Five Thoughts On The New York Soccer Weekend



New York City FC are four points clear of the New York Red Bulls — and undefeated to boot. Meanwhile, the Red Bulls are waiting on their first win — and goal — of the season.

Now who saw that one coming?

Indeed, it has been a blue wave of positivity that has countered the red-hot disappointment of Harrison’s famed denizens. NYCFC look like a club that has something to prove heading into the 2016 season — because they do. Meanwhile, the underdog Red Bulls can’t seem to succeed, especially now that they are not the anonymous side that took MLS by storm last year.

That combination has made for an exciting — and at times confusing — start to the season.

Well, in the New York market at least.

Here are some thoughts on the New York soccer weekend …

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  • Anthony

    Must be watching different NYCFC teams, because the one i see is careless, overly aggressive going forward, horrible in transition defense, and leaking goals like a sieve. This is not a recipe in MLS for success.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      what are you doing watching new yorks only team? i would think you fanboys would be more concerned about getting that go fund me page for the f.cosmos up and running. you know, so they can pay their bills instead of bouncing checks all over town.

      must have sucked seeing over 30000 fans in yankee stadium watching new yorks only team. 30000, or as its known out there in f.cosmos country: the entire spring season + 2 games in the fall.


    • slowleftarm

      Have to love Hempstead fans – they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Yet when a RBNY or NYCFC fan mocks the global brand’s 3k crowd, this guy will start whining about us picking on poor Cosmos.

      • Larry\’s a Simpleton

        You are right!

        hey – You wanna come over for some fair dinkum, acid jazz & mom’s fried chicken?

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          Stupid stupid f.cosmos fans. stupid for falling for the f.cosmos bull **** and apparently not bright enough to debate without predtending to be someone else; lol more proof positive that f.cosmos fanboys are fucking idiots.


      • slowfrontallobe

        He’s talking about soccer he saw. You are just trolling and haven’t said anything new in years.

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  • Some Guy

    Beside all the usual fighting/trolling, Anthony’s point is well taken. NYC defending has been absolutely terrifying.
    Caution, please

    • Rip

      Their defense has been bad……but Anthony’s comment is still just trolling without any real knowledge. Their defense hasn’t been bad because of them going forward. And although their transition defense has been bad, it actually hasn’t been bad organizationally. The problem has been 1) a terrible lack of speed at central defender. Chicago exposed them in transition because they could play a long ball to Accam and there just seemed to be nothing that Brillant could do individually. You saw that fixed in the second match because Hernandez knew Gio could beat him, and instead shielded him with his body to prevent the run. 2) Man-marking is still atrocious. Again, Brillant was at fault where in the second match he moved away from Gio, giving him space to create a shot. and 3) They panic when pressed at the back and have been giving the ball away at dangerous spots. Saunders, Brillant, and Hernandez are all at fault for that, and even Pirlo in the first game. That has nothing to do with aggressiveness or transition defense and all about practicing building from the back to gain comfort with it. Frankly, Saunders has always been shaky at this. They are just going to have to live with the growing pains until they get comfortable with where to go with the ball under pressure and how they can help each other out. And Saunders has to learn when the “plan” needs to go out the window and just boot the ball away.

      And thank you for having an actual soccer related comment. :)

  • Hank the tank

    I put my interest in NYCFC and Redbull just below the NJ Devils.
    Either team gets as much press and attention as a USL team.
    Are we kidding with all the trash talking??

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      do you know how to read? i see a lot of coverage for the red bulls and nycfc in the 3 MAJOR daily newspapers in NYC. something the f.cosmos never get.

      i see the red bulls on a MAJOR network like MSG and nycfc on a MAJOR network like YES. the f.cosmos are where?

      f.cosmos fanboys are starting to be an embarrassment with their out and out stupidity.

      • Hank the tank

        I’m looking at right now…can’t seem to find either team’s logo in the sports section…..maybe I should check the living and entertainment section??

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          wow henry are you really that stupid? we all know f.cosmos fanboys are total assholes, but you bring it to a new level.

          here you go, **** for brains:

          click the link and you’ll see about 8 or 9 articles dedicated to the red bulls and nycfc. hahahahahahahaha not a single thing about the mighty, fabulous independent f. cosmos. why is that?

          do you want links to the Post and the Times too? or you so feeble minded you cant handle it? where the press coverage for the f.comos??? LMFFAO! we’ll wait

          • William

            where are your championship dummy ?

            • Larry\’s A Simpleton

              winning little league championships is something to brag about? nasl championships rank below the wnba.

              face it nobody give a crap about the f.cosmos. the f.cosmos are a disgrace and a laughing stock. 3000 to a game lolololol.


          • Hank the tank

            Articles as lenghty as the used cars for sale Right next to the sheep dating site.
            Baaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaasaaasaa

            Unlike you, I am at work right now.

            Keep looking for those great articles.


            • Larry\’s A Simpleton

              you’re at work right now? thank god, someone has to wash out the mens rooms hofstra u.

              great articles about red bulls and nycfc are in all the papers fatboy. wheres the link to the articles on the world famous f.cosmos? oh thats right, the pennysaver doesn’t have a web page.

              so hank, have you made your donation tothe f.cosmos go fund me page so they can pay the bills?


          • What Larry really meant
            • slowleftarm

              Fair enough, although even that article was only in the paper because an MLS team played.

  • Jerry

    NYCFC is a joke right now.
    First time on this site, folks need a reality check on MLS and this experiment in new york
    I was at the game on Sunday for the love of the sport (not a fan of either team). Boy was I disappointed. The field was in hideous condition. Layout is horrific for soccer. Zero atmosphere through most of the 1st half…zero.

    PS make sure your smart phone is charged before you enter gates. Good luck to you if you have paper tickets.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      you’re full of **** jerry. like all fans of the f.cosmos you clowns cant stand the fact than nycfc gets all the attention and the f.cosmos are totally ignored in nyc. 30000. thats a number the f.cosmos will never see.

      baaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa moooooooo


      • What Larry Really Means

        You are right. The field is bad. The defense is worse. It’s the least knowledgable fan base in the league. We brag about our attendance because we have nothing else. We are buffoons and I am King of the Buffoons. I am ashamed of my behavior.

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          lol f.cosmos fanboys cant accept reality. boo hoo hoo.

          yankee stadium is so terrible, yet the team averages 30000 people thru 18 home games. please tell us about how wonderful those 2000 grassroots types make shuart stadium. i guess if you’re the type that enjoy wide open spaces, nassau county is the place to be!

          baaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaa moooooooooooooooooo