Five Thoughts On The New York Soccer Weekend




I’ve read so many tweets and stories from fans, bloggers and journalists who insist the New York City FC, New York Red Bulls derby does not qualify as a “rivalry.”

There is no history, they say. It is manufactured, they argue. NYCFC didn’t show up to play, shout naysayers from the mountain tops.

Listen close folks: you can’t quantify emotion. You can’t always rely on a number, a statistic or recall precedent to qualify hate.

And you can’t tell fans or players that their rage is subject to certain predetermined landmarks.

Tell the NYCFC fans who were burning Red Bull gear in effigy under the River Avenue train tracks that the rivalry isn’t real. Or the Red Bull fans who were dragging loud mouth NYCFC supporters by their scarves that this is just manufactured. Or the supporters that met outside the gates of the stadium and began flinging bottles at each other that the hate is fake.

Better yet, ask the damn players themselves! Ask the Red Bulls how good it felt to knock in seven on NYCFC. Ask the teary-eyed NYCFC players if losing to the Red Bulls in such a lopsided fashion didn’t hurt just a little more than say, a loss to the Colorado Rapids.

The Red Bulls, NYCFC matches are more than just rivalry — they are derby. They are clashes between two sides competing for the most primal of prizes: home turf.

That needs no qualification. That boils down to basic human instinct.

So please. Continue to say this rivalry is nonexistent. Continue to argue that history precedes hate. Keep pandering to your audience in arrogant dismissal of what your eyes and hearts already see.

You are only lying to yourself.

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  • Ralph

    I’m not a fan of either team, but loved the spectacle of a big local soccer game in New York. It’s been a long time coming. This IS a rivalry. Unfortunately, not enough local sports reporters can speak to it (someone wake Fransesca up).
    Looking forward to the rematch in what should be a very unfriendly crowd for NYCFC.
    Lets get NYCFC & NY Cosmos real stadiums!

    • Laughing at Nick Chavez

      I will never tire of watching the highlights of the Red Bulls slapping City Boy Kite around. The only thing that would have made it better was if, after the mstch, the Red Bulls dragged Nick Chavez and Roxx Fontaine out of the crowd, marched them to the mind and gave them nutcracking atomic wedgie. Other than that, it was perfect.

      • Laughing at Nick Chavez

        Rather that’s MOUND, NOT MIND.

      • Rebull just scored Again

        I have never seen such poor coverage on corner kicks or free kicks since I played soccer as a 9 year old.

  • HowNice

    I agree wholeheartedly that this is indeed a rivalry. Last year’s match between red and blue at Yankee Stadium drew more fans than NYC’s inaugural match in the same building. Was that fake? 48,000 people… NYC supporters need to search their souls and figure out who they are and what they’re about. Talking about NJ and energy drink sponsorship from overseas is getting tired, tired, tired. Get a stadium of your own, win something significant and then maybe we’ll talk. NY is only one thing, and it ain’t powder blue!

  • Alex Better Red Than…

    I am a Red Bulls fan BUT I have to say the league did NYCFC no favors when it came to the schedule. NYCFC played a Sunday night game across the country, a Wednesday night game in Toronto, and then a Saturday afternoon game. The Red Bulls played in DC on Friday night followed by a home game on Wednesday against Chicago. Huge scheduling advantage for the Red Bulls with significantly more rest and less travel. By the way, NYCFC is still ahead of us in the standings. As far as I can see, these are both currently mediocre teams that could easily make the playoffs in a weak East or flounder and finish 9th.

    • Milton Reese

      Maybe, but isn’t this the same nycfc team that rested a couple starters vs. Toronto? That put all its eggs in a basket for the RB game? Excuses are for losers.

      • The Truth

        Here are my five thoughts:

        1) 1999 Metrostars aside, I have never seen a team worse at defending set pieces than NYCFC.

        2) Pirlo was completely gassed by the half.

        3) The NYCFC fans fled the building like there was a fire after the 5th goal.

        4) The field is too damn narrow.

        5) All of NYCFC fans fall into one of the following categories:

        a) Transplanted midwesterners who live in hipster nabes
        b) CT & Westchester residents
        c) Euro snobs
        d) Folks who got freebies & know nothing about the game.

        These guys are a blight on the American soccer scene,

        • A Zee

          One thing I found particularly funny were the ads on that displayed the dictionary definition of the word derby for NYCFC ‘fans.’

      • A Zee

        They rested 7 starters in Toronto. Some didn’t even suit up. They certainly prepared for this derby like it was important.

  • smurf040

    Poor NYCfc, They’re the only SOCCER team that can say they got scored a FOOTBALL “touchdown” on a BASEBALL “diamond” lol!! Couldn’t happen to a shittier team! where are all those snobs now!! Jajajaja!!!

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