Can’t “Do Everything:” Villa vents frustration after NYCFC’s heavy defeat


David Villa took ten of New York City FC’s 12 shots and scored the lone goal in NYCFC’s 5–1 loss to the LA Galaxy Sunday.

After the game, he felt he performed as alone as the stats would indicate.

“I’ve obviously done great things in my career, but I need people around me to do things,” Villa told Univsion’s Diego Pinzon. “It is impossible for me to only do everything against this team when I have two important central defenders marking me.”

Villa played as the lone striker for NYCFC in a 4-2-3-1 and only had three shots on target during the entire match. Two of those shots came from outside the box with the other being the goal he scored from the penalty spot. Thomas McNamara and Andoni Iraola were the only other players to take a shot during the match.

NYCFC started brightly against the Galaxy, controlling possession and taking four shots inside the first 14 minutes of the match before the Galaxy gained control of the match. It wasn’t long until NYCFC were forced to retreat into defense mode, leaving Villa alone on an island for the remaining 75 mintues.

“In the first 20 minutes we had big plays on offense and suddenly we dropped back too far from the goal,” Villa said. “This is all part of the game. I don’t try to get too frustrated but in a game like that, it bothers you.”

Recently, Villa has played as the sole striker with Kwando Poku, McNamara and Mix Diskerud playing underneath as the attacking midfielders. The trio completed three passes combined inside the Galaxy’s penalty area. Diskerud and McNamara were both substituted in the 59th minute. Poku did not take a shot and only completed four passes within 30 yards of the Galaxy’s goal.

Poku said he did his best to turn the momentum after NYCFC conceded again in the second half.

“When it was 2-0 or 3-0, I thought we just had to push forward because we were already down,” Poku said. “We just had to push forward and try to create some chances or get some goals to come back in the game that is why I pushed forward but it didn’t work that way but like I said we are just going to keep our heads up and forward and focus on the next game.”

NYCFC will need McNamara and Diskerud, in particular, to provide more of a threat to the opposition’s goal if it is to pick up the points it needs to make the playoffs. Diskerud has not scored since July 26 and has not assisted on a goal since June 28. McNamara’s form has been better with five goals and three assists since the beginning of June when he first received consistent playing time. Both players’ up-and-down seasons have been somewhat reflective of the team’s season.

Meanwhile, Villa’s fifteenth goal on Sunday set the record for most goals scored by a player on an expansion team’s inaugural season. However, Villa said the season can still be defined as a success if NYCFC completes its playoff push.

“We’re there. We need [Montreal] to lose games because they carry fewer games than us, but we will try until the end, “Villa said. “We have eight finals, and we knew that this was a very, very tough game. Obviously, we did not expect to lose in this way, but even though the year has been very irregular but the club still needs to be in the playoffs.”

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  • the Realist

    There was talk earlier this year than Villa was eager to get out of town. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move on after this year.

    He’s surrounded by MLS castoffs and old, lazy Euros.

    This is a very very bad team.

    He should get out of town ASAP.

  • Jessie

    Villa is not going anywhere. But i feel for him. Plays with some much heart and skill but, other than Pirlo and Poku, surrounded by buffoons.

  • Jessie

    that Mix Diskerud is getting paid 750k a year is a joke. That he is a national team player (surely not any more?!?) is a sad sad testament to the state of US Soccer..

  • maso

    He should pull a Lampard – get a calf strain and sit back and collect his millions.

    I get a feeling this team is going to look very different next year. How could Lampard come back next year, at 38, after this year’s performance?

    Maybe Villa wants to play alongside Veron and the Phillips brothers.

  • maso

    where was this story?

  • Rip

    They’re an expansion team, playing like an expansion team. The fact that they even still have a shot at making the playoffs is a pretty good thing. No expansion team has ever done it.

  • the Realist

    Chicago won MLS Cup as an expansion team in 1998. I realize you NYCFC hipster jackasses think the league began with your arrival, but what you said is incorrect.

    Your team is crap on every level. Just accept it, move on and go back to Bushwick.

  • Anonymous

    What performance? You have you play to have a performance… :/

  • Alan Smithee

    Their “shot” at a playoff berth is based entirely on nearly two thirds of the league making the playoffs to begin with, and that City have played FOUR more games than Montreal. Once Montreal makes up that difference, there’ll be a clear separation between 1-6 and 7-10.

    But, hey, at least you don’t have to worry about relegation.

  • Rebel Fighter

    Let’s see what soldiers the re-entry draft can bring next year.

  • EnglishRBNY

    “I realize you NYCFC hipster jackasses think the league began with your arrival, but what you said is incorrect.” – a perfectly articulated statement.

    I’d have a totally different opinion of NYCFC, even as a RBNY fan, if they’d come correct. But they act like MLS was nothing till they got here, that Metros/RBNY 20 years counts for nothing…coz they play in Jersey, which is total sporting hypocrisy. And to top it off, thought grampard et al were gonna walk in and clean up without breaking a sweat.

    After getting raped by RBNY and knocked out by Cosmos…now reality bites! Now finally I’m reading comments like…”yeah I mean we should be grateful if we make the playoffs.” And “don’t celebrate too hard, so what you beat and expansion team”.

    Less than one season in and I’m sick of you fucking NYCFC euro-snob sandal wearing frat boy douchebag wannabe motherfuckers. You couldn’t even organize a ruckus properly. One police whoop and fled like bitches!

    Go back to your EPL brunch date please.

  • Rip

    The entire league was still expansion teams when Chicago won in 1998. I love that the voices in your head believe that NYCFC fans are all hipsters, but you will have to come out of your grandmother’s basement sometime.

    It’s been a rough year, no question but our fans are still coming out in numbers that show your fan base up as the worthless shits they are. And I’ll go back to the Bronx where I live and meet up with 29,000 other NYCFC fans weekly thanks.

  • Rip

    Math is tough huh? They’re also six points out of fourth and fifth place place in the East, with their final game against NE. Weak conference does that for you.

  • the Realist

    Ok, you’re not all hipsters. Some of you are just morons.

  • Ken Reeves

    This might be the best post ever but alas you forgot about their banner hanging upside down. That sums up everything about boy city.

  • the Realist

    It’s a weak conference, but you’re a weak team within a weak conference.

    You are crap and not making the playoffs.

    Now go hang a banner upside down.

  • EnglishRBNY

    Yeah right. I give you 2 more seasons (and I’m being fucking generous) before the wheels come off. Those number won’t last, because you’re all fucking retarded with no attention span.

  • slowleftarm

    RIP is a fraud. He’s from DC yet plays up the NY/NJ issue more than anyone. As always, it’s people not from NYC who make a big deal about being in NJ. Also, he dumped DC United to jump on the bandwagon because he thought NYCFC would be some sort of super team. Looking like a bad move at this point although he’ll probably jump back on the DCU bandwagon when it’s convenient.

  • Frederick ‘Rerun’ Stubbs

    RB knocked out DC last year and followed that up by sweeping his new love this year. I’d be miserable too. Maybe he’ll try the Union next year. Either way he’s a loser.

  • Rip

    Yes…..I’m one of those “fraudulent” fans. The kind that like to actually get to go see their team play….you must not know fans like that being a Redbull fan. You realize you guys come on here an say the same thing over and over again. Lampard is old, the team is plastic, and the fans are hipsters. Okay… it. Do you really have no life that you will come online to say the same thing again and again. You never say anything different ever. You have no comments to make on the team, the league, or an actual game. Do you even like soccer? Or are you just some retard in a basement that likes going on the computer to say the same thing over and over because you don’t know any other words.

    Take a second to think about why you are even online. Do you really like soccer and like to talk about the games and what is going on with all the teams? Then try that. Because we all got it. You don’t like NYCFC. Nobody gives a ****. I’ve tried to talk about the team or games, and nobody wants to respond to that. All you want to do is be a troll…..and you can’t even do that creatively…it’s always the same thing.

  • Rip

    Yeah….hope for that you unbelievable dumbshit. That would be awesome for the game. A team that’s kicking your ass in attendance and popularity goes under. You are the smartest Redbull fan I’ve met.


    We are not all hipsters. Alot of us are LGBT and love our NYC team.

  • Alan Smithee

    The same Revs that have a game in hand on City?

    PS: 4th place TFC has two games in hand.

    Math *is* tough, apparently.

  • Rip

    So with eight games remaining…’re saying it’s mathematically impossible for NYCFC to make up two wins, with their final game being against that team. Even if you give NE another win with their extra game that means making up two wins prior to their final match. So two wins better than NE in seven games. Are you really too stupid to grasp that?

  • Smith

    Yes, let’s talk about the games.

    You have too many central midfielders who either (a) don’t play (b) don’t run hard or (c) just are plain bad.

    Your defenses is horrendous.

    The only three players who aren’t crap are Villa, Poku and McNamara.

    Reyna put together a very disjointed team.

    How’s that?

  • Rip

    That’s much better. Do you see the difference? Your comment had a point?

    The defense has been completely horrendous…..but it would have been a minor miracle to expect the defense to be really solid with these players barely having experience with each other. Kreis either needed to protect the defense better through tactic changes or live with the results. I hope he just chose to live with the results because that’s been what’s happening. What’s even more disturbing is that there’s little hope the defense will improve. While one may hope that next year Lampard, Pirlo, and Mix are better able to integrate themselves into a cohesive system…the defense has no such opportunity. Two of the best defensive players (even though they’ve had terrible lapses as well) have been Facey and Angelino. Both continued their loans to NYCFC through this season but it’s doubtful that they will be extended to next season. So next year the back four will still be brand new to each other and facing communication issues.

    I get that NYCFC seems to care less about defense and just seems to hope their offense so good they can win….it’s made for exciting games….but you can’t win without a defense at all. It’s absurd. I definitely agree that either Kreis, Reyna, or whoever is influencing their decisions has to have a better team concept rather than just salivating over promoting jersey sales for individual players.

    I hate giving Taylor Twellman any props at all…but I think he was right in the LA game when he pointed out that LA has spent on older DP roles but only for specific roles within their system and for shorter deals. The whole league is going to have to start to take that to heart.

  • Alan Smithee

    Mathematically impossible? No. But the Revs have a game in hand and an easier schedule (Orlando, Philly 2x, Chicago). But, hey, you want to believe City can make up the ground in an uphill battle? Go for it.

  • slowleftarm

    What makes you think they can do that based upon their recent play? Is Fat Frank going to suddenly turn the clock back ten years and twenty pounds?

  • Rip

    Whoa..whoa…whoa….I didn’t say I believe they’ll do it. I just said they have a “shot.” At least it will keep things interesting and give me something to hope for that this **** show of a team can get their act together. No, their schedule is pretty damn tough for this last part, and they’ve just shown too many holes in both offense and defense. But yes…..let me cling to it for a couple more weeks, that’s all I ask.

  • Rip

    Well I doubt they can do it….but it’s possible. I don’t want to give up hope while it’s still possible. Poku is doing, Villa’s doing well, Maybe Khiry Shelton will even come back finally. They’ve shown glimpses of being able to be a good team, they just can’t seem to do so consistently. They looked really good against Columbus…but even then they were lucky that there wasn’t more added time because they were fading. They looked great against DC United. I guess the hope is that teams overlook them like DC did, and they pull their heads out of their asses long enough to remember to mark the guy running by them….and then maybe they have a shot.

  • EnglishRBNY

    Even the cosmos had stellar attendance once upon a time. Wait till the newness fades, and then take stock. I see from your comments below accusing Reb Bulls fans of repeating the same **** over and over. That my friend is very much a two way street. I’d love to talk football, but I can’t hear myself think over the NYCFC fans screams of “Jersey, Jersey, Energy Drink, **** attendance, Real New York, Jersey, Jersey…and on and on”

    So on that point…welcome to the MLS. Harder than you though isn’t it. Not the highest standard of football in the world. But not the walk in the park Gods gift to MLS thought it was going to be is it?

    My comments here would be less inflammatory if NYCFC fans hadn’t trolled the **** out of RBNY in pre-season. A bit of humility would have gone a really long way.

    So now where are we? 3 for 3 son, and at the top end of the table, that’s where.

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