Europe or Bust: Miazga rejected Red Bulls’ DP offer for Chelsea move



Money can’t buy you everything, and the seldom-spending New York Red Bulls learned that the hard way.

In a conference call with the media on Saturday afternoon, team Sporting Director Ali Curtis made no bones about it: no matter what the Red Bulls were willing to put on the table, Matt Miazga wanted a move to Europe.

And they certainly put a lot on the table.

“We really wanted Matt to stay,” Curtis explained. “I went to ownership. I spoke to them. We offered Matt a contract that would have made him a designated player. We had a strong likelihood we thought we had a good chance to come, here but at the end of the day, he wanted to play in Europe and wanted to play on Europe right now. He felt it was his time to play in Europe.

“I would love for him to continue wearing a Red Bulls kit for this year and beyond,” he continued. “We tried to secure him to a multi-year deal that would have made him a Designated Player, but ultimately, he declined.”

The Designated Player contract would have made Miazga the first Homegrown product in MLS history to achieve the lofty status. However, Miazga and his representatives were focused on a European move – a message the Red Bulls understood since negotiations began in the first quarter of last year.

“This was a situation where we wanted to keep Matt and were willing to pay Matt a very very large salary,” Curtis said. “One that would have made him a Designated Player. We wanted to keep him but he wanted to play on Europe.”

Despite the club clearly feeling that their hand was forced into a deal, Curtis acknowledges that the outcome was likely the best for all parties involved.

“There are four realities that impacted the decision to transfer Matt,” explained Curtis. “First is that Matt indicated he wanted to play in Europe now. Second, Matt’s contract expires at the end of the year and he was unwilling to sign a new contract.

“Third point is if we didn’t transfer Matt this window or the summer, then while we would have ended up with Matt playing for 12 months, we wouldn’t receive anything in compensation to reinvest into the youth system. The last reality is there is a strong likelihood had Matt stayed with us and played out his contract, he still would have missed a significant amount of time with the first team with Olympic team duties and potentially featuring with the senior national team.”

Curtis also warned had Miazga stayed on the club, the potential existed for a “pre-contract” with a European side this summer, negating any return on the club’s investment.

The Red Bulls would not go into specifics about the deal, including clarification on the rumored $5 million transfer tag or the club’s potential to latch on to a sell on clause. They did, however, work through their disappointment in losing Miazga, wishing him the best on a difficult decision.

“Matt is a player we think extremely highly of. He fits in our system. He is part of our family. He was part of our youth development system and we would have loved for him to continue with the New York Red Bulls not just this year but years into the future,” Curtis said. “Ultimately, Matt needs to make the decision not just in his soccer career but in his life. In this situation, there is a big club like Chelsea that has a very real and material interest in a promising player.”

  • Anonymous

    Well there you have it. They were willing to spend the money but Miazga went glory seeking. The know-it-alls in the comments section who keep on saying that MLS and the Red Bulls aren’t trying their best look real stupid right now, per usual.

    • slowleftarm

      We don’t know what salary he was offered – BWP makes $600k and he’s a DP. Odds are he’s making more than that at Chelsea. Any RBNY fan who’s angry that Matt joined one of the biggest clubs in the world needs to grow up and/or get a reality check (or both).

  • Pele

    Why would red bull offer miazga dp money?
    Let him go, look at what galaxy did. People might say Galaxy F-up by not offering Gonzalez dp money, but MLS is a unproven league yet, and if you want to pay a defender dp money, might as well get a defender with great experience for a good price.
    This brings me to the dp rules, MLS should add a DP goalkeeper spot and DP defender spot,besides the 3 dps and tam money.
    If you know about soccer, goalkeepers and defenders are paid big cash in order to stay with the team forever, imagine mls poaching goalkeepers and defenders from around the world.
    Another big question, if red bull say they have the best youth prospects, then why not mix their “best youth prospects” with some great experienced players like Galaxy does.
    For example, there’s this French guy that is playing in Mexico ligamx, and he’s practically the best player in the league, he me reminds me galaxy’s Keane, red bull should go for him and steal him from Mexico’s tigres.
    Go get him MLS and show ligamx you’re not afraid of poaching their league.

    • Andrew

      Are you stupid or something? Omar Gonzalez was making DP money. His salary was around $1 million per year for about two seasons

      • Pele

        With all respect to red bull fans, you are not winning the east or MLS cup.
        Your billionaire owner and front office people need open their wallet.
        Go get one of these, Rooney, falcao or Nino Torres and Dante from Brazil.

        • MTF

          Agreed. Red Bulls aren’t winning anything until they sign Messi, Neymar, and Suarez from Barcelona. Pry Rooney away from Man U for depth. They should also go after Ozil and Tim Howard. Then fire Marsch and pay whatever it takes to bring Mourinho here. You crack me up Pele / Cosmo! The Red Bulls have one of the finest soccer organizations in the USA. You don’t seem to know anything about them, their recent successes or their strategy.

    • Hernando Peralta

      Another stupid NASL fan, O. Gonzalez was making over $ 1.450 millions a year, stupid A$$hole. Who are you A$$hole #1 ( Paterson ) or A$$hole # 2 ( Stover )..?

  • Pele

    Relax I know.
    He was making dp money before then brought down to reality money.
    Probably Bruce arena saw that he was being over paid.
    Why is he in Mexico then buddy?
    So you who would you rather have Omar or the Belgium dude.
    I say Belgium.

  • Lothar Mataeus

    Pay me instead!!!!

  • Roberto Donadoni

    Me too

  • Figo

    I would like to offer my services to metro stars redbull
    They have such nice stadium and larry feeds ferretts from his bung hole

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    once again nasl retards cant help but make assholes of themselves. are you f.cosmos fans jealous of the red bull??? how come we never read about players from the minor leagues moving to the bpl? oh thats right the nasl and the f.cosmos suck ass.

    cant wait for the nasl and the f.cosmos to fail…..again! LOL TWICE IN A LIFETIME!

    • Resguard

      You are the one with inferior intelligence. The fact that you even compare NASL and MLS is mostly laughable. Two leagues run completely differently, in a market that is thriving for expansion and growth. To you to think MLS is far more advanced then the other leagues (USL,NASL) is also charming. While MLS had such a head start to develop their own league. The only way you can have such a distaste for NASL or any other league in this country is to say you are not a fan of soccer. Take a step back, get off your soap box, and take the time to think about soccer in America. You want good players, you want a national team to win? Let their be more leagues, let the teams play, and you know what, it will sort it self out, 10 years, 20 years, maybe more.

    • Dr. FREUD

      Actually, Haji Wright moved from the Cosmos to Europe, but that is not the point.

      The real issue here is your unhealthy obsession with the Cosmos. You need to go out and make friends. However, first you must love yourself and that means accepting yourself for who you are.

      This is the 21st century. You can live openly. Let go of the anger, Larry.

      • Pele

        I wanted to go to Europe, but I ended up with the Cosmos in NYC instead. Sometimes things don’t work out. I’m happy they are working out for Matt.

    • Pele

      Well, all the players are leaving. The coach just told me I’m a starter again.

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  • Pele

    Go get Dante and Nino Torres.

  • HydraHamster

    Stuff like this happens. Chelsea is a good club that any player would have a hard time turning down. Great players in good leagues in Argentina, Brazil, Holland, Italy and France would jump at that over clubs in those countries. I’m saying this as a person who do not like MLS. This move have nothing against MLS and all for better opportunities and better pay. MLS will never be a top league because they are apart of CONCACAF. If CONCACAF merge with CONMEBOL, then we are talking.

  • serge

    Can’t blame Miazga for wanting to go to Europe. the incredible thing is his youth. Being only 20 means there is a lot of development space for him. Lots of room for him to get even better. From the perspective of the player and the USMNT, this is great.

    For Miazga, the NYRB’s might have offered him a DP contract (they already have three, who would they have dropped?) but even with a 1mil DP contract, he’s almost certainly getting that with chelsea. In fact, I bet he’s getting a pretty nice dime from them, as the EPL has tons of money and Chelsea especially have tons of money (and more coming in thanks to the new TV deal for next year) which means that unless the NYRB’s were going to go big with him (you never go big with a DB in the MLS) they still would not have been able to pay him as much as a DP as Chelsea would to have him sit at the end of the bench. That’s the reality of the economics of the MLS.

    Now the NYRB’s did well with this. they developed, again, what will hopefully be a very good player, and got a lot of money for him in the transfer market (5mil is a great amount for an MLS player, even if you’re only getting 75% of it) That amount actually pays for the entire roster for next season, or, as Curtis says, they can continue to develop HG talent, which clearly they are becoming one of the best in the US. It’s good business (and, yes folks, it’s a business) if you develop players, and then are able to sell them for 1 to 5 million every so often, you are doing very good business.

    • Anonymous

      I believe they only had two DP’s, Bradley Wright-Phillips and Gonzalo Veron. But everything else you said was undeniable. The Red Bulls did well here.

    • Pele

      Not sure Veron is a DP. They paid $2 million for his contract, but his old club got that $.

  • Anonymous

    US natuonal team wins in this case.
    Young olayer being developed properly.
    Far far away from mls

  • Anonymous

    US team’s best chances of playing NOT to lose will come from young players developed in the best leagues. Not MLS.

  • Twenty is not that young in pro ranks my friends…

  • Anonymous

    Should we start talking about 12 year olds???
    You barely have hair on your peaches at 20.
    What a dumb ass point of view.

    • Anonymous

      Larry please dont get too excited. Hair on peaches is only a figure of speach.

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  • Mad Cow

    Miazga was smart. The NJ Pink Cows are now a perpetual developmental squad that won’t pay real money for DP’s. Their current DP’s are low budget compared to real stars. Even if his new salary at Chelsea is the same as what RB offered, he will have his full potential tested in EPL. MLS isn’t ready to do that yet, if ever.

    • Pele

      Yes, they should pay $5 million per year for slow moving 37 year olds like nycfc have…….brilliant. I am the great Pele, and they can have my services for only $4

  • Frank the tank

    Mls is clearly not a destination for any player with upside.