Petition: Third Rail urge “fair, ethical treatment” from CFG after NYPD tasing incident


The Third Rail have had enough.

Suffering through a difficult season on the field, New York City FC supporters have endured a tough time off of it as well. The latest incident involved a pair of NYCFC fans being tased during the team’s encounter against the Columbus Crew at Yankee Stadium this weekend.

Now, the Third Rail have issued a public petition through demanding City Football Group issue “assurance that we are valued beyond our ticket revenue,” demanding “properly trained stadium staff” and calling for “proper and ethical treatment from NYPD.”

“Without those things,” the statement reads, “this relationship is irreparably damaged.”

Third Rail President Rox Fontaine calls out the club and the NYPD for their “wrong” actions this weekend, but does not stop there. He cites life at Yankee Stadium and the poor results on the pitch as issues as well, bundling the angst of the NYCFC fanbase into one poignant call for change from their foreign ownership group.

Throughout the season, NYCFC supporters’ culture has struggled to coexist with the renters-status of their Yankee Stadium abode. Unlike other venues throughout the nation, Yankee Stadium has not bent it’s rules concerning fan behavior for the unique aspects of soccer culture. Flag poles, fixed banners, flags or banners above six feet, electronic megaphones and smoke devices have been outlawed in the stadium, and all TIFO displays must be approved by Yankee Stadium prior to their usage. Moreover, TIFO displays cannot bleed into the aisles of the stadium, limiting fan displays.

This weekend, it all came to a head.

At the moment of this publishing, the petition already had 198 signatures out of a targeted 200.

Here is a copy of the petition:

[colored_box color=”blue”]To CFG and NYCFC,

My name is Rox Fontaine. I am President of the Third Rail supporters group. I am writing to you today with a very heavy heart. At our last home game versus the Columbus Crew, near the final moments of the game, there was a situation that ended up seeing a supporter tasered in his chest by NYPD. Of course you’ll want to know all of the details of how that happened and I’m sure your staff will get you some sort of answer.

What I am telling you with a clear head and conscience is that your staff and the NYPD were wrong!

You see, we are out in full force every home game and many of the away games holding up our end of the deal. We cheer our hearts out, jump and sing, spend countless hours discussing you and bouncing ideas about how to be the best we can for you and countless more dollars supporting this club that we love so much. Did you see the final vote totals when we lit the Empire State Building up in Blue? This is what we assumed you expected of us. We were verbally bludgeoned to no end about how fortunate we were to have CFG as a parent organization and told grand tales of how amazing our experience would be under your guidance.

Given what I’ve experienced to this point, and quite a fine one was put on this past Saturday, I have to disagree with that sentiment. You have not given us much in the way of reciprocation for the energy we have given to this club. Our team is marginal at best, we’re 0-3 versus our New Jersey rivals, we lost on PKs to the 2nd division team here, I can’t not mention the Lampard situation and we don’t have any news about a soccer specific stadium among a list of other things. Instead, you have entered into a deal with an organization that does not understand or care for the beautiful game and thus doesn’t understand or care for us as fans. You have put a product on the pitch that looks good on paper but doesn’t translate to wins. You have left us stranded in a baseball stadium that seemingly hates us even though we can put 30,000 people in there on a Thursday night, set an MLS sales record that eclipsed the Yankees’ opening day by a long shot and bring an energy to this park that you’d be lucky to get only close to watching the Yankees at any point in the season.

We are the best thing this club has going for it. If you don’t believe that, then ask the players if they agree. Jump the Hudson and ask those guys in New Jersey how they wish they had support like us. We deserve better and we demand better. We are not unreasonable people. We know that there are some unruly people at times and we are always working to self police and reduce those occurrences. The reality is that we don’t have any more egregious offenses than NHL, NFL, NBA or MLB.

We are in our first season and we’re fired up about this club and the possibilities that lie ahead. We demand assurance that we are valued beyond our ticket revenue. We demand properly trained stadium staff. We demand proper and ethical treatment from NYPD. Without those things this relationship is irreparably damaged.

You should be extremely concerned with the precedent Yankee Stadium, it’s employees and NYPD set on Saturday.


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  • Anonymous

    No mention of their neo-nazis

    • Anonymous

      That’s a very small group of maybe a dozen people in a sea of thousands. And ironically, they’re not the ones being kicked out of the stadium, arrested, or tased.

      • Anonymous

        So, because its only a dozen people, is totally fine to have factions of neo nazis in your section, mixing about and allying with other groups? That’s a fucking shame.

        • :O

          “There’s only a little bit of them, they don’t hurt anybody. They’re nice nazis! Leave them alone!” – CFG Apologists (2015)

        • your enemy

          Still going on w the neo nazi uh ??? GO **** YOURSELF YOU ***** SCUMBAG! Show your face ill make a swastica on your forehead you stupid ****

    • Anonymous

      They’re aren’t any neo nazis. Sorry to disappoint

    • Anonymous

      Grow up man! One group cannot tell people that purchased season tickets to not come to the games because of their beliefs. You need to relearn US laws. You can’t keep pinning people’s actions on a group that has nothing to do with them beyond liking the same team.

      • slowleftarm

        Actually a private entity can tell Neo-Nazis not to come to their events because, you know, maybe other people don’t want to come to games and be surrounded by skinheads. Neo-Nazi is not a protected class.

        • Anonymous


          Sheikh Mansour hates bigotry

        • Anonymous

          There aren’t any neo nazis first off, and secondly I doubt you’d have the balls to anything in the first place

          • slowleftarm

            Actually, “battalion 49” is a group of hispanic neo-nazis. Now I realize they aren’t real neo-nazis, just a bunch of guys with issues about their masculinity and their two inch penises, but the club can still deny them entry to the stadium and should do so.

            • Rip

              For once….we are in agreement.

            • antifa ha ha ha

              Your mother liked the two inch penises, why dont you go and tell them to dont go since u know so much about them and i bet u know who they are ? Dont got the balls ??? I guess you mom had a girl not a man ;)

              • slowleftarm

                Listen to yourself – do you understand why people don’t want to sit near you at soccer games?

              • Anonymous

                Any American who uses the word “antifa” is LARPing

        • your enemy

          Shut the **** up you rotten mind

  • Anonymous

    Agree 100%. Even though I’ve never had any personal run-ins, the situation with stadium security and NYPD has been complete bullshit and a well-documented travesty.

    I can forgive the product on the field being **** under the excuse that it’s a first-year expansion team and it’s pretty clear that many of our signings didn’t exactly pan out the way that we had hoped. That kind of thing happens to the best of teams and it’s something that’s resolved with time and trade windows.

    There is, however, no excuse for allowing your fans to be bullied and treated like garbage by staff in their home stadium. I understand that Yankee Stadium is an important venue, but ultimately it’s a sports stadium and that means that it’s a place for people to go to have fun and express themselves. Cracking down on all of these minor things doesn’t do anything to improve the actual security situation and, in fact, detracts from the security by distracting staff and sowing resentment among a fanbase that feels that it is being persecuted despite having done nothing wrong and whose anger is inevitably going to boil over.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not your home. It’s all about the Yankees

      NYCFC is the Commodores
      The Yankees are Lionel Richie

      • Anonymous

        This is sadly true. And this problem just goes to further prove that it isn’t our home. I fear that appealing to CFG will do nothing here. Securitas doesn’t work for CFG. The only other option would be to leave the venue, but without a place ready to go, CFG would have few options even if they wanted to do something about it.

        • The fans have a place to go. Take your business elsewhere. You have more options than any other soccer fans in the country and your alternatives are pretty damn good.

          This isn’t going to end anytime soon, if ever. It’s time to decide if supporting a team in the Five Boroughs is more important than being treated like a person and a paying customer.

      • Me

        Ouch. Quote of the year, if not decade.

    • BleedingRed

      How do we know it was a minor infraction that caused this event? I’ve read where witnesses said it was a fight among fans that caused security to use force.

  • Anonymous

    Its pretty simple, Yankee Stadium is a public venue, but its still private property. If told to stop acting like and ******* or to leave you do so or risk getting arrested. If during the arrest process you resist or are not compliant you risk getting tased. Its not complicated! Dont want to be treated like an animal, dont act like one!

    • Anonymous

      That’s completely true. The problem is when people are arrested and removed by force despite having done nothing wrong. If I’m a paying guest and security comes up to me and tells me that they’re going to escort me off the premises for some sort of infraction that I’m not guilty of, then you can bet that I’m not just going to go along with it. I’m going to tell them that it wasn’t me and when they begin to use force to remove me, then I’m going to be justifiably upset by the situation.

      And that’s the major problem going on here. Things happen in the stadium and security doesn’t know who did it, but they feel the need to respond to the situation and send a message so they just single out a few people who have done nothing wrong and **** up their day. Then they get upset that these people are upset that they’re being kicked out or arrested despite having doen nothing wrong and crack down on other innocent bystanders even harder.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like the problem is the NYCFC fans not the NYPD or Security. Been going to Yankee games for over 30yrs, never seen anyone tased, pepper sprayed, wrestled to the ground by police..etc.

        • Anonymous

          And that’s the problem. We occupy the same stadium, but we’re treated like **** and I can’t believe that it’s an issue of our behavior alone because if you go to the stadium and look around, it’s really no different from any other sporting event in the area. And don’t tell me that you’ve been going to Yankee Stadium for 30 years and have never seen incidents involving fans be it fights or people throwing things onto the field.

          Whether you’re watching the Rangers, Knicks, Giants, Yankees, etc. You always have a few people acting like jackasses and by and large, they’re dealt with appropriately. You don’t, however, see an active crusade on the part of security to lock down fans in those events like you do with NYCFC.

          On a side note, you also don’t see the type of open disrespect and hostility toward fans that Securitas shows at NYCFC games either. If you just look at something so simple as how they address people, it’s pretty clear that we’re not starting off at a good place even in what should otherwise be pleasant interactions.

          And if you want more evidence that the treatment by security is different from other teams, let’s look at the fact that we’ve had instances of people getting removed for swearing… at a sports stadium (and not in a family section). Where the hell else would you see that?

          Maybe there’s a misunderstanding of what soccer culture actually is and security and NYPD are scared of seeing what they see in those videos out of South America or European soccer riots from years ago. But there’s really nothing to suggest that there’s a risk of anything of the sort happening. Every actual problematic instance has been an isolated group of assholes–more often than not condemned by the greater fanbase. There’s no systematic insurgency brewing here that warrants the type of blanket actions Securitas and NYPD have been taking.

          • Rip

            I’ve gone to every one of the games but two….and I’ve never had a problem with the stadium personnel or security. I have had member of one the supporters group purposely run into me and glare at me like he wanted a fight. He just walked away disappointed when I laughed at him.

            I’m not saying that what you are claiming may not be true….just that it hasn’t been my experience. I think if there’s valid complaints then perhaps it’s best for the groups to sit down with the security officials and come to an understanding. But I have to say….some of the supporters like cultivating the idea that they are a gang more than a group of fans. It shouldn’t be too surprising if they are then treated that way by security.

      • Anonymous

        Your ticket is a license to be on the property that is freely revocable for any reason, regardless of whether it is just or not. You do not have a right to argue and resist. If you do, security is justified in using force. Especially, if security is a uniformed police officer. If you resist in any way, you deserve whatever happens to you.

      • Rip

        The games have been packed. If the people being kicked out didn’t do it, why can’t those that did be pointed out? Why cant the supporters designate someone to partner with security each game and immediately report the people behaving badly so that only the guilty are punished?

        I’m sorry but this sounds like the group refuses to help identify and report bad behavior and then protest if security is unable to identify the perpetrators…HELP SECURITY OUT!

  • Anonymous

    It still amazes me that people feel they are entitled to act anyway they want and when there are consequences for those actions, they cry about it.

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re completely missing the point. Most of the people crying are not people who have done anything wrong. They are people being treated like **** DESPITE having done nothing wrong. THAT’S why they’re upset.

      And even for those that break the rules, the consequences should be reasonable. Just because a person is rowdy doesn’t mean you go tase the guy–especially if you’re in a venue where rowdy behavior is expected and you’re profiting from it. You don’t see even the worst NFL fans getting treated the way NYCFC fans get treated at Yankee Stadium and they’re just as bad if not worse.

      • Anonymous

        People are not getting tased for being rowdy, they are getting tased for failing to comply with police. Rowdy or not, if you are on private property and told by the authorities that your presence is no longer welcomed you leave or face trespassing charges. Police can use the force necessary to effect an arrest. If a person is not complaint, and resists, they can be tased.

        • Anonymous

          Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. I’ve seen police on plenty of occasions break up fights without resorting to tasing people. The question is whether this is a situation where it was warranted and necessary to get the situation under control. If it wasn’t necessary, then maybe we need to ask why that was the option that they jumped to.

          Once again, I will fully admit that I don’t know all the details of the situation. It’s perfectly possible that the police absolutely had to tase him to get him under control (didn’t look that way). That having been said, my point about the general attitude toward security and the type of security atmosphere that created that attitude still stand.

          • Anonymous

            NYCFC Fans can send as many petitions as they want. Security is run at Yankee Stadium by the Yankees, who are very, very pro family atmosphere, pro law and order. Even the bleacher creatures who were alot more rowdy in the late 90s have been tamed to a large degree and they were never anywhere as bad as soccer crowds can be. The Yankees are about image and even though they own a portion of the team, they are not going to tolerate continued run ins with their security staff. Either the fans start to police themselves and get things under control or they will be looking forva new home to play in a lot sooner than they thought.

            • Anonymous

              I always hear this talk about “fans policing themselves”, but I honestly don’t quite understand it. A person that’s going to be and ******* is going to be an ******* regardless. What is someone else supposed to do about it? We can’t control the actions of another person nor can we coerce them into any behavior that they don’t want to do. So we’re stuck with a situation where people decide to act like idiots and the rest of us are somehow responsible for their personal choices because we couldn’t stop them from shouting what they shouted or throwing what they threw?

              If the police can’t coerce uncooperative people into behavior without the threat of force (arrest, imprisonment), then how exactly is another civilian supposed to do it? With kind words and reason?

            • Anonymous

              I’ve seen Yankee fans be just as bad as NYCFC fans have ever been this season both inside and outside of the stadium. While it’s true that things have mellowed out in recent years, even back then when they were bad, they were never treated with anywhere near the disrespect NYCFC fans are treated today.

              And a lot of it goes to something you alluded to, which is the fact that it’s their home and NYCFC fans are just renters. We are not valued the same as Yankees fans despite paying for our tickets because if we don’t like how they treat us, they can always just tell us to **** off. So it gives them free reign to treat us however poorly they want.

              • :O

                “Sit down and behave yourself” – CFG (2015)

  • Matt Diggs

    The entire NYCFC community, from their front office, to their players to their fans continue to be a complete embarrassment to the league.

  • The Realist

    Maybe if the NYCFC didn’t act like morons every place they went, they wouldn’t run into these problems.

    Their jackass fans all read the book “Hoolifan” and think they’re authentic hooligans.


    Go home to Williamsburg or Indiana or wherever u come from, morons.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, every fanbase has bad apples. This applies to every team and every sport. But I guess it’s cool to generalize because it makes you feel justified in your irrational bias.

      • Anonymous

        Hipster Cosplay

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  • Jose Garcia Lopez Coco Loco Angel DeJesus DeLa Cruz


    We be gangsta!

    We from the Favellas!

    Bring it on!

    We gonna make the Stadium like la Bombanera!

    We eat raw chicken and fava beans and we have gas and we fart and we show you who be gangsta!

    We fart on all of y’all.

    Nick Chavez be our girl!

    Word to Diego Maradona!

    Straight outta East 138, month fos!

    • Fake ass barra

      You are mad stupid. We aint got favelas in NYC and its La Bombonera…your fans have no aguante and get outchanted by every other team’s fans…you be acting like third rails hipster fans gonna turn into La 12 jajaja you guys don’t even got legit drums for a barra to become like la 12

  • RedBallz

    So they left because of Petke and now this? And how dumb, like literally the dumbest man alive is Rox to think Man Lite opener got more revenue then the Yankees opener. Hey moron, Yankee tickets are 10 x’s the soccer venue. Like seriously, how are you people even alive? You don’t know math, at all. You want a petiton of 200 people to make a change? That’s more then the pathetic RBO losers, I’ll give you that, but give me a break. Losers.

    • Anonymous

      Umm… Yankee tickets are most certainly NOT 10x the price of NYCFC tickets. I think they’re about twice the price on average at the moment…

      As for 200 people on the petition, the petition’s only been up for a few hours… It takes time for the petition to get around and raise awareness. How do you think petitions are supposed to work?

    • Rip

      You are an idiot if you believe that the maybe 100 people who stopped being fans of the Red Bulls, are responsible for the 29,000 coming to every game of NYCFC.

      • RedBallz

        No Rip, I was just refering to you crying about Mike Petke like a little girl. And Anonymous, seats behind home plate cost $2500, so NYCFC home opener didn’t even come close to beating the Yanks. Soccer sissies.

        • Rip

          Why would I care about Mike Petke? What are you talking about?

    • Can’t Afford Parking

      [Comment template] Slavishly praise Red Bull corporate, call RedBullOut losers, Petke/gay reference, shill for Red Bull GmbH, tell people they have bad jobs and can’t afford parking, be irrationally angered by protests, suckle Austrian teat, call someone a little girl, never say anything nice, neglect USOC nonsense and rehiring guy who fired Arena and only see Petke [/Comment template]

  • Anonymous

    No mention of the fight in the stands that triggered police response. No mention of the “**** Security” chant heard from across the stadium. Third Rail president also spotted yelling two inches from another Third Rail member’s face during halftime for at least a couple of minutes while his membership looked on. Can’t blame the authorities when you’re acting like an idiot

    • Anonymous

      Do you think the “**** Security” sentiment suddenly just appeared out of the ether? This is something that has been brewing for a long time now and it’s because security has been treating regular fans like **** for a long time. Is it a surprise that fans have grown tired of being treated like criminals in their home stadium despite having done nothing wrong?

      It’s a situation strikingly similar to the Middle East. When you create collateral damage by screwing everyone over on account of a few bad people, then you breed a culture of hatred and resentment in people that you otherwise would not have had a problem with. It’s perfectly plausible that the guy here should have gotten tased. I don’t know the whole story.

      But even if that was the case, I think that the sympathetic response that the fanbase as a whole has even toward the punishment of someone who might have been in the wrong is indicative of the experiences they’ve had themselves and the way they feel about stadium security in general. The fact that we no longer even give security and NYPD the benefit of the doubt is a symptom of a much deeper issue than this one incident and one that needs to be addressed if this team is to move forward in having a positive relationship with its fans.

      • Anonymous

        The whole thing started as a fight between people in the supporters in the section that was getting out of hand. Police and security intervened, at which point the chanting began.

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t reference the Middle East given CFG ownership.

        They don’t grant their actual UAE citizens “fair, ethical” treatment, why should Cityzens expect any better? (lol)

        • Anonymous

          It’s not CFG that’s treating us like ****. It’s Securitas, which is a security firm privately hired by the stadium itself. It’s pretty clear that CFG has nothing to do with it either way. So while I can appreciate your attempt at a clever jab, it really misses the point.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, but those clitorectomies are free!

    • Anonymous

      Is this the guy that dresses like some sort of military general for matches?

      • Anonymous

        No, I will admit that the Middle East reference wasn’t the best, but it was the first one I can think of where a blanket response toward a community to the actions of individual actors has led to an escalation of the problem by creating collateral damage and breeding resentment in the community that you’re supposedly trying to protect.

  • I am happy to see that the 3d rail is asserting its independence from the franchise. Under Chance Michaels, it was merely a for profit extension of the franchise, MLS, and yankee stadium. Congrats on that.

    I will assume that the petition was made public because there is no line of communication between the team’s biggest supporters group and the front office. That is a desperately sad state of affairs, and really disrespectful. Cosmos supporters have that, Red Bull supporters have that. You guys are bigger than us, yet it seems that the 3d Rail has no influence with CFG, the Yankees, or the domestic soccer operations.

    Doing a public petition like this is very embarrassing to a supporters club. It’s too bad it’s come to that.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you here. It has indeed become a sad state of affairs. And I don’t think it’s something CFG could fix even if they wanted to.

    • Anonymous

      shout out chance michaels

  • PS, I don’t care if it’s only a dozen neo-nazis in your supporters group. The third rail needs to deal with it. IT’s pitiful.

    • Jose Garcia Lopez Coco Loco Angel DeJesus DeLa Cruz


      We ain’t Neo-Nazis!

      We be pro-Juan Perone Retro Facists!

      We just happen to like raw chicken!

      Well, really, it’s that none of us can cook. If we had girlfriends who could cook, we’d eat cooked chicken, but, yo, we be fat and unattractive so, damn, we lonely and, damn, I be getting depressed just saying that.

    • Anonymous

      And how exactly do you expect the Third Rail to do anything about it? Do they get to decide who is allowed to attend games? It’s pretty clear that the people from that incident were not affiliated with the Third Rail so there’s literally nothing they can do about it. And even if they were affiliated and removed from the organization, there’s nothing they could do to prevent those people from showing up to another game.

      NYCFC could certainly ban them from future games if they were identified and I believe that the various NYCFC supporters groups have been trying to pursue that avenue of having them banned from MLS games in general.

      But let’s be real. You’re a lawyer and you should know better than to spew that kind of rhetoric. If someone wants to throw on some NYCFC apparel and act like an *******, in this country, it is their right. It’s no different from a bunch of guys wrapping themselves in American flags and going out and giving a hate-filled speech about Mexicans. Any reasonable person would recognize that those people don’t represent Americans as a whole nor would they hold America responsible for their individual actions. Why does the story change when it’s guys in NYCFC gear being anti-semitic asshats?

      The supporters sections are general admissions. Just because somebody is sitting there doesn’t mean that they’re a member of the Third Rail. And even if they were, the only thing the group could do is remove the people from their roster, which wouldn’t solve anything since they would still have every right to dress the same and pose as a member anyway and we’d just be right back here with you accusing the Third Rail of harboring neo-nazis.

      • Every supporters club polices their own. You are defined by your membership. We police our own all the time. IT’s that simple. You remove people you don’t want sitting with you.

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re always going to find a certain percentage of bigots attracted to Sheikh Mansour’s Club.

      Birds of a feather

      • Anonymous

        You do realize that a good portion of the human race is bigoted in one way or another, right?

  • DeezNutz

    I’m a NYCFC STH and I’ve gone to every home game and enjoyed myself thoroughly without incident. Agree with Leo’s assessment (did I REALLY just say that?!?!)that it’s embarassing it’s come to this attention grabbing via an online petition. There should be regularly scheduled communication between SG and the club to address any issues rather than just reactively. Would love to know what interactions took place between the club and SG post-incident and pre-petition? If this was the first step by the SG then it’s pretty poor and immature. The letter is a pointless hodge podge of complaints on all things NYCFC & Yankee Stadium. Supporters make up less than 9% of the STHs and sit in the cheapest seats yet have the most demands. I haven’t heard any complaints nor seen any issues with people in my non supporter section. Maybe because we follow the rules we were made aware of before the season started? Grow up, Third Rail.

    • RedBallz

      “Supporters make up less than 9% of the STHs and sit in the cheapest seats yet have the most demands.” – you got that right

    • Rip


  • Anonymous

    Yah, I just went to my niece’s 8 and under game over the weekend. Even they could beat Man City Lite. Pathetic at best.

    • Anonymous

      I can top that! My three year old niece was playing soccer, but then she started chasing a butterfly in the middle of the game, and she could still beat the posers from the Bronx!

      • I can top that!

        Dude, that is nothing. My fetus jumped out of my wife’s womb, nugmegged Lampard and then jumped back in in time for dinner.

  • Anonymous

    Anytime they want to play the Cosmos bring it on. Ha Ha. In all honesty I think that some USL teams could compete with Man City Lite.

    • Rip

      For that to happen you would have to join a real league. My rec team will take on the Cosmos anytime you feel like it. Next Saturday at Roosevelt?

  • Anonymous

    THIRD FAIL sent out DRUNK FAN.
    It’s super effective!

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Don’t taste me bro!!!!!!!!

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Too bad Chavez wasn’t tased . The season ain’t over yet though!

    • Smith

      Nothing would give me more laughs than Chavez getting tased; except maybe his getting an atomic wedgie.

      Here’s the best part:

      “Throughout the season, NYCFC supporters’ culture has struggled to coexist with the renters-status of their Yankee Stadium abode. Unlike other venues throughout the nation, Yankee Stadium has not bent it’s rules concerning fan behavior for the unique aspects of soccer culture. Flag poles, fixed banners, flags or banners above six feet, electronic megaphones and smoke devices have been outlawed in the stadium, and all TIFO displays must be approved by Yankee Stadium prior to their usage. Moreover, TIFO displays cannot bleed into the aisles of the stadium, limiting fan displays.”

      A few points:

      1) NYCFC Supporter Culture? They just got here!

      2) That’s what happens when the Yankees are part owner. If you don’t like it, don’t go.

      3) Is it really that hard to not act like assholes?

      • Anonymous

        NYCFC supporter culture mostly involves taking selfles and making snarky tweets

        • Smith

          And not understanding the rules of the game.

          The (admittedly hot) chick behind me at the RBNY=City Lite game at the Stadium wanted to know how they broke the game up over 4 quarters if the game is 90 minutes long.

          No joke.

          She WAS hot, though.

          • Rip

            It kills me how upset you guys get that NYCFC has fans new to the sport as if that’s a bad thing.

          • slowleftarm

            Yeah at the last derby at RBA, two dudes in NYYFC jersey that they likely just bought that day asked me how many timeouts per quarter for each team.

            • Smith

              It’s amazing. It’s like every fan was picked off the street, having never seen a match & given a Lampard jersey. I have never seen a less knowlegable fan base in my life in any sport.

              • Anonymous


                • Smith

                  You know, its funny; I’m a lifelong Giants fan. Over the years as the cost of tix has gone up, I’ve seen the knowledge level of fans drop. That said, the few NYCFC fans I’ve met thus far are, by far, are the least knowledgable sports fans I’ve ever met. That’s just been my experience.

                  • slowleftarm

                    Funny you say that – as a big Yankees fan I’ve found the same thing too. Once the new stadium opened and ticket prices were jacked up the fans became totally clueless. Most of the time they’re more concerned with making sure they visit all the stores in the stadium before they leave in the 7th inning.

                    • Smith

                      Yep. The pink hat crowd.

  • Alex Reiger

    So let me get this straight….it’s a security and or police issue? A lack of respect? Then explain Bello’s? And explain flares thrown on the field? MLS sanctions?
    And getting tossed off the Path? And the Hempstead issue? And the neo nazis? I mean the season isn’t even over yet and this fanbase is without question an utter **** show. Add in the **** poor team and the whole outfit is a league wide laughingstock. I swear this third fail head, what’s his name? Rocks ? Rox? He sounds like a complete moron. This letter reads like a parody. It can’t be real. The bottom line- this group can’t handle the garbage they’re witnessing and it’s driving them truly mad and completely out of their minds. And you know what? It’s fucking hilarious to watch.

  • Matt Conroy

    As a Red Bulls fan I find all of this somewhat amusing. What’s the point of having a full stadium (or what counts for full for MLS at Yankee Stadium) if you have terrible sightlines, no freedom of expression, a **** team, a tone-deaf front office and fans squabbling with each other? They probably couldn’t have had a worse debut season if they had planned it, and I;m not sure it’s going to be that easy for them to turn things around quickly. They’re stuck at Yankee Stadium for the foreseeable future, they have 3-4 big name players massively underperforming players on huge wages and a coach at the end of his rope who doesn’t seem to have any control over his roster. Not sure how much longer people can keep painting a smiley face on this thing.

    • Niche Chavez


      Because we’re idiots!

    • Johnny Feelgood

      Shame on you Matt. We’re hip,we’re edgy. We are the ultimate fans! I LOVE,I mean I REALLY LOVE NYCFC! They speak to me,they touch me. I identify with them like no team EVER! When the team comes out of the dugout and the music is playing its magical! Seeing Mr Pirlo sweating profusely gives me chills. Watching Lampard stretch and contort his body and try to get loose is an inspiration! And Mix?! The hair? What a Man! I gotta go now. Im meeting my ironic girlfriend for Korean BBQ. She never smiles. I’m getting her a Poku jersey for her birthday. What a time to be alive!

      • Bushwick Bill

        I got my girl a Brovsky jersey. His mustache is hip and ironic like mine.

        I love NYCFC. They’re so European. Yet they’re so New York.

        • Johnny Feelgood

          Bill are we still on for tomorrow ? I have that mini produce garden on my balcony in bloom.I know you asked about gardening tips. Glad to help. I’m working on a couple of Kale plants now. Anyway let me know. Also I picked up a vintage typewriter yesterday- good for poetry when the mood strikes. Feeling real thoughtful lately.

          • Bushwick Bill

            I’m definitely in. I’ve got that Urban Gardener itch and I need to scratch.

            After we grab some vegan Indian, we can write poems about the gardening.

            Its important to give back to the community.

  • I think he was tased because he showed he could play better defense then Pirlo…

    Ridiculous letter. If the guy was fighting in the stands what do you expect? A red carpet to home plate?

  • Anonymous

    I love the reply the Cosmos would first need to join a real league. You call the MLS a real league? I just got back from spending the summer in Europe and no one knew what the MLS was. In fact people thought Clint Dempsey was retired because no one ever here’s about the MLS. Real league yah right. When we can keep young talent and not attrack retired Europeans than maybe. The Rochester Rhinos could beat Manchester City Lite. Pathetic.

    • slowleftarm

      You can mock MLS all you want but it’s still far better than NASL on every metric you can think of. Cosmos wouldn’t get 20 points in an MLS season.

  • Anonymous

    In fact, how can you call the MLS a real league when they year in and year out refuse to let teams in that deserve to be in it. It is not like the NFL etc. that are the only relevant league in there sport genre.

  • sal

    That’s a baseball stadium people! They don’t care for soccer fans and it’s pretty obvious in how they treat people there. I have gone there and have over heard people who work there who did not like the crowd and even mention aloud that this is a baseball stadium and that they are not in love with how the supporter groups behave. Come on man there throwing people out for cursing! Have you ever gone to a Redsox vs Yankees game? How about the blueshirt faithful at Ranger games which I am. They don’t want you there and while your there they are going to make your life hell. **** That place! The place is run by baby boomers who hate the game and the culture and want no part of it, but because it’s business they will deal with it in the mean time.

  • Guy Blades

    Does everyone in the 3rd Rail have names that sound like porn stars???

    Rox Fontaine?

    Chance Michaels????

    Whose next..Buck Naked?

  • ;)

    i wanna make something clear here , if you all gonna keep talking about “batallon49” and dont do anything about it just shut up cus you all are looking like gossip girls , if you scare of them its your problem , they always there and they will always be there , so unless you all go and tell them to dont go or confront them like “mans” you all are , just shut up ….. Nazis nazis … Blah blah blah keyboard warriors,…

    • slowleftarm

      I didn’t expect the battalion 49 spokeman to be this literate. At least half of these sentences are semi-coherent. Well done.

    • Po Silva

      I’d like to sell you a period,some caps and a comma. Or maybe a trade? Raw chicken for writing lessons?

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