whether the stadium is filled to the brink or is empty. Cosmos blow,the league is quickly losing relevance in the grand scheme of things,RB may lose relevance if they dont do something regarding their team and mgmt and NYCFC is floundering,but at least they have made it interesting with Lamps and Pirlo. I guess we will see.We all know the numbers are fictional in some ways and in others not. Its the great debate….tix sales or turnstile numbers? Im a turnstile guy,but dollarwise I guess its sales. Go figure.

  • mickey f

    worst draw for Red Bulls imaginable on 4pm weekday game is 3 times bigger then usual weekend cosmos crowd, NYCFC is getting bigger crowds then RBulls at yankee stadium – come on now, the cosmos cannot compete with the MLS teams on any metric…

    • Kevin

      I love the fact the red bulls lose and yet the same two red bulls fans are actually the ones who bring up the Cosmos who have nothing to do with this game.. love the obsession

      • slowleftarm

        I knew the Cosmos fans would be here living vicariously through the defeat of the big brother team in the area so I thought I’d point out how sad Hempstead crowds really are. Looks like I was right.

        • Kevin

          Good come back I guess slow left arm. Ur the one who brought them up. Ur the one on the Cosmos forums as well. I read everything about all 3 teams on the site,I just don’t bring up the woes of RB and NYCFC, my team has its own problems. Ur team gets eliminated from a tournament and yet strangely u bring up the Cosmos when no one else did. I don’t get it,u seem like ur a knowledgeable soccer fan so y worry about them when RB is having their own set of problems

          • slowleftarm

            I complain about my team too because that’s what fans do. Fans also banter about other teams. It’s just fandom.

            • Niche Chavez

              I NEVER complain about NYCFC!

              Everything about them is dreamy!

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