NYCFC extend winless streak to 10 in loss to RSL


SANDY, UT. – How low can you go, New York City FC?

That is the question as NYCFC extend their winless streak to 10 matches with a 2-0 loss at Real Salt Lake. The result earns NYCFC the unenviable distinction as the worst team in Major League Soccer with the worst record in the league (1-7-4).

John Stertzer opened the scoring in the 26th minute and Costa Rican International Alvaro Saborio doubled the lead in the 49th minute to pull away from a toothless NYCFC.

A turnover at midfield at the 26th minute allowed RSL captain Kyle Beckerman to play the ball back just above the midfield line. His chip found Devon Sandoval who sent a flick on to Stertzer. The young midfielder made his chance count, beating Josh Saunders to the far post for the lead.

Just after halftime, it was Saborio doubling the lead, following a Luke Mulholland cross into the box, splitting defenders Chris Wingert and Jason Hernandez, and powering a header past Saunders in the 49th.

That would be all Salt Lake needed in a match filled with chances.

New York attempted to buck their season long slow-starting trend with a noticeable intent on possession in the opening minutes. That didn’t last long. Sandoval managed the first two opportunities on net for RSL, but Saunders managed to get the best of him one-on-one.

NYCFC’s best attempt of the night followed with Mix Diskerud planting a sure-fire shot at the tip of the crossbar and out of danger.

Salt Lake’s goal did little to change NYCFC’s possession style. However, the visitors struggled in breaking down their hosts with Kyle Beckerman and Jamison Olave presenting problems for the NYCFC attack.

While treated to a warm welcome, the return of Jason Kreis to Salt Lake did little to buoy his side.

NYCFC’s next challenge comes Saturday as they host the Houston Dynamo at Yankee Stadium.


  • willy wonka

    Its all mentally, the pressure is eating NYC from left to right.
    Then if u ask yourself, who are the best teams in the east, I say RB and NE and the rest are kinda of a mystery, not lik the west. So if NYC recover from their injuries and broken mentality and stop worrying about their hipster image, then they can take a wild card spot.
    Another very important fact or opinion, kreis knew what he got himself into and he looks lost, speechless, confused, unhappy, depressed. If I was a nyc fan I would be disappointed with kreis, isn’t he the next big mls coach besides arena and sigi.
    I always thought he was overrated as a coach, and probably villa would coach the team better, just wait till lampard arrives.

  • Smith

    I don’t think it’s mental at all. I think this is just a very poorly put together team and that is reflected in the results. They may not win another game all year. In fact, that seems very likely.

  • Seeker

    NYCFC are just brutal to watch! They have one star and the rest of the team is made up of mid to lower level MLS caliber players, none of who do any one particular thing well.

  • Anthony

    This team sucks so hard, what an embarrassment to nyc

  • Smith

    Has anyone noticed that, since Nich Chavez’s “Call to Arms” piece, NYCFC is winless?

    Metrostars had the Curse of Caricola. NYCFC has the Curse of Chavez.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the MLS re-entry draft. Players that are sub-par are given new life. ManCity $$$ means nothing with MLS’s salary cap.


      100% > Man City can buy 3 Dp’s but that’s not going to change the rest of team. In MLS you almost have to find 2 or 3 diamonds in the rough to put with those DP’s.You would think a Moffat type or a Fernandes type player would have helped. Cosmos were smart enough to know this.

      I think Reyna & Kreis did a horrendous job of putting a team together. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking.

      • bench warmer

        For those who say mancity is a farmteam, they are wrong. Man city needs to help nyc and should help them,but the salary cap will never let them be a top team, which sucks, just like for galax n those rich teams.
        But like people have said, nyc does suck. Kreis n reyna did a terrible job, n I thought kreis knew what he was himself gettin into.
        Im disappointed with kreis, he has so much mls experience and has done a terrible job.
        How can he rebound? Who knows. Next season will only be tougher.


    If you ask NYCFC fans if they knew what they were getting themselves into in terms of MLS, i bet more than half had no idea how restrictive it is & how hamstrung franchises are by the salary cap. You will not have a super club anytime soon, so get use to mediocre & pray you go on a winning streak when you make the playoffs. MLS playoffs is like Russian Roulette.

    • Anonymous

      What he said

      They absolutely had no idea. Many of them are still perplexed.

      MLS is a place where players compete on the pitch, but front offices NEVER compete. They are all one “club” spreading around the talent evenly. The blood soaked money will only make you marginally better than a tiny market like Salt Lake or Kansas City

      It kinda dampens the Hoolie Cosplay many of them signed on for

  • Ali is my man

    Stop complaining about the MLS and salary cap. Just sign 3 DPs!!

  • Ali is my man

    I thought RSL looked terrible yesterday with the exception of Nick Rimando. What does that make NYCFC?

  • Kevin

    But aren’t u an expansion team? Did you NYCFC fans expect a lot. They just starting playing together this season

  • Hydrahamster

    What can I say? It’s a new team. Thanks to the salary cap and the mediocre run league, NYCFC did not stand a chance. MLS is not really a league. The way they run is like a single club with it’s squads spread out. NYCFC will do bad this year, but MLS’s forced parity will give them a chance to redeem themselves in the most unprofessional manner. That is by first choice draft picking.