Watch: NASL expansion side Miami FC unveils official badge

  • The Realist

    I’m surprised NYCFC didn’t try to sign Maldini to a DP contract. They need defensive help & he is about the right age for them.

    • send over the RFP

      you joke but he played in 30 matches for a Milan side that finished 3rd at the age of 41. if NYC can get that sort of longevity out of their DPs they’ll be in great shape.

  • OpenCupFan

    I like the globe.

  • freewilly

    Cool logo

  • Anonymous

    Hideous logo…

  • Joey

    I’m going to say it looks bad as well. I like the globe, but overall, it is really bad.

  • US Soccer Fan

    crest is too big, maybe it has to be so the low attendance they will get in the minor league nasl can see it.

    • send over the RFP

      that was baaaaad

    • cosmosfan

      It just doesn’t have enough Corporate Synergy to it.

      Needs more Red Bull or Manchester City Reserves.

  • Kevin

    I don’t know,the globe in the ball is cool. But the swirls,around the ball, not so much. Have they brought out what the kit is going to look like?