NYCFC Announce 19k Founding Members, Increase Capacity at Yankee Stadium for ’16



As the New York City FC fanbase continues to grow, so will their seating allocation at Yankee Stadium.

NYCFC announced the club has surpassed 19,000 founding members on the season, leaving under 1,000 season tickets left for purchase.

That increase of in season ticket holders will be accompanied by an increase in NYCFC’s soccer capacity from 27,528 to a flat 30,000 per game. That capacity falls in line with the team’s average attendance on the season, which has floated around 29,000 fans per game.

Founding Members are guaranteed preferred pricing for next season, including priority seating and an engraving in the yet-to-be-determined future soccer specific home of the club. That does not mean, however, that there will be a price lock from 2014 to 2015. Tickets will be up across the board, with increases as low as 2.8% in the Legends Suites to 11% in the Supporters Section.

As for everyone else? Here is a price chart comparing founding rates and the standard season ticket costs:

Yankee Stadium Seating

  • Anthony

    I guess a lot of people enjoy terrible soccer at a baseball stadium

    • Rip

      A lot of people are excited about growing and building a team in the heart of New York City. No one said that you had to be a part of it.

      • Doug

        Bronx is the heart of NYC now? oooookaaaay.

        • Rip

          They play in the Bronx right now, the plan is to build a stadium within the four boroughs that is subway accessible. As Red Bull fans are eager to point out….the NYC area is somewhat….expanded. So yes, I consider within the four boroughs to be the heart of NYC.

          • slowleftarm

            Westchester is the heart of NYC? Sure, just like Harrison, NJ.

            • Rip

              Well actually it would be great for me to get to from the Bronx but I haven’t heard any confirmation that the team has ever even looked at Westchester yet. I read an article that Westchester thinks they could be in the running because of problems of building in NYC….but I think it’s premature to go on that. My bet is the plan over by the Brooklyn aqueduct which would be a nightmare for me….but it’s a lot easier to find spots to build there. We’ll see.

          • WilliamsburgHipster

            There are 5 boroughs, buy a map you loser

            • Rip

              Yes, douchebag. But Staten Island is not in contention. That makes….four boroughs…you can use your fingers to count if you need to.

              • Rafael

                Maybe they can play at Giants Stadium!

                • Rip

                  I think the height of shame is if they ended up building a stadium across from Red Bull arena……that would be embarrassing.

          • Four boroughs? You’re a real New Yorker, Rip.

            • Anonymous

              Rip where were you born? Besides a test tube. Kansas city? Columbus? Toledo?
              You a REAL New Yorker? Tell me about it. It’s sooooo vital. God you’re so hardcore I can’t compete.

              • Rip

                I was born in Boston “Anonymous”. I grew up in Virginia. I have lived in NYC, LA, Vermont, then back to NYC. Why? I didn’t say anyone wasn’t a “real New Yorker.” That seems to be your retard claim.

            • Rip

              Yes, the four boroughs they are considering. Reading is fundamental…try it.

        • Paul Berry

          It’s a 10 minute walk from where I live in Manhattan, a 17 minute Subway ride from Midtown and a 15 minute drive from the geographical center of NYC.

          Westchester is a ridiculous idea. No-one is going to travel outside of the City.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      As compared to minor league soccer in a college lacrosse stadium?

      • Party Time


        Larry is back!

        Let the naked dance party begin!

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  • Cosmos before and after

    Not bad for an expansion team.
    It’s their first year in a very crowded sports market and they should be thinking of a 30,000 seat stadium.
    Hopefully they make the playoffs,along with Orlando and have a good run.
    I wonder if pirlo and lampard Will stay for next season,I probably do see pirlo but not lampard.
    Lampard is probably hated by all nyc fans and why not lower his salary and let him rotten.
    By the way, red bull need to do something. Their fan base will never reach potential with that owner and ridiculous name.

    • slowleftarm

      RBNY’s name isn’t changing. Time to move on. Also, I doubt 30,000 true New Yorkers from Louisville and Omaha are going to trek to Westchester. They’ll just find something other outlet to showcase how truly NYC they are!

      • Cosmos before and after

        I don’t have nothing against nycfc, nycosmos or red bull but since red bull is in mls and in the new York market, I think red bull is failing.
        How pathetic, they needed nyc to get more fans or sell out red bull arena.
        With all respect,Red bull is chivas usa with steroids and
        Nyc will only grow and gain popularity in the US and outside the US.
        For now new York is “red” but your primary jersey is not even red or second jersey. More like new Jersey is RED BULL territory.

        • Rip

          I hate defending the Red Bulls….but I think it’s always expected that having an in-city rival would really boost both teams. And I think the Red Bulls are finally seeing that their marketing has been terrible when they took NYCFC’s marketing director. They may be seeing that it’s worth spending the time to get. They have a great stadium, they have a team that’s performing well….they should be fine. But they could rival NYCFC in fans and attendance if they spent more time trying to market the team and build some excitement. They really should capitalize (unfortunately) on the fact that they will be still playing when NYCFC don’t make the playoffs and make a push for new fans.

          Of course…it would also help if the Red Bull fans don’t act like asshats to new fans.

          • You mean the new fans who claimed their team was “too good for MLS?” Those aholes?

            • Rip

              Nobody has claimed their team was “too good for MLS” moron. You seem to be arguing with the voices in your head. But yes, you seem like the perfect example of the assholes I see on this site sooooo pissed that NYCFC has fans that have never watched soccer before.

              That’s a really good thing for soccer fans. But you can’t get over being such an elitist dipshit that you have to make fun of them. So maybe that’s why they go to our games instead of yours. Maybe your fan base would grow if you weren’t such an ******* all the time?

      • Anonymous

        As harmful as the branding has been, the real problem has been RBNY’s complete and total lack of advertising for years and years.

        Hopefully they’ve witnessed how many New Yorkers attend NYC matches without having any idea that the Red Bulls even existed.

        Now that they’ve figured out how to win, they should really spend money on traditional advertising – not just social media bullshit.

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        i dont know where they’ll go, but it sure is a good bet they’re not going to see the jersey boyz in harrison.

        • slowleftarm

          True because it’s clear NYCFC fans hate winning.

          • Rip

            Hey, hey, hey…..we don’t hate winning…..we just haven’t tried it.

            • Smith

              You know, of all the NYCFC fans, Rip has won me over. He’s consistently polite & funny. I’m officially laying off the guy. Rip, welcome to my hometown.

              • Rip

                Haha…I don’t know how consistently polite I am…but thanks Smith!

                • Smith

                  Compared to the rest of us, you’re polite.

  • maso

    they have to sell those seats because yes is not airing the games.

  • EnglishRBNY

    I’ve lost faith in humanity

  • i can only hope NYCFC stadium ends up on Staten Island

  • Fernando

    How in the hell does buying “season tickets” for 3 games considered being a season ticket holder? Are you kidding me?

  • Nat Mac

    Do the 19,000 season ticket holders include partial plans or is that only full season ticket plans (17 games)?

    • Rip

      I’m pretty sure it includes partial-plans….so a better indicator will be how many re-up in the next couple of weeks for next season.

    • Paul Berry

      I’m a season ticket holder for one game this season and I can’t go to that. The 19,000 have all put down a deposit on a full season ticket.