Kaka expands on his dealings with Red Bulls, Galaxy prior to Orlando signing


Former New York Red Bulls General Manager Erik Soler would always have a sly smirk on his face when talking about the possibility of bringing Kaka to the team; the kind of look that suggests the union was more a question of ‘when’ than ‘if.’

He had reason to be confident, says Kaka, who revealed just how close he got to signing with the team.

“I spoke to the New York Red Bulls about two years ago when I was still with Real Madrid,” he told reporters via conference call. “We came very close to signing a deal, but in the end, because of all the things happening with the clubs, we never came to a deal.”

Kaka also confirmed another rumor which floated right alongside that Red Bull report; a possible connection to the Galaxy.

“Also while I was with Madrid, I spoke to Los Angeles,” he revealed. “We couldn’t reach a deal either.”

The Red Bulls made their desire to sign Kaka well known, going so far as to bring on his brother Digao to a handsome contract in order to lure the Brazilian legend into their fold. By early 2013, hope had died in signing Kaka, costing Digao his deal with New York.

Overall, timing, interest from A.C. Milan and a possibility to play in the World Cup influenced Kaka’s decision to stay in Europe.

“I went to Milan because with Milan, I thought there would be a chance to earn minutes, play some exciting football and playing well in Milan, possibly having the chance to play the World Cup in Brazil,” he said. “That was the plan.”

That plan did not pan out as expected. Nevertheless, Kaka does not view that rejection as a final chapter in his storied career. The 2002 World Cup winner rejected lucrative offers in Europe and Asia to join Orlando, and has high hopes for the possibility of putting soccer on the map in Florida — and beyond.

“I still had another year left with Milan, but I decided to come here,” he said. “I am not coming here to retire or to live out the final years of my career. I am here with great anticipation and hope to do big things here.

“I can still offer much to football still.”

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