Five Lessons: New York Red Bulls 2-0 DC United

(Image, New York Red Bulls facebook)

(Image, New York Red Bulls facebook)

If you are the New York Red Bulls, you must be hoping to play DC United every week.

For only the 4th time in 18 years, New York walked away from RFK with a shutout victory. It was their second consecutive dominating performance against their storied rivals, and this time, it was on the road.

More importantly, the team earns three points and immediately gives their unsightly record a facelift. Now at 2-3-2, New York jumps back into the top five in an increasingly tight and wide-open Eastern Conference.

“I said it all along; I think we deserved a lot more from our previous results and it’s nice to come on the road and get three points in a place like RFK and D.C. United,” head coach Mike Petke said. “It’s the [Eastern] Conference. It’s a conference game. It’s a rival. And it feels good. These guys got what I think they earned.”

They certainly did more than enough to achieve the result despite their recent road woes. EoS breaks it down, bringing back our ‘Five Lessons’ and breaking down the DC victory.

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