Garber: NYCFC close to finalizing temporary stadium deal

New York City FC Unveil_Levine_Garber_Soriano

As New York City F.C. officials will admit, the team is far from securing a permanent stadium within the five boroughs. Still, with little over a year until their debut, one has to ask why the delay in announcing a temporary home?

“There’s really not a delay,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber told EOS at the MLS SuperDraft. “Shortly, they will probably announce a place. They are just finalizing all their details.”

For months, the rumored location of a temporary home has been Yankee Stadium. Yankee brass have witnessed first hand the kind of buzz soccer matches in the Stadium can generate thanks to featured friendlies over the past two years.

However, without a formal announcement from NYCFC, a Yankee Stadium home remains pure speculation. That isn’t a worry for Garber who believes the team’s short term needs will soon be filled.

“They’ve got some time,” he said. “They’ve got to get a great spot. (CEO) Ferran (Soriano), who we are all very excited about, is a very bright, experienced guy, has said they are looking for not just a place to play, but a home. That home needs to start where they are going to play temporarily and then they have got to find a permanent home for this stadium.

“They have work to do there.”

Soriano reiterated the team’s stance last week that a permanent NYCFC stadium must be within the five boroughs. Garber took it a step forward, saying even a temporary home would be best served within city limits.

“That’s their decision,” he said, “but I would expect it to be in the five boroughs.”

  • edwin

    I hope cosmos gets their own stadium in new york, New york deserves it. Theres so many soccer fans in new york and it will benefit them.

  • rafael

    OMG…is it going to be Yankee Stadium?!?!? Come on…aside from the fact that MLS was obsessed with another NY team, to the point that they ignored their own “new team” requirements, NYC FU’s plans are the worst kept secret.

    • deeve

      If you’re just now hearing that for the first time, you’re not very informed. They’ve been pretty clear that Yankee stadium was a very real possibility for a temporary home while NYCFC’s permanent stadium is being built.

  • Anonymous

    Yankee Stadium is the only reasonable solution for 2015-2016 and 2017 seasons

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