Flexible Loan: Connor Lade can go “back and forth” between Red Bulls, Cosmos


Connor Lade could not find starting minutes with one team. Now, he could pull duties for two.

The St. Johns product has spent the past two weeks at Red Bull training, recovering from a dislocated shoulder in his Cosmos debut. During that time, he participated in a reserve league match under the Red Bull umbrella.

How is that kind of arrangement allowed under a loan deal? New York Cosmos head coach Giovanni Savarese explains the nature of Connor Lade’s agreement.

“Every loan from MLS is the same,” Savarese said. “They can recall a player at any time they want.

“In this case, Connor needs to play games. He hasn’t been able to find the space there with the Red Bulls and we are very glad to have him here. He is a great person, he is a good player and he is going to help us out.”

When Savarese says “at any time,” he means it. Red Bulls’ coach Mike Petke made short mention during his weekly conference call that Lade could conceivably be recalled by the team if they saw a need for him in CONCACAF Champions League play next week. That led to questions about the longevity of the loan deal itself.

As it turns out, the agreement is quite flexible for both teams.

“The way it works is that you can work back and forth,” Savarese said, clarifying Petke’s statements. In essence, the Red Bulls can recall Lade after the Cosmos match this weekend against Minnesota United, bring him into training, and prepare him for a role against FAS in Champions League play on Tuesday before shipping him back to the Cosmos later that week.

While that may be contractually feasible, the Cosmos are opposed to a constant sharing of Lade.

“We are not that kind of club,” Savarese explained. “We like to be steady.

“Look at the situation with [Jimmy] Ockford. We have an agreement verbally he will stay with us through the end of the year, but the contracts are the same. The contracts are stated that when MLS clubs want players back, they will recall them. They do it with Orlando City, they do it with many USL teams, sometimes they do it with NASL teams with players that go back and forth, but that is not the case [with us] because if he is just going to be going back and forth, he wouldn’t be the type of player we would bring in. We would like to have players here and stay and that is what we are looking for with Connor Lade.

“He is back here, he trained today and he is our player, but every contract, every loan agreement with MLS is standard and the same.”