Former Red Bull Dane Richards sees opportunity in Bodo Glimt


When Dane Richards finds himself in need of a change on the field, he always relies on his running ability to get him towards a better place.

His move from Burnley of the English Championship towards Glimt of Norway’s second division was much the same. Behind the eight ball with a new coach in place, Richards ran when a familiar boss came calling.

“I know Jan Halvor (Halvorsen) well from our time together in New York Red Bulls,” Richards tells Norwegian outlet AN. “I like him very much as a coach. When I heard that he wanted me at Bodo Glimt, I gave a clear message to my agent. ‘We need to fix this.’

“I am very happy that everything went ok.”

Richards made two appearances as a substitute with Burnley and was actually subbed out of one of those matches after making his league debut. His inability to see playing time cost him minutes with his National team amidst Jamaica’s World Cup Qualifying run.

The writing was on the wall; Richards needed a change and former Red Bull assistant coach Halvorsen provided it.

“I did not come here just for myself,” Richards explained. “Obviously, I want to play football, but I also have a high goal to contribute. Glimt is now giving me this opportunity.

“If I start tomorrow, I’m ready if I get to play,” he said.

“I need some time getting to know my new teammates strengths. At the same time, they need some time to get to know my strengths,” he acknowledged. “Fortunately, this is football. We do not need too many trainings before we find this out.

“Now I just focus on Glimt. I have come to a trainer I know and like. A coach who knows me as a player. Hopefully, this will be good for both me and Glimt.

“I am very happy to be here.”

Richards is on loan with the club through July 9th.