Five Thoughts on the New York Soccer weekend

Red Bulls nYCFC


New York City FC are ahead of the New York Red Bulls in the MLS table.

Relish it while it lasts, NYCFC fans!

In fact, if you are a fan of the blue team, you have plenty to crow about this Monday. Yes, there were concerns across the field against the Chicago Fire. However, the team worked through the pressure and managed a victory on the road — a reason for celebration if there ever was one. With Patrick Vieira reviving the ambitions of this club, there was a noticeable difference in the team response against Chicago – a better, more positive response at that.

As for Red Bull fans, there was plenty to be optimistic about … for roughly 84 minutes. New York did what they always seek to do — choke out the opposition. However, Toronto came in with the right gameplan — and walked out with the better result.

Here are five thoughts on the weekend’s action:

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  • slowleftarm

    I actually think 21k wasn’t that far off yesterday but you’re right that the RBNY fanbase is pretty weak. You are unfurling a SS banner and coming off the best season in team history – this should have been a sellout.

    • Goodfella

      21K was WAY off. 15K butts in seat, being generous

      • slowleftarm

        Hey why stop there with your hyperbole? Why not just say no one showed up – not a single person.

        • slowlefttroll

          No one showed up. Not a single person.

  • Sarah

    Nobody wants to cheer for soda

    • rafael

      or someone else’s minor league team.

      • DanGerman

        But yet I can guarantee you that the “minor league team” is going to get more fans then the red fizzy pops of NJ .

        • Nat Mac

          You should thank all those empty seats. If it weren’t for them, NY2 may never have come into existence.

        • Anthony

          For how long? The shine is worn off, and the results stink…they cant fill it with their Yankees ticket lists much longer.

        • be good

          you Dan you are always the guy with all the answers. You think you are the smartest guy in any room you enter. Its really old guy.

    • rafael

      And in someone else’s baseball stadium

      • Nat Mac

        Can you imagine the parent club, Manchester City, playing a league match that counts on a surface like the one they play on at Yankee Stadium? Puts the whole thing in perspective. Marketing is taken more seriously than the sport. They need an SSS soon.

    • Nat Mac

      Yes, better to cheer for oil.

    • slowleftarm

      And by “nobody” you mean 5 times as many people who come out to see the global brand in Hempstead.

      • Larry

        yet a lot more championships in Hempstead – where are yours ?

        • slowleftarm

          Two supporters shields in the last three years – surely trumps any minor league trophies won by the squad in the college lacrosse stadium in Hempstead.

          • Ronnie V

            Supporter shield ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa typical loser RB fan. Expect so little satisfied with crums. Jackass !

          • Dave

            you are so small time that global soccer power in NJ ahhaahahahahahah cause some guy in Sweden knows this soccer powerhouse are we to believe it is the case ?

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  • Goodfella

    “Relish it while it lasts, NYCFC fans!” slight bias to the reporting there, Dave! LOL

    • Dave Martinez

      Opinion based piece — just calling it as I see it. NYCFC need some major help defensively, despite all the great things we saw Sunday. Other side of the coin? Pretty sure some RB fans unhappy with the attendance bit.

      I can never win.

      • Nat Mac

        Nah, you’re fine Dave. RB fans are used to the attendance bit. It’s the one constant with this team.

      • Anthony

        Man CIty USA defense and tactics are garbage. Chicago must have gotten behind more than a dozen times. If they had anyone that could finish they would have scored 6 goals. Even worse was the insistence to continue playing these awful tactics. When Lampard comes in it will be even worse.

    • Nat Mac

      Funny how NY2 fans like to dish it but can’t really take it, so to speak.

  • Quit Bitchin about The Attendance

    Looked like 21K to me. Took much longer than usual getting out of the warehouse as well.

    • slowleftarm

      There was some kind of detour on 280 West, which is why it took forever. I do think 21K was not too far off however. The lower bowl was basically full and the upper bowl from about 224 around to 206 was fairly full. Only from the away fans over the other direction was it somewhat empty.

      • Allan

        you are lucky there were 7,500 at that global tennis power.

      • Dave

        sure sure that’s the ticket it was the traffic totally delusional

    • Dave

      the man with the Stevie Wonder eyesight talks moron !

  • Larry\’s Momma

    First of all thank God RedBull sunk money into this franchise a few years ago, built a beautiful stadium, and attracted great players to come play in metro ny/nj. Big improvement from the metro stars days at Giants stadium where the team didn’t even have a locker room to call their own…..BUT, it is time to think about the future of this franchise. Can MLS stomach another re-brand or change of ownership with an original franchise?
    I’m afraid Redbull’s asking price would be too high and will cut corners each year to keep the franchise relevant/profitable. The franchise is far behind the NJ Devils in the local sports market, and that’s not saying much. Signing zero free agents and cashing out on future stars not what I would want my team doing.
    Hopefully this gets sorted out soon. The sport deserves better…so do the fans.

    • ElMetrofan

      Good points there. I for one didn’t blink twice when Metro got rebranded 10 years ago. It’s only until recently that I’m beginning to think that it wants to appeal to the community, but when you’re named after a can, the energy of it all fades pretty quick. No pun intended.

  • Hooray for New York soccer

    Why are people so bitter and twisted about the opening MLS weekend for NY/NJ clubs? A bit of positivity can go a long way to help grow the sport in the Metro area.

    Grow a pair and and enjoy the season!

  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    tick tock tick tock. the clock is winding down on the f.cosmos. how funny is it that the delusional knuckleheads that follow that little league team in nassau county talk about attendence.

    hey anthony stop being a twat and come back when the f.cosmos start getting more than 2 or 3 thousand a game. btw, are the world famous f.cosmos playing all their matches at shuart or are they getting the boot again from hostra lacrosse?

    • slowlefttroll

      Hey why stop there with your hyperbole? Why not just say no one shows up – not a single person.

      • Larry\’s A Simpleton

        whats the matter? another f.cosmos fanboy that cant grasp the truth? face it the f.cosmos are a laughing stock of a franchise. oops i mean a laughing stock of an independent franchise.

        all you fanboys of the f.cosmos are just to embarrassed to admit you were taken for a ride. your to embarrassed to admit the f.cosmos are a failure of colossal proportions. to embarrased that you fell for that load of bull **** cheap skate stover was dishing out.

        come on burro boys, tell us how many of you secretly have gone to yankee stadiun with th THOUSANDS of other new york city fans to watch new yorks team?


        • Your 3rd grade teacher

          Too, little boy, too.

        • Larry\’s Momma

          Why are you still upset your ball boy try outs weren’t what you expected??

          • Larry\’s a simpleton

            I misunderstood what ball boy meant. Boy, the team was angry at me. Except Mix..he liked it!

  • I’m so tired of people complaining about a “soda” or “soft drink” company owning the team. Really people? Would you rather wear a jersey with a bank name on it? A bread named Bimbo??? A foreign airline? Red Bull is the only team IMHO that is cool looking. Yes it’s their brand. So is every other kit out there. At least ours is cool looking and for the record, Red Bull is more of a media company these days than it is a soft drink company.

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