Watch: Police escort Cosmos’ star Raul off field as Atlanta fans rush pitch


ATLANTA – New York Cosmos striker Raul Gonzalez has certainly demonstrated his star power and mass appeal in his first few weeks with the club.

After attracting record crowds at home, the Real Madrid legend is also garnering attention in other markets. This week, it was Atlanta that got into the act, as several Silverbacks fans jumped the railing after the final whistle to meet the international star.

With the reaction growing, Raul was immediately assigned a police detail to escort him to the visiting locker room.

Here is video of the event:

A video posted by Dave Martinez (@empireofsoccer) on

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  • Willy wonka

    Imagine the cosmos in their own stadium in MLS with big name players, well fancy DP players.
    They would create a pretty good scene any where they would go.
    Last time I saw this in a American soccer league was with Beckham in MLS and probably nycfc will the next team to cause this.
    Anyway, I have this crazy fun question. If cosmos were in MLS and Miami gets a team where would CR7 and messi go to.
    I would say cosmos would have the power to get them both but cosmos won’t be in MLS any the soon.
    As For CR7, he will be in LA and messi in Miami.

    • DonsAngryInch

      What is this mls you speak of ?

    • Mike

      This is as fictional as willy wonka

  • Chepe pedos

    For the money , messi or cristiano , would play anywhere, doesn’t matter if it’s mls or nasl ..

  • slowleftarm

    There were fans at a Hempstead Cosmos game? Oh, it was an away game. That makes sense.

    • Smith

      They had 12,500 last week at Hofstra.

      Of course that was the opener.

      It’s a fun night out.

      You need to overcome your borderline homicidal Cosmos rage and relax.

      No one is forceing you to go see the Cosmos at home or on the road.

      Just relax.

      • Andrew Bissonette

        I think you need to relax buddy. He was just making a joke, albeit, a bad one.

        • Smith

          It’s the same joke every post!

          At least try a new one. Here’s one:

          “Does your wife talk during sex?”

          “Yes, she called me just the other night!”

        • OpenCupFan

          It’s closer to rage than a joke if he does on practically every positive Cosmos article. To call it a poor joke is to devalue the word poor.

          • Smith


            He seenms to have a real level of loathing, which borders on obsessive.

            As for jokes, he should try this:

            A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: ”Ugh, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!” The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: ”The driver just insulted me!” The man says: ”You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

            • green side

              That actually made me chuckle.

  • Yet again Atlanta fans proving themselves to be the inbred retards of America.

    • jspech

      I thought that was an iconic moment. Something we will see in the future like we look at videos of Pele today. It wasn’t a championship victory celebration, it wasn’t brawl! That’s freaking Raul man!

    • Resguard

      Yeah, Leo your comment seems to be hitting a bit low, it was some young fans of soccer, and it isn’t like it hasn’t happened anywhere else.

  • Hector Perez

    At lot of B.S. plain and simple, Another publicity sting of the Cosmos. Very cheap, BTW.

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