Empire’s Top 25 Stories Of 2011

Empire of Soccer has always kept a New York centric eye on the world of soccer, with a little international flavor to complete this smorgasbord of footy fun. Likewise, our top 25 stories of the year honors that tradition.

From the Red Bulls, FC New York and the Cosmos to the U.S. National team and beyond, it has been a transformational year in the world of US soccer.

Soccer can make you laugh, cry, smile and pull your hair out over the course of 90 minutes; that’s what makes it so addictive. We take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of 2011; whether good, bad or ugly (and boy, was there ALOT of ugly).

Here are the top 25 stories that have made 2011 so very special:

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  • Jay Walk

    Yay, you added Google+.

  • David J

    Great list, but u missed a crucial story – WPS.

  • Greg G

    Last answer in Kasey Keller interview was pretty damn cool.