New York City FC extend Josh Saunders’ contract



Josh Saunders was arguably New York City FC’s most reliable player in their inaugural season.

His efforts have been rewarded.

NYCFC have signed Saunders to a multi-year contract following his memorable 2015 season.

“I love playing for this club”, said Saunders. “It’s a great honor for me and I’m definitely looking forward to playing in front of our fans again next season. I think the bond with the supporters is great. It’s not just an emotional connection. It helps the players and the fans alike because when you come into our stadium it’s intimidating. Having them truly cheer for people that they care for is great. The team is excited to get back to training soon and begin the hard work and preparation for next season.”

Saunders led MLS with 124 saves on the season and was named New York City FC Defensive Player of the Year. He earned 33 starts and four shutouts in that time.

“Retaining Josh was always part of our offseason plans,” team Sporting Director Claudio Reyna said. “He is a tremendous leader and displays all of the personal and professional qualities we look for in a New York City FC player. He had a great season last year and clearly has a special relationship with our supporters.”

“I’m delighted that Josh has signed a new deal with the Club and am really looking forward to working with him next season,” said new team boss, Patrick Vieria. “He is a fantastic professional and is very experienced in this league; he will be an important leader for us both on the pitch and in the locker room.”

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    It would be nice and smart for MLS to do a goalkeeper dp spot. Supposedly USA produces a lot of goalkeepers but where are they?
    Look at ligamx, most of the teams pay good money for goalkeepers and they do have good quality down there.
    If you don’t use your dp goalkeeper spot, nothing happens but I’m pretty sure all MLS teams would have a dp goalkeeper if MLS had that rule.
    For those who are casual soccer fans, a goalkeeper is like a coach inside the field, they see everything,

    • Ali C is my man

      No clue how this relates to the story but I get your point.

  • Anonymous

    Josh Saunders would not qualify for a Gk DP spot. He is ok, nothing great. A spot like that though might lure a Brad Guzan or Tim Howard back to MLS.


      MLS would steal all the top goalkeepers from Mexico and South America easily.
      Even some second stringers from top Europe teams.

  • Joey Bag of Donuts

    ahahahahah great this was the move we all were waiting for so out of touch !

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