Favorable returns for NYCFC after Stadium Town Hall


Opposition for a new soccer stadium in the South Bronx was vocal at a town hall held earlier this month, but returns prove there was a silent majority present.

News 12 in the Bronx caught up with Bronx BID Executive Director Cary Goodman who revealed the results of a town hall survey.

“Three out of four people would like to see a soccer stadium built,” Goodman told News 12.

The survey questioned attendees about the stadium proposal and their position. In order to get a better scope of interest and credibility, it also asked whether or not participants were local residents. The key question discussed in this report asked “DO YOU THINK A SOCCER STADIUM IS A GOOD IDEA FOR RIVER AVENUE?” To that, NYCFC saw impressive backing from the local community.

While the support is impressive, the opposition’s resolve seems equally so. Asked if their opinion would change about the stadium if it received no public funds, only one in five surveyed said they would consider the proposal.

“How do we mitigate in terms of potential harm?” asks South Bronx Unite’s Michael Johnson, an attendee of the Town Hall and a local community leader. “Such as closing 153rd street, relocating a business that has been here for decades and the highway, so we have 350 workers that he relocated, the ramp to the highway has to be closed.”

The next salvo in this debate will come from NYCFC’s corner, with a town hall of their own planned in the coming months.

“I know for a fact that it is a priority of New York City F.C. to present the accurate facts related to the soccer stadium project and their commitment to this community in the near future in a forum similar to this this evening,” Brian Smith, Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations of the New York Yankees said at the original town hall. “That information will be confirmed and shared with all shortly.”

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  • Let’s get this done. I’m tried of people that are not from the Bronx trying to stop this project. I’m from 170st in the Bronx so I know 1st hand of how good the stadium will do. The only thing is I would like a retractable roof on this stadium so it could be used year round. Nothing but good will come from this Stadium. The area will become a year round sports destination, bringing in visitors from all over that will spend money in the Bronx, my home town. Those new visitors will encourage new business development and hopefully market rate homes, not to forget the reputation of the Bronx will improve.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Cue the f.cosmos fanboys comin’ round to tell us how the survey was fixed. In ….3….2….1….

  • Please make this happen, I would love to see soccer strive in the heart of the bronx. This is the biggest city in the states and no stadium. Pathetic. I’m a Red Bulls supporter and can care less about NYCFC but will enjoy the games against them. #ForzaMetros

    • Rufus T firefly

      I’m looking forward to the Red Bulls-NYCFC matches myself. They’re going to be intense!

  • Steve

    The original site for the new stadium was the best idea, hands down! I think building the stadium in Flushing would bring the most people, as far as attendance. And are they even done with that ramp/lane entrance for the gw/cross Bronx … That traffic is ridiculous

    • Andre

      ummm – its NYC and there is a thing called the train. at the porposed site there is the 2/5/4/B/D subways within close proximity and the Metro North commuter rail. The Major Deegan Expressway also is right there. This is much easier to get to for most ppl.

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